wow you poopwads


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I was tagged by ppaynes and ownmyhearts

questions by ppaynes (duda) 

  1. tumblr or foodwow omg be deprived of beautiful people or die of starvation, i go with food
  2. winter or summer summer
  3. iphones or blackberries iphones
  4. favorite color red
  5. notebooks or computers computers lol notebooks yeah right
  6. harry potter or twilight harry potter fo sure
  7. ur pussy or ur ass excuse me duda, what. 
  8. favorite books game of thrones, harry potter, the hunger games, the last song/the notebook and i cant think of any of the top of my head, but my favorite book of all time is game of thrones. 
  9. maths or history history
  10. dogs or cats cats
  11. miley or demi fhasjfkhdsafjkfasd ugh ugh ugh i love them both sosososososo much but miley
questions by ownmyhearts (luli)
  1. do you love me? no bitch. lol just kidding i love you boo
  2. do you like this? no. why am i even doing this omg
  3. what do you want to see miley nudes or selena nudes or demi nudes? lol none? but if i had to either demi or miley c:
  4. disney or disneyland? disney
  5. mom or dad?fasdhfkds i think my mom tho? idk i love my dad to death too
  6. have you ever heared the song from the wachiturros? if you don’t search on yoube wachiturros and listen to it (is the worst song) is that even a question luli omg. fsdhfjkasd 
  7. winter or summer? summer
  8. who appears first in the world the egg or the chicken? lol omg stop fhsdfkjshd
  9. which concert do you want to go? a demi concert, justin concert and miley concert and hopefully a glee concert c: ugh but imagine i was born in the 80s then guns and roses nirvana reo speedwagon queen iron maiden bon jovi van halen strokes and omg i want to go to an all time low concert lol ok ok.
  10. usa or europe? europe?
  11. what’s the most disgusting thing you have ever done? drink an entire of bottle of ketchup under a minute as a dare.
my questions:
  1. if you could have one superpower what would it be?
  2. you’re stranded on an island with only two choices of food, what would you pick?
  3. tumblr friends or real life friends?
  4. if you got the chance to meet six of your tumblr friends who would it be?
  5. you’ve been in a room for 3 days straight, without a computer or anything, but you get food and water, what’s the first thing you do when you come out?
  6. if you were any animal what would you be?
  7. shorts or skirts?
  8. a guy that can dance or a guy that can play the guitar?
  9. if you could have one celebrity sing you to sleep every night who would it be?
  10. favorite ice-cream flavor?
  11. you love me don’t you now?