Take part in a linguistics study!

Young people (18-30) who are German language learners are needed to take part in a linguistic study to be completed in comfort of your own space, on your own computer!

 To participate, you must:                            

1. be a learner of German; and

2. be at least 18 years of age, but not older than 30

 You will take part in one online survey, all you need is internet, a computer, and headphones. The survey should not take more than 40 minutes of your time.

 If you are interested in participating, please email amdressl@ucalgary.ca or go to http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/u-of-c-lrc/rater-questionnaire-and-survey-nns/

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board.


anonymous asked:

I need an advice, and since you are such a sweet gal, I thought I'll ask you. There is a boy here who talks to me a lot, reblogs my stuff etc. He's not rude or anything, quite the opposite, he's very nice. But there is something that makes me uncomfortable about this, that he comments all my posts etc. I feel like somebody was watching me. Like I want to post more personal stuff but then I think I wouldn't like him to see this. I think about ignoring him, but I don't want him to feel bad??

your discomfort is so valid, the thought of anyone thinking some boy giving them weird vibes or making them uncomfortable is somehow not a valid feeling is gross,
not being unkind or hurtful is important but man this guy is stopping you from doing things that you want to do in your own space by his presence, it may be unconscious and even the last thing he wants or thinks he’s doing but it is still invasive and you have every right to tell him that you feel uncomfortable with his constant attentions (ofc confrontation could be too uncomfortable for you)

baby you owe him nothing, if you need to ignore him, then do so
he’s some boy on the internet who is nice but not yours to have to tend to
I so understand about not wanting to be rude or hurtful but seriously he isn’t your responsibility

I hope you’re safe and warm cutie, be soft and gentle with yourself, you can’t give everyone everything they want from you, that isn’t feasible

(please just do what ever you feel comfortable with, don’t feel that I am pressuring you to agree with me little one)

i wish there was no such thing as fandom drama. like if you don’t like a character someone else loves, it shouldn’t matter. it shouldn’t change how you view that person. if you don’t like a fandom, or prefer one thing over the other, you don’t have to drag other’s down for it. just live in your own space, man. it’s not that hard to just show respect and stop making people feel like dirt for the things they like. 

To live on this street is life. How picture perfect does it look? 😍😍😍 By the way guys, I can’t wait to hug you at the Blogilates meet up and FREE POP Pilates @poppilatesofficial class this weekend!

Sun, May 24th at 11:00AM
The Bloomsbury Ballroom
Victoria House,
Bloomsbury Square,
London WC1B 4DA.

Come early and bring your own mat! Space is super limited. But even if you don’t come for the workout, come for the meet and greet beginning around 12pm. I want to not only meet you but I want you to meet your other fellow POPsters too. Friendship is what makes this world awesome. 👭 #BlogilatesinLondon #poppilates #blogilates


A few weeks ago, we reported on the espresso machine NASA and the ESA sent to astronauts aboard ISS. The Capillary Beverage Experiment, known colloquially as the “Space Coffee Cup”, is an accompanying project that aims to use our understanding of fluid behavior in microgravity to design an open cup that simulates earthbound drinking experiences. As you can see above, astronauts are already enjoying drinks with it. The cup’s special shape is optimized so that surface tension can replace the role gravity plays in drinking on Earth. Where we pour drinks on Earth, the cup wicks liquid to the spout using surface-tension-driven capillary action. Right now there are only a handful of 3D printed cups on-orbit and here on Earth, but the company that designed them wants to manufacture glass versions for use here on the ground. So if you’d like your own space coffee cup, be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign! (Video credit: IRPI LLC; image credit: NASA/IRPI LLC; Kickstarter project link)

ETA: To those who have been asking, that’s European astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is (clearly) a Star Trek fan. I believe she’s doing a tribute to Captain Janeway’s coffee. (Black.)

Doctor Who TARDIS Blanket

Go on your own time and space traveling adventures the next time you nap with the Doctor Who TARDIS blanket. Designed like a giant TARDIS, the blanket measures 50″ x 89″ and is made out of 100% fleece which makes it extra snuggly and great for napping.


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Tips on going to a concert alone?

I just got dumb high and minded my own business at Coachella and really that’s all you need to do everywhere else.

Enjoy the music in your own mental space and you’ll be fine.

What kind of boyfriend would Beenzino, Kai and Rap Monster be?

Beenzino, omg! I have so much love for this boy. I’m going to do this as more of a written description and a gif, I hope that’s okay. Thank you for the request.


Sungbin would be the type of boyfriend to show you off to all of his friends, but not in an objective way. He would worship you and would never let anyone or anything hurt you. He’d be very physical with you, always wanting to be near you, hugging and kissing; but he’d also let you have your own space. He’d go from super cuddly to wanting you in bed in seconds. You’d do things separately but he’d always make sure you had a date night at least once a week. Sungbin would want his friends to accept you and you’d do a lot of things as a group. Overall Sungbin would treat you like a princess and he’d be making you laugh 24/7.


Jongin would be the type to ditch his friends to hang out with you and your friends. He wouldn’t mind spending hours walking around the shops, as long as he could be with you. He would surprise you with cute gifts like flowers and jewellery when you least expect it. He’d try his hardest to cook you dinner but you’d end up getting a take away because he’d miss out the main ingredient. He’d be the big spoon and would plead you to stay in bed in the morning just so you could cuddle. Overall Jongin would be a clingy but cute boyfriend.

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be the type to completely spoil you. You wouldn’t even ask for things but he’d buy you them. He wouldn’t feel like he had to pay to keep you, he’d just be that in love with you, he would want to show you. He’d be less cuddly and kissy with you but more crazy with you in bed. He’d want to give you the best of everything. Overall he’d spoil you rotten and you’d have crazy sex.

If you’re not already familiar with AirBnB, it’s a very cool site which lets you search for rooms, apartments, and even entire domiciles for rent around the world. You can also sign up to list your own space if you want to host world travelers. 

Many of the accommodations are incredibly unique, and you can save money on them with an AirBnB coupon code.

Situated in London, small but perfectly formed, this cosy garden cabin leads out to a beautiful decked garden where you can have breakfast or just chill out. The interior is compact and stylish with wood panelled walls, a small wet room and basic kitchen facilities.

The cabin is a short walk from the brilliant granary square in Kings Cross, buzzing Camden market and Regents Park.

Question: why do couples sleep in the same bed?

I’m actually curious about this. I guess it’s tradition, and no one really thinks of it, but isn’t it just super uncomfortable? And kind of gross?

I mean I can think of one pro: the fact that you can cuddle. And even that brings negatives such as your arm getting stuck under the bae and losing all feeling, their warm breath getting kind of annoying in your face, getting uncomfortable and not wanting to move to risk their comfort.

And of course there are obvious cons: the farting, the annoying snoring, the blanket hogging, the lack of space etc…

So why is this even still something people do? Having 2 rooms would be kind of neat. You can have lil sleep overs in each others rooms, and have your own office/work space in each. Not to mention you get to decorate it anyway you want, no need to compromise. But to each their own I guess.

Rock Out With Rebel Galaxy: Your Space Dream Come True

Make your own way in this epic space adventure. Every choice you make will affect the universe around you.  Will you play by the rules? Attack only those that attack you? Mine for resources and trade between planets? Or will you assail the innocent and steal their goods? Dooming planets to go without their needed supplies? Your actions have consequences.

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“Will I need a helmet?”

The sun had finally come out in London, given the fact that it was almost June it was about bloody time. You decided to take this opportunity to take your textbooks and read outside in the sun, makes a nice change from the stuffy library. 

Your aunt and uncle were out of town, and had asked you to house sit for them. You loved them, out of all your relatives they were your favourite. Their house was beautiful, you know like the houses in the Hugh Grant movie with Julia Roberts? They liked knowing that there was someone there, looking after their house and feeding their cat, you know all the stuff that they didn’t really want anyone else doing.

You had no complaints though, it gave you the freedom of living away from home without having too many other things to worry about. It was nice to have your own space and somewhere other than uni to study at and their private garden well, could it get any better?

You’d been sitting in the sun for about an hour, half studying and half people watching. There were families with small kids, old people shuffling around and you were enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face when you heard a rather boisterous group of people approaching. You looked over and saw a group of maybe 8 guys, around your age and they looked like they were going to disrupt the quiet atmosphere you were rather enjoying.

It had been about half an hour and the group was getting rowdier and rowdier, so to block them out you’d been listening to a study playlist, but it was getting too warm in the sun and you were about to head back inside. You were busy day dreaming about what to have for lunch and as a result you didn’t hear the shouts from the footballing group warning you about the incoming ball, before it smacked you in the back of the head.

It took you several seconds to work out why your head was so sore and why you were lying on the ground. You felt your eyes flicker open, and you could see the blurry outline of someone standing above you.

“Are you ok miss? I’m really sorry, god I feel terrible.”

It was the accent that hit you first, Irish maybe? You managed to sit up, but your head was throbbing. “Jesus I mean can you just watch it? I’m trying to sit here, minding my own business and what do I get? A football smacking me in the side of the head? Gee thanks.”

You managed to stand up, and he helped you to gather up your things. “Can I walk you home? I don’t want you to have to carry all this stuff by yourself. What have you got in here, bricks or something?” It was like he could tell you were about to object, “But nothin’ darlin’. Let me just go say goodbye to me mates.”

The two of you began to walk back, across the garden towards your aunt and uncle’s house. “So what’s a lovely young lass like yourself doing in a park like this on such a sunny day? I realised I hadn’t introduced myself by the way, I’m Niall.” “Y/N.”

You told him about housesitting, and how you were studying for exams which were coming up in a few weeks. The conversation flowed like you’d known each other for ages. The walk back to your front door ended far too quickly for your liking. “Thanks for the walk Niall, I’ll let you get back to your game.”

“Y/N wait - I’d like to make it up to you. Are you free for dinner tonight?” 

"I don’t know Niall, will I need to bring a helmet for protection?”

He laughed, “meet me here at seven and you’ll find out!”

It turns out you didn’t need one, but the story of how the two of you met quickly became infamous especially amongst your group of friends.

I hope you liked this one! If you’ve got any requests let me know xx

FitzMack Prompt - 5.15.15

Since I’m bringing these back, I thought that I should probably explain what’s going on. Awhile back, I picked up a copy of “300 Writing Prompts” while at Barnes and Noble (it was on super sale and was marked under $5.00, I feel no regrets).

Apparently, this book is supposed to ‘help ease you into your own writing space, allowing you to explore the inner depths of your mind and soul, one word at a time.’

Whatever, bruh - I bought it for the sole purpose of writing FitzMack.

So, basically, I did these pretty faithfully for awhile before losing the energy/inspiration. Apparently I’m getting both back now, so be on the lookout - I plan to take advantage. 

I tag these as #300 prompts to make it easier to track down if necessary. I’m going to try to keep these frequent - sometimes they will be longer, sometimes shorter - sometimes I’ll only fulfill one prompt, other times I’ll go crazy and fulfill a whole slew of them. It’s pretty much a mixed bag… but it’s fun, and I hope that you enjoy reading. :)

That’s it! That’s the explanation… if you’re still reading, I’ve got today’s prompt fill below the cut. 

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I love it when Native and other POC call me racist when i tell them my blog is for black women only. It cracks me up. Im advocating for all black women thats it. This will always be a safe space for black women and i will NEVER change that. If you dont like it create your own space and stop invading ours.