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so ive just recently discovered im asexual and I'll admit I feel quite lost and excluded?? I feel like I can never connect to what people are saying when they discuss sex because I don't feel the same and when I tell people I don't like boys or girls (in a sexual way) they give me a weird look like?? and I came out to my mom and she says she doesn't believe me! asexuality doesn't seem to be understood. do you have any advice on how to make being asexual easier?? thank you!

A problem that many people face is that there often aren’t asexual spaces in the world unless we make them ourselves. If you’re feeling lonely or left out, check out some online spaces like the AVEN forums or ace chat rooms. Talking to other asexual people can help out a lot. You can also try to make your own spaces more friendly, by telling your friends that talk of sex makes you feel uncomfortable (the reasons should be irrelevant). If your mom is having trouble understanding your orientation, show her some other resources, like websites or books on the subject; sometimes those carry more weight. It may take some time for things to adjust, but there’s usually a period like that which comes after figuring out your sexuality.


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What's the best way to protect your room and yourself, from negative energies and just bad things in general?

There are TONS of ways to protect yourself. I have a HUGE list of protection and shielding spells. I think it’s best for you to go through some and decide for yourself what the best way to protect yourself and your room would be. It is your own body and your space after all, I can’t decide what is best for you. It’s for you to decide what you’re comfortable with and the energies you want around you.

I hope you can find something to help you in all that! Good luck!

By 2018 We’ll Have Stopped Designing for the Screen

I think VR will have its own space in your home, in the same way we have an entertainment room, except the screen will no longer dominate,” Peter Martin, CEO at VALIS Studios, Inc., told PSFK. “On a basic level, there will be designer seating that will enhance the VR experience, a high-tech version of a traditional barber’s chair, that will enable a lean back experience and a 360-degree swivel. On a more advanced level there will be VR playrooms kitted out with upgraded versions of Kinect cameras to detect motion that will enable you to have more physical experiences: play tennis against Federer, play soccer with Ronaldo or have sex with Kate Upton.”

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Hi, Solar! I'm going off to college this fall, and my roommate and I both have autism (She's officially diagnosed, and I'm not). We both also struggle with anxiety and depression, and I have PTSD. That said, I was wondering what we could do to make a dorm room more sensory friendly and calming for us. Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

Hey there! So, I definitely think you guys should get one of these.
Editable to your needs, but, that’s a board so that you can communicate to each other how you’re feeling and how much space you need without saying a word.

We don’t have dorms here, so take everything I say with a grain of salt - if you can’t do it, move on the the next thing.

It might be worth putting up dividers so that you can each have your own space, similarly to having more than one room. This could just be a blanket or something, though I have no idea how you’d keep it up.

If a full divider isn’t possible, you guys might feel a lot more secure with bug nets around your beds. You can see through them, but at least you can feel like something is around you and you’re alone.

Using bunk beds, the type with space underneath particularly, could help, though I’m going to assume that’s not an option. If it were, you could divide off the area underneath and have some private space.

As you can tell, my major sensory issue with sharing living space is privacy, haha. I think honestly the best thing to aim for is having some space where you can’t really see each other, where it doesn’t feel like you’re in the same room, but I don’t know how possible that is.

I think the board would really help with communicating your current privacy needs.

As well as that, obviously, just have a lot of good textures and colors around you. a nice fluffy rug can really help someone relax, so can a blanket nest.

I think because you’re both autistic, I think it’ll be super fun and easy to work together on this.


This is probably totally the wrong reaction but I’ll be breaking from Tumblr for a few days because of the update and past experiences with the Bro Strider is Abusive thing and while I appreciate that this is canon now, I can’t stomach the worry about people tearing into my writing again over something as honestly small as me choosing to write a character OOC.

Unsettled - Part 8

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. Things have been… well…  Apologies abound, darlings.

Part One: Betrayed     Part Two: Battle Lines     Part Three: Barricaded    
Part Four: Bare          Part Five: Brittle              Part Six: Breathless
Part Seven: Burden
And now…

Unsettled - Part 8: Bête Noire

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Things You Need to Know about Creating a Sacred Space

One of the important things to consider in the Craft is having your very own sacred space - this is the place where you’ll be spending most of your time and it’s not just any area where you can put an altar or perform rituals just because it’s the only place available or so - it is very important that the sacred space you choose must be a space devoid of fear. We should all keep in mind that, if you cannot trust the sacred space you are in - do not trust it - most of your magickal working will most likely bomb as a result.

What Makes a Sacred Place…. Sacred?

Remember, a sacred space is not just an area to perform rituals or to commune with the Universe. It is a power center either of your own making or made by the forces of the Universe, or by a drastic event in human consciousness (such as a battleground.) It is a place to be respected at all times - whether this may be a work area or as a meditation sanctuary. To work in the no-limit world of the Craft, you must accept that anything can happen. It you have properly prepared yourself to operate in this environment, then the experience and lessons will reach to infinity.

There are two types of sanctuaries to choose from:
- inside an enclosed area or indoors
- or outside, in the world of nature
The only pre-requisite for either is privacy. Interruptions will definitely cause failure because you will simply not be able to focus as you should. When doing any magickal working, it is important that your attention and the direction of it is vital for your success.

A witch always needs a place to work and celebrate, therefore one of your first major magickal acts will be the design, physical set-uo, cleansing and consecration of the area chosen. This space should be ready to use when you take your vows of dedication. Creating your sacred space becomes a symphony of planning and movement. Your positive energy melded with the energy of the Universe will create a melodious haven for yourself and perhaps, in time, for others as well. 

Designing the Sacred Space…

If you are someone who decides to have their sacred space - indoors, you may want to make sure that it is on the non-active portion area of your room. If you are pretty luck and you are using an empty room - then congrats, I wish I could be you, lol! All sorts of decorating possibilities becomes available but most practitioners must make some type of space limitation especially if they are sharing it with people in the house that they live with. The space you should should be large enough for you to move freely or lie down comfortably if you desire to do healing or vision questing. 

Take note that you may need to put everything you need near within your reach - you never know whenever you will need any of those books, files, ingredients, and etc - so it’s better to able be prepared. Remember, what is comfortable is what works best - it is your space anyway. 

I don’t think I need to mention this, but if you choose to have your sacred space outdoors.. you need to choose a space that is totally private and totally yours. (It would be a headache to deal with other people who sees you and complains, etc) Plus, there are so many things to consider when you have a sacred space outdoors - tons of research would be needed. Like the magickal properties of the plants within the area, the type of ground you have, what tools necessary to care for it, what plants would prosper in your climate. A lot of trips to the greenhouse and the library is to be expected. 

(Let’s talk about Altars - on my next post!)

Content Source: Silver RavenWolf, To Ride a Silver Broomstick.

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your advice abt how to deal with ghosts and spooky shit by asserting your ownership of your own space has been invaluable to me lately. i've been struggling with paranoia related to that stuff lately and your advice has been really helpful for keeping it at bay. thank you so much

aw thanks man

i got real issues with intrusive thoughts sometimes and it gets pretty bad and i can’t calm down so i just pretend it’s a ghost or something trying to put some bad vibes on me and i really do get indignant and turn up my music and try to think about smelly horsefur till i muscle out of it. 

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I got called to the office for plagiarism for some online packet shit that everyone cheated on, got an ISS and didn't snitch, then once I realized I was not getting out of it I started to cry and then they said I could "chill out until I felt better" and I ended up sitting in the conference room and ditched second block even though I was better after like 5 minutes, then I didn't even tell my mother about any of this

this is so wild i can’t believe you got your own international space station

Justin said: “When you’re in a smaller room, that’s a real shared experience between the band and the crowd. You’re all kind of sharing the same energy.

I think there’s more of a separation at a festival where the band have to rely on their own energy and the crowd have to rely on theirs.”

“You’re almost protected at festivals, you’re kind of in your own space…but not here…Glastonbury always terrifies me a bit!” added Freddie. [x]

I wrote something yesterday but decided it was redundant and just didn’t fit in with what i was planning to append it to (which i’ll be reblogging later today without my dumb commentary) but i wanted to share what I wrote becuase maybe it will bring a smile to your face about why the WHY CAN’T I JUST DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY? argument literally never holds water unless you can amend it to “i’m not bothering ANYONE WHY CAN’T I JUST DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?”. 

you know what makes me feel good and makes me happy is flashing people on the subway but you know what i can’t do that. Other people do not appreciate it and it causes problems for them– it’s none of my business why it causes problems for them but they are unable to remove themselves from the situation because they need to take the subway to get to work– so instead I found a few friends who helped me renovate my basement to look and feel like a subway and they are a-okay with sitting in the fake subway seats and letting me flash them and they even act shocked and appalled by it and then we all go out, fully clothed, to get burgers and sure it’s not as nice as flashing actual strangers, but this way i can still get some of that nice happy feeling without hurting anyone or driving anyone to spend thousands of dollars on a car and gasoline because of me.


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Home sweet home!

Italy was incredible, but there’s nothing like being back in your own space. No clue how I gained 20+ followers since I haven’t posted in over a week, but hello cuties!

Look out for some Caverly posts today and tomorrow! I miss TS4 so much lol. (And still haven’t gotten to play with hot tubs yet!)