The signs as romantic gestures
  • Aries:Scavenger hunt that highlights important events in your relationship and ends where they plan to propose
  • Taurus:Breakfast in bed followed by nostalgic morning cartoons
  • Gemini:Nature walk and picnic in forest, talks about how fascinating the trees and flowers are
  • Cancer:Thoughtful and heartfelt inscription handwritten in your favorite book
  • Leo:Gifting you a personal and sentimental object they've had for years, showing you their ultimate trust
  • Virgo:Giving you your own space in their dresser/closet, opening up their private domain to you
  • Libra:Fancy dinner, followed by an evening walk around the city with lots of not-so-subtle touching and eye contact
  • Scorpio:Plans whole day around what you'd enjoy, ends with champagne and bed covered in rose petals
  • Sagittarius:Makes you a piece of jewelry, a knickknack or homemade card with cute rhyme, tells you something they've never told anyone
  • Capricorn:Pays for dinner, plays it cool and chivalrous such as opening doors and asking for a kiss
  • Aquarius:Takes you to a museum or aquarium, holds your hand and tells you fun facts about the displays
  • Pisces:Writes you poems and falls asleep holding you in a meadow under the stars

I see a lot of posts along the lines of “how can I convince my parents to let me have x as a pet”

And really the short answer is, don’t. Wait until you move out and have your own money and space and can do what you want. I mean by all means educate them as to why lizards aren’t filthy or snakes or tarantulas aren’t dangerous, but please don’t beg your parents to allow an animal they resent into their homes.

The biggest issue with pets is that parents know ultimately its not your responsibility but theirs, because they’re the adult. A kid isn’t even responsible for their own life yet, let alone the life of another.

Its gonna be way easier to deal with in your own space on your own dime, trust me.

peripateticmeg asked:

I humbly request entrance to the Birthday Unending! I bring with me a large stack of books, love for my kitteh and your fluffy murder beasts, and a love of murder and pain to truly stupid individuals.




unchasteumbra replied to your post “master? is there anything i can do for yoU today?”

well, it’s jUst…i…never mind. i was jUst getting bored and i’ve been trying to think of things to do, bUt i feel I inexperienced with masters right now. i’m sorry if i bothered yoU.

D –> You are not a bother at all. I simply figured you wished to have your own space
D –> Is there anything you w001d like to do?

Love Built With Foundation

 Chapter 1

“Just put it right there,” you direct the movers where you want your couch settle. You eye their movements as they place the couch down carefully. You head back out to the U-Haul that’s filled with furniture and boxes you couldn’t fit in your truck.

It takes several hours to unload everything from the U-Haul. The moment you’re done you tip the movers and thank them for their service. You watch them drive off before heading back into your new home.

You’re finally on your own. You have always been on your own but to actually have your own space and freedom, no roommate around. Not that you didn’t enjoy having your best friend and her girlfriend around. You knew it was only a matter of time before they move forward; you needing to respect their relationship and be out on your own.

Lexa is always going to be your best friend, but Clarke is her future now. And well…you need to find your future.

You sigh as you stare at the boxes you haven’t opened that are still sitting in your living room floor. You decide to put things away after you eat something. You grab your jacket and keys, locking the door behind you.

You drive to a small café, not really in the mood for something heavy. You have a long night ahead so you grab something light. The sun is slowly setting and tomorrow you’re going grocery shopping.

You park your truck once you find a local café. Before you get out, you check your phone for messages mostly from Lexa checking to see if you’re still alive. Once that’s done you make your way to the café.

As you open the café door two women exit. You hold the door open as they step out. You hear one of them mumble thank you. You reply you’re welcome as you look at the person that said it. She softly smiles at you before you disappear into the café.

You head back home after purchasing a grande coffee and turkey sandwich. You know once you get home you need to unpack the kitchenware first. You seriously need your coffee machine to start your day tomorrow. If you don’t you’ll make it a habit of buying coffee day and night at the same café.

You throw your keys on the stand by the front door as you walk in. You head to the kitchen to start unpacking. Before you do you play music from your phone to keep you going plus you enjoy the company.

It takes you an hour and half to get the kitchen together. Unpacking was the easiest thing however trying to figure out where you wanted everything placed was tricky. You’re off to the living room to get it together as well. You check the time as you enter the room and you see it’s already pass seven. You have a few hours before you call it a night.

You actually have a whole week to get settle into your new home. However you don’t want to spend the whole week unpacking, you actually want to get out of the house and learn your surroundings. So you start unpacking boxes for the living room. You’ll spend tomorrow unpacking your bedroom and the two spare rooms. You’re just glad you have a home with a garage.

By the time you call it a night the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all done, all you have left tomorrow is your bedroom and the spare rooms. It’s late you want to shower at the same time you’re too exhausted. You moved everything in one day by yourself along with the movers. Lexa wanted to help but you know she has a tight schedule so you promised her you’ll have dinner with her and Clarke once you’re settle.

You head to your room to grab a change of clothes then to the bathroom to take a cool shower. You sigh as you stand under the water and let it soak your body. It definitely does feel good against your skin.

After a much needed shower you blow dry your hair. You grab a blanket and make your way to the living room. You’ll be spending the night on the couch until you get your room together. You use a throw pillow to rest your head. You play a relaxing set on your phone in a low volume soaking in the sound of soft music playing as sleep calls you. It helps calm your mind and relaxes you into a peaceful slumber.

You wake up the next morning much more relaxed. And as much as you have your coffeemaker set up you completely forgot you don’t have any groceries. I guess another trip to the cafe is in works you mumble.

You find yourself in line at the same café. You check your messages as you wait your turn. You see Lexa replied to your message last night so you text her back. Before you know it you’re ordering a venti cup of coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a muffin.

Once your order is complete you take it and find a table to eat your sandwich. You make your way to a table you spot at the corner of a window. As you’re about to sit someone bumps into you causing you to spill a bit of coffee on yourself. You groan as you pad the area from coffee stain.

“I’m so sorry,” you hear a soft voice say

“Dammit,” you mumble

When you look up you see it’s the woman from yesterday and she’s sporting an apologetic look.

She has medium length dirty blonde hair and honey eyes. She’s wearing jeans that curve her waist, a black top with a jean jacket that stops at her torso, and boots that cover her jeans.

“Are you okay?” she asks

You were so lost in checking her out that you didn’t even feel her hand on your forearm. It’s warm and soft and she’s looking directly at you.

You blink your thoughts away and nod. You go back to dabbing the wet spot.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you say

“Are you sure?” she tilts her head to catch your eyes

You finally look her in the eyes.

“I’ll live,” you say

You watch as she releases a breath. You slightly frown wondering why she would have to hold her breathe, it’s not like you burned yourself.

“Let me buy you a cup of coffee,” she offers

As much as you appreciate the gratitude your cup is still full.

You tilt your cup at her as you say “thanks but I still have a full cup”

She gently smiles at you and nods

“Bummer but if I ever run into you again I’ll be sure to buy you a cup” she says before leaving

You don’t know if you’ll ever run into here again. I mean what were your odds of running into her yesterday and today. Well you didn’t quite run into her yesterday, you just held the door while she and another person passed through. You know it’s her, you’ll never forget a beauty like that.

So when she says the word again, you really hope you do run into her again. You will totally take that coffee offer.


Extract from Wonder - The New Moon in Aries on the 18th April 2015

As the Veil is lifted from your world as you journey deep into its ever emerging possibilities, your eyes are renewed with experience and soul awash with curiosity. The Arian state helps you recognise and appreciate the mystery of your own being. A space within is opened and gratitude is nurtured, as you invite the wonderful and awaken to the sacredness of life.


Anyone in the Chicago or suburbs of Chicago; if anyone is in need of a place to stay, I am in need of a roommate!!

The ex just grabbed the rest of her belongings and up and left. She left me with rent/bills and a new car. I cannot afford everything by myself. I am currently in my second month of my 1 year lease. If I cant find a roommate; I can talk about subletting my unit so you can have your own space. I’ll take my car and live in it. (I’ve done so before.) but my lease conditions won’t let me sublet until I for sure cannot get a roommate.

I am preferably looking for a roommate between 18 and 25, non smoking unit (you can smoke outside, I burn incense a lot). Someone who is preferably non binary, transgender, or an ally of sorts. I’m WILLING to help you out if you can HELP me out.

Please send me a message and we can exchange further information.

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usually my bedroom is quite messy, and it still could use some work. but i did a lot today to make it nice, and i had the stamina to do more dishes tonight to chip down on the pile. i bought another over-the-door coat hanger thingy for my closet, to hang up my coat, jacket, scarves. 

oh, there is something really nice about making your own space beautiful and functional. i feel accomplished. i want nick to come over to see it! i want friends that have never been over to my apartment to see it, haha. sometimes, esp with depression, it feels like working towards feeling well / self care is, first, really hard, and second, not necessarily gonna feel rewarding or as rejuvenating as it would when i’m not feeling esp bad. it just is awful when you recognize your mood and depressive thought patterns, you try to intervene by doing x, y, and z things, and you still just are miserable. but right now, like, i lit a candle in my room before taking a shower, so now that i’m back, oh, my room smells lovely. my sheets are clean! i have a big mirror now and organized the top of my dresser with my makeup-y stuff, so after my shower i put on toner and moisturizer and crawled into bed. and i think it is time for bed! so nice. so nice!


“Development teams are always looking for dynamic individuals with a commitment to the arts.”

Whether you’re an artist or a recent arts administration graduate, learning more about the field of development can lead to a rewarding career. The fundamentals of development, relationship-building, and fundraising are skills that will be transferable and valuable to any position in the nonprofit world. Development can involve a variety of fundraising projects and engagement initiatives at arts councils, festivals, theaters, galleries, and museums. You can even start your own art space. The possibilities are truly limitless when it comes to raising money! Together we’ll explore the basics of development and share tips on how to enter the specialization successfully.

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bounds, still

sets of boundaries - limits of passage - areas of quarantine - control the flow of information - 

circles drawn of chalk on the floor: night rituals. 

They protect the one who draws. Incantations sung, spells chanted, rare minerals ground into powder and used in the drawing of pictures and symbols on the ground.

They protect you from the one you’re calling. They buffer the information- keep it from passing too quickly, too closely. They give you a sense of safety in the risk you’re courting. 

There’s an additional boundary between yourself and the others: others who don’t know of the rites. You’ve separated yourself through your practice of arcane knowledge. Bound yourself between the spirit world, with its shadows, and the physical world with its disbelief. Made your own space, bound tightly within certain limits.

scene 1