owners suite


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics


That Good (Dog) Life 

Smizing to smooth jazz and achieving maximum chill at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel Owner’s Suite where upon reservation, you can let them know what music you’re into and they’ll scour the lands to curate a record collection to suit your taste upon arrival. Open to both dogs and humans, obviously. 

Imagine seeing Tom dancing at a party and you are left mesmerized…

Otp Imagines: LietPol

-Feliks asked out Toris while slurping on a smoothie.

-Toris admires how open Feliks is with himself, and Feliks admires how emotionally strong Toris is.

-“Toris needs to chill”, and to Toris, Feliks needs to plan ahead more.

-Feliks has many random names for Toris that he cleverly thinks of while in the moment, meanwhile Toris calls him “Angel”.

-Dancing is very romantic to them.

-Feliks likes to paint Toris’ fingernails during their free time. Toris doesn’t mind.

-The relationship is quick and smooth.

-Feliks will play with Toris’ hair and put bows and other accessories in it. Toris’ quirk is that he doesn’t mind this at all, just like when Feliks paints his nails.

-A shop owner/customer AU would suit them!

-Their “I can just stay here with you forever” moment is while goofing off in the house where they can both be themselves.

-Toris proposed on Valentine’s day!

What’s Up with “Eponyms” (and “Proprietary Eponyms”)?

Google Inc., for whom Google Search was named, should know something about this topic.

There are certain brand names that are so famous that people are more aware of them than the technical names of the products themselves.

For instance, teachers and office workers who need to make duplicates of printed documents are likely to make “Xerox copies” (named after Xerox Corporation Ltd., one of the first companies to make photocopying machines) instead of “photocopies” (the generic name). Similarly, people who have to blow their noses are likely to grab a box of “Kleenex” instead of “facial tissues.”

Speaking of -nym words, “Batman” is an “aptronym” (a name that suits its owner) and a “pseudonym” (a fake name, in his case, of Bruce Wayne).
Batman the hero is also “anonymous” (in the sense that people don’t know his true identity) and “synonymous” with “crime fighter” or “vigilante.”

Fullsuit commission where I was given some artistic freedom to give WolfWings’s character Split Paw, the brown hyena, a bit of a makeover!

Lots of fun with the furs and design on this guy!

Model is a bit smaller than the owner of the suit so please excuse some bagginess.