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Abandoned Playboy House

These are the sinister photos of an abandoned swingers mansion, covered in broken glass and daubed in graffiti. The house, in Chattanooga, Tenn., was the former home of strip club owner Billy Hull, who was jailed for murder in the ’70s. In 1972, nearly 10,000 people visited the mansion, which was famous for the bunny-shaped pool that took up nearly half the house. (Caters)

Photography by Abandoned Southeast/Caters News

See more photos of abandoned mansion and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

The Jay Park situation

a lot of people are confused about the rant jay posted (here)

basically, there’s a documentary about khiphop club culture (link to the documentary here, he calls out jay at 14:27) but apparently samuel swanson (some white dude??), the owner of cakeshop, a club where a lot of khiphop artists perform; roster includes hoody, dean, crush, dumbfoundead, and more; he basically blamed jay park for never playin at the club and having the audacity to be ‘riding on cakeshop’s culture’ (he used the term appropriation) and now jay and his whole entire squad is disputing and saying this ain’t true (which khiphop fans know that jay has immense influence on khiphop nationally and internationally). hoody and ugly duck have publicly made posts in response to this (hoody even shut down some dude callin her a ‘kpop machine’) a lot of prominent artists have shown support through commenting (honestly i have read so many of their responses; i find crush’s response the funniest and the most relatable one lol)

and that’s what you missed on khiphop shit

The Boss: Masterlist

70′s Bucky AU where he’s the owner of a strip club you end up working at.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12

You can find the accompanying playlist here! 

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Love worked in mysterious ways and it often brought together people you wouldn’t peg to be suitable for each other at first glance. No one in their right mind would pair you with the famous night club owner and womaniser, but here you were. His yang while he was your yin. Despite so many opposing traits, the two of you were interconnected, complementing each other, against all odds of the natural world.

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casablanca was made in 1942 but takes place in 1941 and revolves around the effects of the war in a clubin the titular casablanca that attracts americans, nazis and refugees from the war. many of the hired extras were in fact real life refugees. something to keep in mind when watching this scene where rick, the owner of the club, orders his band to drown out the nazi rendition of “ die wacht am rhein” with the french national anthem “la marseillaise”.

the tears are real


Name: I See
Pairing: Lucifer x reader
Comment: Lucifer meets the reader in Lux (where she came with friends, not really willingly) and asks what he deepest desire is, expecting to hear something vulgar and banal. The action takes place before all the events of the series.

“So… What’s you name?” the owner of the club offers you a drink and looks you in the eye.

“Y/N,” you smile and take the glass. “Thank you, Lucifer.”

“What is your deepest desire, Y/N?” he smiles, looking you in the eye.

“Deepest?” he nods. “Honestly?” he nods again, so you breathe in and confess. “I really don’t want to be lonely, you know.”

“M… Aren’t you here with friends?” you shrug your shoulders.

“Mom friend here. Honestly, I don’t really belong anywhere, but… You know,” you gulp the drink and look away.

“I see…” he smiles, looking at you with some wonder. “But… you are in the middle of the crowd.”

“That’s not the same as being not lonely. Like… Look around. No one here will care if I leave. No one cares about my problems, I can’t task to anyone here,” you sigh.

“Then… why are you here?”

“My… Huh. My company,” you point at the actively dancing girls in the middle of the club. “I am here to get them home before 6 am. Hopefully,” you grin, and Lucifer looks you in the eye.

“But you don’t want to be here?”

“I would much rather get a book, glass of good wine and read until 3, but nothing is perfect on this planet,” you smile at him, faking it. Lucifer keeps looking at you with soft smile, then stands up and offers you his hand. “Uhm… No?”

“Come on, I wouldn’t hurt someone who takes care of my clients,” he still holds his hand in front of you, so you take it suspiciously and follow him to the elevator, avoiding the direct contact with the rest of his body. As soon as the elevator closes, you let go of his hand, and Lucifer leans against the wall, looking at you.

“Where are we going?”

“My apartment. The bartender will tell me when your friends are ready to go home, while you will actually sit in a quiet place,” you look askance at him.


“I want to,” Lucifer smiles and leads you in the apartment, almost touching your back with his hand, but avoiding the direct contact. You look around, stunned by the amazing view.

“Holy Hell,” you freeze, staring at the LA. “That’s incredible. You actually live here?”

“Yeah,” he grins, pouring himself a glass of whiskey. “So…”

“Aren’t you afraid that I am a bulgar?”

“Are you?”

“No. Still, possible,” you both smile. “It’s really quiet here.”

“I worked on that. Sometimes, I really don’t feel like staying down there,” you nod understandingly. “I still don’t understand… Why did you come here?”

“My friends… They are reckless, and I really care for them. We met long time ago, and I was always the most responsible one, so… I am the mom friend, that’s all.”

“Very well,” he sits down on the couch and looks at you, as you take a book out of your bag (or the phone) and open it. “You actually meant that you will read?”

“Of course!” he grins and sips his whiskey. “Oh… Right. Thank you. Really, I would have gone mad down there.”

“You are a very strange person,” he smiles, leaning in the couch. “But of course, please, read.”

“That is strange. Why are you helping me?”

“I wanted to. And that’s it,” you shrug your shoulders and return to the book. “You are interesting,” Lucifer keeps staring at you, as if you are a puzzle that he wants to solve.


Yesterday the temperatures hit about 70F as I left work. Rushed home, walked the dog, then got on the Rocket for a short ride before stopping at Big Ed’s for pizza and local craft beer. I was already half through my first Straight to Ale Monkeynaut when some of my fellow TOMCC friends dropped in to help me celebrate my 49th.

And for those with Rockets, I am still loving my new Dave Platt Outlaw exhaust. Damn, The Beast is loud now!

A+ things: When you make friends with a cool blog and suddenly your conversation with them turns into you two marrying the characters of two animes, then a money making scheme during your own wedding. It really sounds like a pimp thing now, right @nanbakaimaginesyo?

I make the money for you and you provide the people to fight.


Summary: Natasha is the owner of a night club and a new dancer gets her attention.

Request: Could you write a Natasha x female smut please?

Warnings: SMUUUT, sexy dancing and curses too i guess.

A/N:This is inspired by the Gangsta song by Suicide Squad Soundtrack, honestly a ok movie but an awesome soundtrack, enjoy!

    The night was cold and windy, Natasha hugged herself on her thick coat while walking in the streets, headed to her famous business. The Black Widow, it was a night club, consisting of dancers and drinks, sometimes, if any of the dancers were interested they were allowed to take some costumers to a private place and have fun, only if they were willing to.

    Not only The Black Widow was the most famous night club in town but also was greeted by famous people, from time to time.

    Natasha’s visits were rare, she had trustworthy people to make sure the club went fine, but also, she’s a human being, she is allowed and needed to have fun sometimes.

    Walking right pass the huge doors, being allowed to come in by just the look of her stupidly pretty face, she was greeted by the loud music and the heat of all those people gathered together dancing. She could see some girls on top of tables, swirling their bodies in the poles, the main stage was empty, that was weird.

“Wilson!” She called one of the bartenders attention.

“Oh, hey Nat, wasn’t expecting you paying us a visit”.

“Surprise, surprise” She smirks and the man starts preparing her a drink.

“May I ask why is the main stage empty?”.

“Oh, don’t worry, Scarlet just finished a show and the guys are waiting for the next, it’s Harp’s turn” He explained.

“Who’s Harp?”.

“New girl, she came about one week and something ago, everybody already loves her”.

“Hm, good for business” She says raising her glass and drinking whatever Wilson gave her.

“Yeah, you bet, she always waits a bit before entering stage, it gives a mystery, men’s love it” He comments and goes attend another client.

    Natasha finishes her drink and leave the glass in the balcony. She walks around the establishment for a bit, talking to some people that were frequently there, some business people, some friends, it was like everyone in town was there that night.

    And then the lights faded a bit, a huge focused light shining on the main stage and it looked like everyone shut up, Natasha walked slowly towards near the stage, curious about who was the new girl who was making her richer and getting so much feedback from the costumers.

    When closer, she could see a few familiar faces, Steve, Bucky, Pietro and Tony for example.

“Hey there you pervert bastards” She greets them.

“Oh oh! Hey Nat! Your business is great woman! I bet you’re swimming in money since the new girl arrived” Tony shouts already drunk.

“So was I told, Tony, I wanna know what’s so special about her, you guys wait 10min for a performance of 4 max 5min, and yet, seems like everyone is counting on it” She says.

    Their focus turn to the stage when a faint music starts playing, softly rising its volume. A apparently shy girl show up and the crowd goes mad, guys and gals, all of them cheering for the female in front of them. Before she starts dancing and the music get louder, she takes a microphone and start speaking, her voice was like an angelic melody.

Originally posted by taylors-marie-hill

“Good night everyone…” Everybody whistle and shout obscene things and she giggles a bit before talking again “So, has came to my knowledge that we have a birthday boy today!“ A wave of applauses and cheers fill the place “And I decided I could give him a special gift”.

    She dropped the mic and started walking in the stage like she was modeling, coming near to the edge and right in front of where the group were.

“Happy birthday, soldier, care to join me on stage so I can give you some fun?” She says so innocently and child-like in front of the metal armed soldier. Maybe that’s her charm Natasha thought.

“Thanks, doll, but I don’t know if my heart can handle your fun, I’m an old man right now after all”.

“Oh come on! Please, for your baby doll” She puts her small hands on his broad shoulders. The club was once again filled with chanting and applauses, waiting for Bucky to accept her proposal.

“Okay, fine” He gives in and the crowd goes wild once more, she smiles at him and take his hand on her small ones. They look so soft, I wonder what else can those tiny hands do Natasha thought, only by watching her moves and gestures she felt bewitched by the girl.

    They got on stage, the “Harp” girl placed a chair in the middle and asked for Bucky to sit on it. He did so. She stays on his side, her hand on his shoulder, she lowers her head and everyone goes silent.

I need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do to always forgive me ride or die with me that’s just what gangsters do

    The song starts playing and Harp starts swinging her hips according to the beat, she was letting herself fell the melody and her body take control of her mind, at some point she started waving her arms too, they waved through her body and straight to Bucky’s chest, caressing him, we could watch him tense up to her touch, he takes a deep breath and try to focus on the girl dancing for him, besides being in front of all those people. Harp dance skills were so enigmatic, it didn’t look like she was dancing to the song at all, but it looked like the song was being played after her moves, as if she was making all of this happen. She looks like an angel changing to the devil itself, from so innocent to pure lust Natasha thought, only a few time into watching her performance and the red headed woman was felling a sudden wave of heat filling her body, specially her low parts.

    As the time went by and the song came to an end, Natasha caught herself letting soft sighs and silent moans as she watched the girl offering herself to the song and bringing the soldier in the chair along,

    When the song ended, loud applauses and whistles were heard, Harp got up from Bucky’s lap and brought him along, standing side by side they bowed to the crowd and hugged each other out, she gives him a quick peck on the corner of his lips and whisper something in his ear, Bucky laughs shyly about it.

“Wow, that was… Wow” Is all Natasha manages to say.

“I know right? Can’t wait for my birthday” Pietro comments and the men laugh about it.

“I’ll go talk to my new employee, you guys have fun, okay?” Natasha tells the guys and leave, heading straight to the backstage.

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What happens if an angel falls from the sky? Oliver Queen is a respected club owner in his hometown - Starling City. His life abruptly changes when one night he finds a beautiful girl claiming to have fallen from heaven. With her wings tucked into a jacket he helps her navigate her now human life while trying not to fall in love. Nothing can go wrong even if she drinks all of his coffee and cries in the shower, right?

Angel AU, rated +16 (T/M), rather funny, but guys… I cried so bad!!! ;)

- the wonderful edit by: @pleasantfanandstudent 

- corrected by: @loveyoubeyondhope 

- written with the help of: @loveyoubeyondhope and @smkkbert

- special ‘thank you’ goes to @miriam1779 and @felicityollies for listening to my crazy ideas :)

Hello everyone, my brand new fic is going to be posted soon so let me know if you want to be tagged :) 

Tags under the cut :)

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latenightsenpai  asked:

Mafia AU: Suga goes to scout out a night club under disguise only to discover his s/o is a dancer there.

The bass rocked the walls of the club, air heavy with cigarette smoke and alcohol. This scene was what he happened upon often seeing as how most of their targets frequented “Voltage”. The dancers were of the exotic type, entertaining their clients with promiscuous glances and the suggestive role of their hips. There had been times where he had to cover as a dancer himself, this time being no different. It was easy to pass as a woman with his feminine features and lean body. Gaining the assets were of no issue, that’s what stuffing a bra was for. Karasuno had eyes and ears everywhere, the owner of the night club happened to be an ally who granted Sugawara access. 

He was there with only one objective in mind, seduce the target to obtain information. Nothing else was of priority until he spotted a familiar figure dominating the stage. The informant would have thought his eyes were deluding him if it hadn’t been for the chants of the audience calling, “______” over and over in excitement. 

The breath in his lungs left in a rush of air as he gazed at you with a look of infatuation and amour. He had never seen you so inhibited and free, a playful spark to your expression that left him wanting more, never wanting to tear his eyes away. Sugawara watched for a while with bated breath as you danced, the pole simply a tool to your ministrations. Why hadn’t you told him about this before?

During the day you assumed the role of a normal woman who didn’t have an interesting hobby or job to entail other’s thoughts with, but in the nightclub was where you felt alive. There was a certain rush to hearing a crowd shan’t your name as you moved to the beat, captivating others in an unspoken language. It seemed you had also captivated someone’s attention as well, a pair of warm eyes you knew all to well. Sugawara watched as you suddenly jolted from your trance as you locked eyes, visibly startled at seeing him there. You were confused as to why he’d be in a place like this. And was he dressed as a woman…?

As soon as the song came to a halt your legs were carrying you off the stage and towards your lover, a dozen questions buzzing through your mind. “Koushi?” You called out, weaving through the endless seam of people until you were stopped in front of a more feminine version of your boyfriend.

His eyes widened as he leaned down, lips brushing your ears. “Tonight I’m Hiyori.” Oh, he was on an assignment. That explained the cherry lips and pink blush, long eyelashes brushing his cheeks with each flutter of his eyes.

“Right, Hiyori.” The name rolled on your tongue as if testing it out. “What are you doing here?”

The silver haired man quirked an eyebrow at you, a hand placed on his hip. “I could say the same for you. I had no idea that you were a dancer in a nightclub. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wa-was embarrassed. I wasn’t sure how you’d react to it?” You muttered, shyly looking away. He laughed albeit in a much lighter tone.

“You’re kidding right? You know what I do for a living, being a dancer is the hierarchy. Besides, if you love what you do there’s nothing to become bashful about.” He winked before his attention went elsewhere. Only a few feet away did he spot his target at the VIP booth, drunk on booze and women. “This is my queue, don’t wait for me, yeah?”

Your hand came to pinch at the swell of his ass, smirking as he jumped. “Word of advice, pout your lips and stick your ass out a little. It’ll win him over anytime.”

He nodded, your words running over in his mind as he focused on the matter at hand. Maybe he’d get you to teach him how to dance. You never know when he’ll have to be on stage for a mission.


“He is viewed as many things: a devil, a club owner, a playboy, a child. But one woman, Chloe Decker, might just see the side of him that no one else does.”

- @lucierfoxbeyondhell

This is my first official post here.  Just an update for the page. There soon will be a story that I would like to share with you. Till then, let us have some feelings regarding Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. 

The Trumpets got some attention this weekend. The Beast got a new RAM Air induction system as well as a BoosterPlug, and The Hooligan got a new battery. I also finally, after five years, reprogrammed the tach to trigger the shift lights (like a damn Christmas tree) at something other than break-in RPMs. I have been effectively ignoring all the lights on the tach for five years…

Naturally, The Beast got a good run in after the install. That Rocket is simply brutal!

Crumble For Me -(Harrison Wells/Reader AU)

Imagine this…An AU where STAR Labs is actually STAR Lounge, A Gentleman’s Club. Owner Harrison Wells is elusive and dashing all in one, until a new dancer, down on her luck, shows up looking for a job…

Originally posted by theflash-barryallen

Originally posted by theflash-barryallen

“Harrison Wells, has been considered many things since his move to Central City. A business man, a philanthropist, so when he decided to open up a gentlemen’s club it caused quite a stir.” The spokesperson on the television smiled as she turned in her chair, “Why a strip joint?”

“First…” The camera panned over to a well-dressed man adjusting his glasses on his face. Harrison smiled at the woman next to him, “it’s not a strip joint. It’s an establishment for entertainment.”

“Entertainment that promotes the sexual objectification of women.” She countered quickly.

“Not just women.” He continued smiling as he explained, “As I said we are a place for entertainment for both women and men. For that matter we’re not just about sex appeal. It’s a plus don’t get me wrong, and we mainly employ dancers, but we also have shows.”

“Shows?” Her eyes narrowed on him, “Could you elaborate?”

“We offer special nights bringing in talent, such as burlesque, singers, we’ve even been considering aerial dancing recently. You could consider us a modern day moulin rouge.” He explained coolly.

The interview went on further diving what the infamous STAR Lounge offered. Cisco stared up at the screen behind the bar, “Nice work boss.”

“She was out for blood.” Harry looked at his DJ, “You find someone to replace Lana?”

“Caitlin says she thinks she’s got a prospect.” Cisco looked at him shrugging, “Want me to set up an interview with her?”

Harry grabbed his drink pushing of the bar stool, “Did Snow say what her experience was?”

“Uh…no…” Cisco made a face as Harry turned his back on him beginning to walk away, “She said she had a good feeling about her. She’s usually not wrong.”

Harry stopped taking in a deep breath, “Fine…but we do it my way.”

Early in the afternoon you walked into the STAR Lounge heart thumping against your chest as you clutched your bag strap for dear life. You took a deep breath trying to stay calm. You’d heard good things about this place and hoped they’d hire you.

“Y/N?” You looked to your left at a well-dressed woman walking toward you. She had a pretty smile and soft flowing hair that laid gently against her shoulders, “I’m Caitlin.”

“Oh…” You held out your hand to her, “It’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you for giving me a call.”

“Thank you for coming.” She took your hand giving it a firm shake, “Follow me.”

You let go of her hand walking behind her taking in the view of the place. It was massive for a club. Several stages, massive sound system linked through the entire place…you’d never been in a place like this.

“Take a seat.” Caitlin smiled at you waving to a chair, “Can I get you a drink?”

“No…” You shook your head as you sat down, “thank you.”

“Is this the one?” You turned your head seeing a young man with long hair walking over.

“Yes, Y/N this is Cisco Ramon.”  Caitlin rolled her eyes a little, “He’s our DJ here and will be conducting the interview.”

“DJ? I…thought I’d be having an interview with the boss…” You watched Cisco sit down, “No offense.”

“None taken…” You followed his gaze toward an office that over looked the entire club with darkened windows, “Mr. Wells…is busy. He asked me to conduct the interview.”

“Alright.” You smiled a little, “If that’s what works…then that’s what we do.”

“That’s optimistic of you.” Caitlin smiled a little, “Let’s just start with some questions to get started.

Harry stood at the window looking down at the trio watching you. Lifting the glass to his lips he took a drink watching you carefully. You were young, obviously bright, but behind those eyes there was a secret.

He knew Snow and Cisco wouldn’t pull it out of you, but really that didn’t matter. If you could dance, and do it well then you’d get the job. However, it was rare that someone just walked in off the street looking for a job and didn’t have a story in this line of work.

He shook his head after the fifteen minutes of excruciating talking. Snow always did like to talk and get to know everyone. When he saw Cisco stand up and move to the sound board he knew it was show time.

Caitlin walked you over to the stage no doubt telling you what STAR Lounge was looking for. You nodded as you swept up your hair into a loose ponytail. Harry shook his head, “This isn’t a workout…”

Crossing his arms, he watched you take off your jacket before stepping up to the stage staring at the pole. Did you even know how to do this? He thought to himself as he readied himself for disaster.

Cisco cued up the song they’d talked about earlier. Slow, with a good sensual beat. Hard to dance to without looking like you were trying too hard. He smirked seeing Caitlin glare up at the office.

“Sorry Snow, I’m tired of street trash thinking they’re allowed here.” He muttered to himself as his eyes moved back to you.

You looked the pole up and down letting the beat seep into you. Caitlin had told you they looked for people who made the audience feel like they were up on the stage with you. You rolled you neck shutting your eyes before letting you hand glide up the pole.

Make them want you…You thought to yourself.

Harry watched as you immediately twirled around the pole getting into the groove of the song. Alright so you had rhythm, didn’t make you good. His eyes never left you as you moved around with ease. Then it happened…

It was a simple glance up toward the office, but he was there. On the stage with you. Your small frame moved around his hands as you danced giving him that heavy lidded look. The one that makes a person crumble.

He blinked taking a step back from the window. He turned away taking in a deep breath as he leaned on his desk. It had been a long time since that had happened.

He reached over to his phone texting Cisco, She’s hired.

He slapped his phone against his hand as he turned back around watching you do a final twirl around the pole as the music toned down. Some of your hair had fallen out of the ponytail giving you the look of a ‘good night’.

Sure there were a few things to change…Snow could help you with that, but he had a feeling you’d be exactly what this place needed. That is if that past you hid well didn’t catch up to them first.

“You’ll be live next week.” Cisco told you, “Until then you’ll be here working on a routine.”

You smiled picking up your jacket, “Thank you so much.”

“Follow me.” Caitlin smiled, “I’ll get you in the system and do the paper work. You’re gonna find that we do things differently than most clubs.”

“I can already see that.” You told her, “This place is a lot cleaner then my last job.”

“Where was that again?” Cisco asked you as he locked up the sound board.

“Coast City.” You told him.

“What brought you here? I imagine the beaches there are way nicer.” Cisco smirked a little.

You tensed a little before shrugging, “Honestly, I just needed a change of pace…I heard Central City was the nice city.”

“You’re not wrong.” He laughed a little shaking your hand, “I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Harry sat on the top of his desk sipping his drink when Cisco walked in, “What’d you get?”

Cisco ran a hand through his hair, “Coast City…”

Harry stood up and looked at him, “Call Iris…let’s get her to do her thing. I wanna know what we’re going to be dealing with.”


Club owner describes what it was like to host Prince for an aftershow! 💜💜💜