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Riverdale Request Imagine-#14: Arms ( Sweet Pea x Reader)

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Title: Arms 

Couple: Sweet Pea x Reader 

Lyrics: “The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved

I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone

You put your arms around me

And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go…

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me cause I’m already falling

I’ll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I’m home”

Song: Arms by Christina Perri

Warnings: mentions of anxiety; panic attack.

AN: The anxiety and panic attack portrayed here is actually based on one of my own attacks I had awhile back before finals. I know anxiety is a pain in the ass and it is different for everyone so it is important to take good care of yourself. 

The ticking sound of the clock, the loud clicking of a pen, the slight shuffling of feet, and the roar of the air conditioner in the classroom pounded against your ear drums as you felt your head throb with pain. 

Your palms were sweating as you read over the same question twice in a row; unable to fathom the answer to said question: what is the significance behind the infolding of the plasma membrane of a prokaryotic cell?

A prokaryotic cell was…well the single, important material necessary for the evolution of what type of cell. 

You thought in your head as you read the question over a third time when a noise distracted you from next to your seat. 

Sweet Pea was flipping through the test as if he were reading an owners’ manual for a new bike; grasping information as he plotted answers on the scantron.  Science was his forte—he was a natural when it came to biology. 

And you did not know how but what you did know was that your boyfriend was brilliant. 

“Grrrr.” You did a cross between a groan and growl as your heart kept thumping loudly so loud; you were sure he could hear it but he showed no signs of acknowledgment. 

What is the significance behind the infolding of the plasma membrane of a prokaryotic cell?

This was your what time of reading the question again and you were still stuck; glancing around the room; you noticed half of the class remained and moments later; you watched as Sweet Pea stood up with his test paper and backpack. 

Good luck, he mouthed the words before he turned toward the teacher and handed her test. Sweet Pea offered a supportive smile to you. 

The pencil kept slipping from your sweat fingers and your breath hitched; tears welled up in your eyes as you tried to count to ten. 

“I-I need to use the bathroom.” You coughed to your teacher as she stopped before from her rounds around the class; offering help to remaining students. 

“Sure, I’ll look after your test paper.” You offered a smile although it looked more like a pained grimace before rushing out of the classroom. 

You were practically sprinting toward the bathroom when you heard: “Y/N!” and felt a hand on your arm. 

“Babe?” You let out a whimper at intrusive voice of your boyfriend who must’ve noticed the signs of your anxiety acting up. 

“Shhh, shhh, shhh.” Sweet Pea whispered while wrapping his arms around you; swaying to the invisible music, “I got you.” He muttered in quietly but enough for you to hear him. 

“You’re safe. You got this. You’re perfect.” You heard him repeat as his hand rubbed circles on your back, “Inhale, exhale.” He advised you to do slowly as his voice, the warmth of his touch, and his strong scent that made you feel safe; drew your attention back to the world, back to him. 

You were okay. 

“Thank you,” You whispered looking up at him; meeting his loving eyes as they pooled with admiration for you while you pulled away from his embrace. 

“No problem,” Sweet Pea replied before he added, “I noticed you were getting stressed and so I waited outside for you. You needed me.” 

“I did.” You gave him a soft smile before wrapping him in a hug again; Sweet Pea quickly reciprocated. “So are you gonna go back into the classroom and kick ass on the test or what?” He asked. 

“What if I-” You were about to say before he placed a finger on your lips; silencing the worries from your mouth. 

“Y/N, you are the most smartest, bravest, kindest, and beautiful girl I know; I think you can kick ass on this test and if you fail, then so what? you can try again and again. My Y/N is no quitter.” 

“I love you, Pea.” 



“my owner wants to teach me to eat from a dog bowl. are there any videos which would teach me how to do it?”


Hello! As there is no right or wrong way to eat out of a dog bowl, I have found some tips that could be of use! It also really depends on if you have a hood that you were or not, as a hood can get in the way a little bit.

Here’s some things I found that might help;

《 “ If you are going to have your human pup eat from a dog bowl then you either allow them to use a knife and fork or cut their food up in bite size pieces… Communication is key here. As Human pups essentially are human the pup will find it difficult to eat from a bowl on the floor, the bowl would need to be raised on a chair or stool if you are going to have your pup eat on all fours, this is so the human digestive system can work as it is meant to, and prevent your human pup from chocking.”

-Pup Scout

 https://leatherpup.me/2014/11/26/pup-play-102/ 》

《 “Feeding and watering your pup from a bowl on the floor can be an important part of their mindset. It bears commenting that there needs to be separate bowls for the two. At first glance, you might think any old dog bowl will do, either that or you’ll find yourself standing in the pet aisle or store and staring at the bowls with a very confused look on your face.

So, how do you know what’s the right bowl for your pup? Both bowls need to be big enough for your pup to fit their head in. You can measure from their chin to the top of their head and add a couple of inches or if they have a high threshold for embarrassment take them to the store and see which they can fit their head in comfortably. Remember they have to be able to open and close their mouth as well. While a drinking bowl can be deep, a food bowl needs to be shallow enough that they can get to the food at the very bottom of the bowl; for this reason it’s recommended that the sides be no deeper than the distance between chin and neck added to the distance the bottom of the nose protrudes. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that your pup may find it easier to eat from a plate on the floor.”


 http://azure-chaos.pbworks.com/w/page/9348558/Caring For Your Human-Pup#21FeedingYourPup 》

As far as videos I’ll have to research and see if I can’t find you something useful ^^


Do you have any questions or need advice on your pet or help petting in general? Shoot a message and I’ll find everything I can to help!

Owner's Manual: How to Validate Your INTJ (by INTP)

1. Agree with what they say… Unless it’s completely irrational, then point out all the ways it’s irrational.
2. Pretend they actually don’t have feelings unless they admit to having them first.
3. Up the sarcasm quotient.
4. Nod in agreement to things they say, don’t feel the need to respond until they are done ranting.
5. Rant with them, even if you both end up on different tangents. They like to rant.
6. If the rant becomes excessive, nod head or respond to texts with “huh?” “Really?” “Wow” “go on!” Or any other phrase that indicates interest.
7. Sometimes it is necessary to say something horrendously shocking to slow a rant down and reboot them.
8. If you cannot figure out a good response, “you’re right” is always on point and you don’t even have to qualify it.



Nissan 240SX SE (S14)

Finally ante’d up and got a 240SX. 100% Stock with the original owners manual and window sticker. I really like it and can’t wait to build with it. I still have my CRX and I’m still going to put work into it, but its hard to decide which one to work on first. 

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You answered the age question like someone just possessing a body without having done any research on the person it belonged to and is instead figuring things out about them by how people react to the body

It’s not like it comes with an owners manual


1968 Dodge Charger R/T | Scott Crawford - Objects In Mirror