owner of noona's heart


Genre: Smut

Moon Taeil X Reader 

Synopsis: You’re the assistant detective of one of the most important detectives of the city. It was the dream job, if he wasn’t Moon Taeil. 

Author Notes: So yeah, i once said i would only write Kyungsoo smuts but I just love my man MoonTae so much and i feel like he’s not loved enough, so… i’m sorry if its crappy its like 2am and i wrote this like now 

here’s a little bit of police!au and some dom!taeil for u nasty gals

He is a kind man.

Walks around the corridors of the police station with a grin on his face, smiling and greeting every single soul who talks to him, even on Monday mornings. He always buys flowers on his mother’s birthday and donates his sweated money to charity causes.  But nobody can truly believe his sweet smile and honey voice. And the cause of that is, mainly, the rumors that surrounds his persona.

Moon Taeil is the main detective of the Seoul Police Department and also owner of a heart melting smile which brings all the noonas and dongsaengs to his feet. And that is why they can’t believe he is a kind guy.

Because of all the things he does to every women he takes to his bed.

Or his office desk.

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