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Yuri introduces Yuuri to his asshole cat.

Pairing: Yuuri x Yuri

Based off of this post. Also sorry the quality is pretty shitty and questionable on this one. >____>;

To say Yuri was nervous was a bit of an understatement. Today would be a pivotal step in his relationship with Yuuri, the make it or break it point if he may. While he was slightly nervous when introducing Yuuri as his boyfriend to his grandfather, Yuri knew they would stay together regardless of his opinion. The person Yuri was introducing his boyfriend to today, their opinion mattered so much more.

Or rather, Yuuri’s opinion mattered since the person in question, or rather creature in question, hated pretty much everyone. Yes, Today is the day that Yuri introduces his boyfriend to his cat, his asshole cat who hates everyone except Yuri himself (and occasionally Lilia).

If Yuuri did not like his asshole cat, he had to go.

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Tony saw a lot of similar characteristics in Peter while he was doing research before he recruited him. He wanted to make sure he knew everything he could before he started working on Peter’s new suit.

Yet, he did not want to pry into too much sensitive information, he wanted Peter to take his time and tell him on his own time. But for now, he would make sure that Peter’s new suit had a built in binder suited to Peter’s exact measurements. Peter needed to be able to move freely in his suit, so Tony did his best. 

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hello hello!
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B, 3! This should be good.

Oh, that would have to be Sardine.

When I first met Sardine, she was already an old cat. This meant her owner had a decade of experience in taking her to the vet.

I was presented with a cat in a box, suspected of having an abscess. Her owner offered to get her out of the box for me, but requested she hold the cat.

She then proceeded to don a denim jacket, thick gardening gloves and a plastic face shield often used with power tools.

Lets just say the owner was NOT overreacting. 

Sardine was some sort of tooth and claw hurricane mortar bomb hybrid. Her owner was terribly embarrassed by this behavior but was obviously resigned to the fact that this happened at every vet visit for the last decade. I’m sure she was sweet as pie at home, because if she was like that all the time no way any sane human would live with her.

I had completely forgotten about this encounter a year later when Sardine presented again. This time the owner knew she was very sick and there was no sign of the gardening gloves. I’d noted the *aggressive* on her file but assumed it must be an overreaction, because this cat was placid and easy to handle.

I took blood, diagnosed chronic renal failure, and set her up on fluids overnight.

The next morning I realized my mistake. 

The morning nurse informed me that she was not going to attempt to tablet Sardine, and it quickly became apparent why. 

The hurricane of cat was back. She clearly felt much better on fluids and had decided she now felt well enough to kill us all.

Back came the owner, with her gardening gloves.

Free Writing 4.0

Cream & Sugar. 1.5k w.

There’s a man who walks into his cafe’ at precisely noon every single day. He orders his coffee black with no cream or sugar. Just a simple coffee, no croissants or muffins to go along with the hot liquid. His face is beyond attractive, a shapely jawline with midnight hair. His eyes are dark brown almonds that hold no compassion. He’d be more appealing if that permanent scowl on his face were to turn into a smile. His clothes are always dark, as though bright colors are toxic. Yet, the tone of his skin is a dashing contrast against such shades, consequently making him glow. He’s a gorgeous mystery hidden inside the shadows of loneliness.

“That’ll be $2.69, sir.” Kyungsoo says. The man places three dollar bills on the counter and quickly walks towards the exit.

“Your change!” He shouts at the customer only to receive a cold shoulder in response. The bell chimes as the man takes his leave and Kyungsoo sighs while pocketing the extra change.

“Forget about it Soo, I just don’t think he’s that into you.” Jongdae, the baker and manager, pats him on the back out of pity. Kyungsoo clicks his tongue.

“Hey! I never said I was into him!” He shakes off Jongdae’s palm, and the baker smiles deviously.

“Boss, everyone knows you like him, stop being in denial.” He snickers at the surprised look on Kyungsoo’s face.

“I’ll fire you all!” He shouts.

“You couldn’t fire me if you wanted to. Who would be here to cheer you on? Fighting!” Jongdae bottles up a fist and pumps it into the air.

“Put a lid on it, will you? Get back to work.” Kyungsoo shakes his head. He silently curses himself for letting the others know his feelings so easily.

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Cuddling with Moody would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Moody!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him being quite embarrassed to feel your arms wrapping around him and even more as you’d press yourself completely to him, especially when he’s the little spoon

-Him being quite hesitant to touch you and wrap his arms around you back, only to finally do it after you’d tease him about it

-Him awkwardly patting your head as you’d talk to him, only to get nervous as you’d bashfully tell him that it’s fine if he just strokes your hair

-Him being quiet for the most part, as he enjoys listening to you more and of course because he’s just slightly shy of being so close to you

-Him squirming slightly whenever he’d feel your hands on him, making you laugh and tease him for being ticklish

-Him apologizing whenever he feels he might be crushing you somehow, only to feel reassured when you’d tell him you’re fine

-Him being quite bold sometimes and just pulling you to lay on top of him and keeping his grip on you tightly, making you feel safe

-Him getting nervous when he feels you wiggling your butt against him and just stopping you to ask you what are your intentions

-Him finding it funny when you’d wrap your legs around him as well and just trying his best to hold it in before starting to tease you himself

-Him kissing the top of your head just right before you’d fall asleep as he’d want you to feel safe by his sides

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Is it just me or are service dogs suddenly spiking in popularity...? Especially fake ones.

Ahh…… be careful what you call a ‘fake’ service dog. While some breeds are more common than others, any breed or mix of dog could potentially be a service dog if it has been trained for a task that helps its owner manage their illness or disability. You also don’t have the right to ask these people what their disability is, or necessarily what the dog is trained to do. (International laws will vary)

A service dog should always be under control of their handler and housebroken. If they are not, they may be either not a service dog, or still in training, in which case the owner is probably embarrassed by the whole thing.

If you are interested you could see @actuallyservicedogs for more information. Here is their FAQ.

Why shouldn’t service dogs become more common? If these animals are helpful and allow people greater mobility or interaction in the world, surely that’s a good thing.

In vet clinics in Australia, I see the occasional guide dog for the blind. They have a little extra paperwork I have to fill out because the organization that trained the dogs wants to keep tabs on them to ensure they’re in good health, but that has varied from state to state. I haven’t seen many other service animals myself, yet.

Emotional Support Animals is another matter. There are a few of these around, though owners wont always explain to you that this is the case. Sometimes these owners will come into the clinic with a friend who does most of the talking, and may be reluctant to let the animal go to the treatment room for a blood draw, even though the animal was totally chill with this. They often don’t want the animal to stay overnight.

Lets just say that this really sucks when the animal in question has something terminal, especially when it’s come as a surprise. It becomes very obvious how emotionally dependent they are on the animal then.

How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends
As of today, the mother of the murder suspect who killed at least one person in Charlottesville Virginia during a white supremacist rally…
By April Harter, LCSW
External image

As of today, the mother of the murder suspect who killed at least one person in Charlottesville Virginia during a white supremacist rally told reporters that all she knew the last time she talked to her son, is that he was going to an “Alt-Right” rally. She had no idea her son was a racist — or did she?

Racism is the elephant in the room in America — particularly, white America. White people would like racism to go away. The thought that their ancestors could have been slave owners is an embarrassment to most.

In counseling many white Americans who are against racism, one thing stands out: they are afraid to confront their racist family members and friends. They are against racism, but they also love their family and friends. I am often asked, “April, I don’t know what to do. How do I confront them without upsetting them?”

Racism is complex in scope because it is both a mental illness and a value. In order words, it is a valued, sheltered, and protected mental illness. One might even say it has been incubated and allowed to fester throughout the course of American history.

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior (or a combination of these). Racism meets those criteria.

Like all illnesses, it needs to be treated for it to be cured. The problem is that we do not see racism as a problem because we do not see it for what it is — an infectious disease that has been an epidemic plaguing our nation.

Outbreaks can spread rapidly and can be notoriously difficult to treat. In the medical field, the way to stop an epidemic is to educate and involve the general population on what the symptoms are to prevent spreading the disease. If the symptoms are not recognized, then the disease spreads and exacerbates. It can and will harm many people over the course of time — which racism has.

The mental illness that is racism has killed thousands of people of color, particularly, African-Americans and Native Americans.

The murders in Charlottesville Virginia would be considered an outbreak of the disease. Without swift and timely containment, it will only further spread and spur new outbreaks.

To prevent the disease, it is important to know the signs. Like many diseases, the symptoms can appear subtly, and if not treated, will get worse and become untreatable.

Review the “Racism Scale: Where do you fall?” below to begin to explore and understand whether or not you have symptoms.

If you fall below “awareness,” then this is a red flag that racism is a problem for you. If it is not an issue for you, but find that it is an issue for your family members and/or friends, then it’s time to address it, or it will continue to spread throughout America.

Like alcoholism, an alcoholic cannot thrive without their enablers. It is the same white Americans who enable their relatives and friends who are racist. It is important to identify and recognize that racism is a mental illness and recommend that individual to a psychotherapist as needed.

There is no easy way to contain a disease, but if we can identify the symptoms, then we can put a stop to it through education and awareness.




someone - or something - out there is attacking people and mutants are getting blamed. things are getting out of hand, so a gang of meddling kids have decided they’re going to get to the bottom of whatever is going on, whatever the cost. monsters are real, and the mutant mystery team are going to kick their butts…when they’ve finished their algebra homework. 

RAVEN: ringleader | plan maker | abundant mystery novel owner

ERIK: shitty van owner | perpetual bait | embarrassing flirter

JANOS: map reader | conspiracy hater | pinnacle of common sense  

AZAZEL: getaway vehicle | tired of this shit | spooky viber

ANGEL: trap setter | baseball bat owner | leather jacket enthusiast

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(Germany anon) And if they did pet play!!! Alfred or Ivan being he owner and embarrassing him by treating him like a real pet but still lots of loving and attention!!!

My favourite German Shepard puppy in the Whole fucking world

so @twinkletwinklearoha was talking about soulmates AUs on the scream team chat the other day (I LOV U MERL) and we literally sat down for 2 hours hammering this out and merL WAS A TOTAL SWEETHEART AND ASKED ME TO POST IT so uhhh here you go we’re so total binu trash you have no idea 

  • so you get tattoos on your wrist when you hit 10 in korea and they’re the names of your soulmate. they’re in the same colour as your soulmates eyes (which in Korea doesn’t really matter since they all have the same coloured eyes anyway, his mum told him so) (which is also why Eunwoo’s class lowkey freaked out when the name on Vernon’s wrist turned out dark blue) but they’re blur af and over the time it takes you to find them the name slowly becomes clearer and clearer
  • and his mum told him the story of how utterly /embarrassing/ it was when she turned 10 and the name on her wrist immediately turned clear and they all found out it was that shy nerd kid that sat at the back of the classroom and honestly, how did anyone expect someone as popular as her to date someone like him? (but once they started talking they got along like a house on fire) and it’s literally eunwoo’s favourite story in the history of ever
  • so eunwoo really really REALLY wants a love story like that (who doesn’t want to find the person they’ll want to spend the rest of their life with?), especially since one of his best friends had the exact same thing happen to him (they were just kidding around, really, and Eunwoo was teasing Jimin by rubbing at his wrist because it was so close, so close to seeing what the name was [Kim… Tae… Hyeon? Hyeon?? That girl from the next class who had pink binders and a purple bag???? Jimin is lowkey disappointed but-] when their teacher walked in and told them that yes, this is Kim Taehyung, please take care of him and holY SHIT are you guys okay? because Jimin and Taehyung immediately burst out crying because that’s it that’s them that’s the person Jimin’s going to be best friends with forever) and Eunwoo just really wants something like that
  •  and so Eunwoo’s picked up the habit of rubbing softly at his wrist every day, every moment, whether he’s talking to Jimin or joking with Taehyung or working silently with Jungkook on english homework and he likes to pretend it’s getting clearer but really, sometimes when he’s being truthful with himself, it’s not and all he gets is disappointed
  • and so six years down the road Eunwoo’s mum has finally had enOUGH of Eunwoo buying endless amounts of moisturiser just so he has an excuse for rubbing at his wrist because honestly, there’s only so much moisturiser a 16 year old can buy before the cashier looks at you weird
  • so she straps on a wristband and tells Eunwoo for the love of all that is holy, to stop rubbing his wrist or she might just spill permanent ink over it so he can’t see when he finds his soulmate (she’s just kidding, obviously, but Eunwoo gets what she means pretty quickly)
  • and so when they leave from the wrist band shop (his mum got him three wristbands. THREE WRISTBANDS! three colours to match all colours in his wardrobe, apparently, but Eunwoo isn’t sure his wardrobe has anything other than yellow, blue and white) Eunwoo is wearing his yellow one pretty proudly (I mean, it matches with his minion shirt and he’s not gon lie, it’s p cute) when a little girl comes barrelling into him yelling about how cute, how adoraBLE THAT WRISTBAND WAS and can you please, mummy, plEASE GET ME ONE PLEASE? and the mum has to drag her off of Eunwoo, all embarrassed and admonishing the girl saying SuA, SuA, you need to calm doWN PLEASE otherwise you’re not getting one at all and i’ll only get one for your brother
  • so SuA calms down and her mother takes a picture of Eunwoo’s wristband to show the shop owner for SuA because heaven knows Binnie is in That Stage where All He Wears Is Black and he is a Misunderstood Teenager and literally all he needs is a new black leather one to replace his old ratty one because he keeps tugging and snapping it like a rubber band over his tattoo
  • (I don’t want to meet him, mum, who the hell wants to meet their soulmate so young anyway and who the hell decides who is whose soulmate and who the hell decided that soulmates have to stay with each other forever and goddammit mum if I want to keep dating Dahyun I WILL because we don’t cARE WHO OUR SOULMATES ARE ALRIGHT?! and yeah, i’ll drop the dollars in the swear jar, whatever, mum.)
  • and Eunwoo’s mum is standing there nodding politely as SuA’s mum rattles on and on about her son while giving the shop owner measurements of his wrist and Eunwoo, where do you think you’re going? because Eunwoo’s spotted something tucked in the corner of an old movie poster about soulmates and he’s carefully tugging it out and the shop owner laughs in embarrassment because his brother works for Fantagio as a casting dude and he asked him to put up some posters around his store so that mums would send their kids in to audition if they wanted
  • and he suddenly pauses and squints at Eunwoo and goes, hey, you’re actually really handsome for a young guy. shouldn’t you go? and his mother laughs and tries to tug him away (you want to be a judge, don’t you, eunwoo? why waste time on auditioning for people who only want you for your face?) and eunwoo is nodding gravely because he wants, he wants, he reALLY WANTS to become a judge and shoot him, he’s a nerd, but he really wants to go to court and listen to lawyers and make cases against criminals and put them away forever but
  • SuA’s mother is now really excited about the poster and telling SuA that she should try out since both she and Binnie were total dance dorks and because this is my headcanon i’m going to make SuA 8 instead of 15 and it looks so adorable when Binnie dances with SuA (the neighbours coo everY TIME ABOUT HOW ADORABLE BIN IS WITH SUA who knew that grumpy bean could have so much love for his younger sister) that he totally should try out with SuA but SuA is pouting because she doesn’t want to go with binnie, she wants to go with (mumble mumble, blush blush, hides behind mama’s skirt) that really handsome boy with the nice wristband and the minion shirt and goddamit, Eunwoo’s mum raised him to be polite so Eunwoo pastes his best smile on and crinkles up his eyes and reaches over to hold SuA’s hand and tell her, sure, I’ll go with you and your brother
  • and soooooo Eunwoo’s mum has pretty much no choice but to smile at SuA’s mother and they fix a time some time next week to go down to Fantagio so that SuA and Binnie can dance for the casting agent and Eunwoo can… flaunt his face? he doesn’t quite know either, but it’s going to be tops 2 hours when they look at him and find out he can neither dance nor sing and that his best talent is lip syncing to girls’ generation and reading poetry to random kids in the park because for some reason they really like his voice and then kick him out so he can go home and go ahead with his dream of going into law
  • so that night he sits and looks at the night sky and rubs under his bright yellow wrist band and tells the moon that honestly he just wants to get it over and done with so he can go forth and continue being trash for girls’ generation and continue dreaming about yuri noona because she’s literally the most perfect idol and he tells the moon quietly that it better be yuri’s name on his wrist because he knows, he knOWS deep in his heart his tattoo is getting clearer and it’s getting clearer fast and man, isn’t it such a coincidence he’s going to a girls’ generation concert in two weeks? he thinks not
  • and Binnie looks in disbelief at SuA, what do you mean we’re auditioning for a company, what?! and no ma, we can’t perform together anyway they have different age catergories and for dance and singing and rapping and then they separate the males and females and ma, who’s the guy who’s coming with us?!
  • so he straightens his wrist band and in typical Moon Bean fashion turns a perfect circle with just the right amount of sass that she knows he’s going to call Dahyun and whine about auditioning with SuA and some random guy SuA happened to have a crush on
  • but he doesn’t really, because once he gets in his room he tugs the door closed and his wrist band off and puts on some VIXX and calls Hoshi to complain because who wants to dance for some company anyway when Hoshi and he were going to start a dance company with Rocky and Dino anYWAY he doesn’t need the audition but suddenly hoshi cuts him off and tells him that he actually signed up just two weeks ago and his auditions are next week and if Binnie doesn’t want to dance alone at the auditions can he PLEASE audition as a group with hoshi and rocky and maybe they can bribe dino into joining them by plying him with cheese and pretty marbles so maybe they all have a chance of getting in and debuting as a group please
  • omg i’ve been writing for an hoUR LOL
  • so audition day comes and they’re all bundled into Binnie’s mum’s car and he’s warming up his vocals with Rocky and Dino’s giving a pep talk to a panicking Hoshi like goddamit hyung, get your ass under control, and SuA is quietly holding her mother’s hand and smoothing down her shirt because she’s going to see that handsome oppa again and it’s honestly worth more to her than the whole auditions
  • and eunwoo? eunwoo wakes up late and scrambles to throw on a blue wristband and those skinny jeans he borrowed from jungkook because jimin told him his ass looked fab in it and a white shirt and some flannel he had laying around because they’re literally the only clean clothes he has since he forgot to do laundry two days ago and he has no choice but to go out looking like that grumpy grandpa from two years up that nobody but Namjoon and Hoseok dares to talk to because he looks so grumpy all the damn time and damn eunwoo is late
  • so he rushes out the house and makes it to fantagio in time to squeeze into the audition line and no matter how much he stands on his tiptoes around trying to look for SuA and her mother he can’t find them and he’s worriedly rubbing, rubbing, rubbing under his wristband and he’s going to be totally lost without them, he doesn’t know what to do and oh god who told him it would be a good idea in the first place and eunwoo can’t breathe he’s getting this tightness in his chest and tears in his eyes and he can’t handle this, he can’t
  • when suddenly the wind gets slammed out of him and tears roll out of his eyes because who was this perfect grumpy angry gorgeous boy standing right in front of him and his wrist is burning he can’t handle it
  • and because Eunwoo has been stunned into silence and is totally incapable of expressing anything other than vague noises of surprise and hurt and because her brother has been similarly silent and non-sassy and non-snarky for the past 5 seconds SuA knows something’s up
  • and when Hoshi tears Binnie’s fingers away from his wristband because you bloody idiot that’s not how you remove your damn wristband what are you doing Bin get your game together we’re going to auditions in about half an hour we should get practicing here’s your wristband i’ll stuff it in your pocket and respond dammit who are you looking at bin can you just ans… oh wow yeah you’re right SuA he’s gorgeous
  • (shut uP OPPA GO AWAY)
  • and Rocky and Dino immediately stop fooling around because the usually snarky put-together Binnie is suddenly at a loss for words and he’s still reeling, reeling from the tightness in his chest and the heat on his wrist and when SuA grabs his wrist and Eunwoo’s wrist he doesn’t make a sound
  • and binnie is totally breathless because this stupidly gorgeous flower prince has completely taken him away and it’s almost as if he’s suspended in a dream, he can’t stop staring, can’t snap out of it, can’t breathe because i mean damn, there really isn’t enough oxygen honestly this beautiful boy, what have you done to me?
  • (can u tell that was sumgappa lyrics lmao bless the translators)
  • but just then hoshi’s name is called and the two tiny and mildly worried guys drag the grumpy shellshocked bean off to the auditions and it takes all of eunwoo’s self control not to run after him, grab him, look at him and make him smile and give him happiness for the rest of his life
  • and SuA tugs harder on Eunwoo’s arm and lays a cool finger on his wrist, his wrist that’s been feeling like it was burning for the past ten minutes and Eunwoo looks down and he smiles and smiles until his cheeks ache and his eyes crumple into barely-there lines and he thinks to himself that Bin has to be the cutest, most absolutely adorable name there probably ever was and screw yuri honestly, because this boy, this boy and his wide smile and his dimples and his perfect teeth and bright eyes and messy hair and dance moves and all black outfit and a band of short worried dancers, this boy is the love of his life and he knows it deep down in his bones
  • cue the part about auditions that i have no idea about like what do they do during auditions?????? fuck me if i know (i don’t)
  • but after binnie’s audition ends he smiles, he bows, he receives questions and comments and cryptic smiles, he walks casually out and the moment he comes out the door he yanks off his wrist band because it’s burning and it’s been burning for the whole of the dance and it’s been burning through their comments and it’s burning so badly he feels the ache in his bones to turn right, turn right, turn right and when he finally turns he comes face to face with eunwoo and that perfect, perfect smile
  • and his heart is thumping so loudly and his blood is rushing so hard through his ears he barely feels eunwoo’s soft (well-moisturised) hands stroking over his tattoo and he gasps for air because it says eunwoo, eunwoo the beautiful boy touching his wrist and it feels so cool against his skin and he feels the heat bleeding out the tattoo into eunwoo’s hands and everything in his world twitches minutely, clicks right into place and suddenly it’s brighter, it’s louder and suddenly he feels like he’s home
  • I don’t know how to end a thing so like
  • Whatever you want man just imagine it
  • They’re soulmates idk what else I need to say
  •  I love binu with all my heart

inevitably, my brain would take this route with a cat au.

aftermath of this cat day doodle.


“Say what?” It was early in the morning, and you were woken up by the sound of your phone’s alarm going off, feeling slightly dazed and confused as you looked around to find your phone so you could turn off the annoying alarm. “Where are you?” you grunted as you struggled around your bed, roaming around your bed like a clumsy giant. After pawing around for a few seconds, you felt the rectangular lump of your phone that was hiding at the foot of your bed, and looked at the time that read 8:45am. “Crap,” you said under your breathe, because you realized that you had completely forgotten that you were planning to go on the London Underground.

As you zoomed around your room, throwing on clothes and cleaning yourself up as you sped around, you finished in a matter of minutes, and ran out the door with a cup of coffee in your hands that you had made during the rush and started a light jog over to the station so you weren’t late. While you hurried over to the station, you looked down at your phone to see the time that read 8:55am. “Oh no,” you thought to yourself, afraid that you weren’t going to make it within a matter of five minutes. Nonetheless, you continued to run to your destination, trying to stay optimistic as you did so. Once you had gone down the stairs and used your little card so you could go through the gates, you ran over to the train that you were supposed to be on and saw the sign that read “Boarding Now.” Since it was blinking you knew that you only had a few seconds left until it closed, so you sprinted over to the slowly closing doors, screaming as you did so. “Nnnoooo!!” With closed eyes, you slipped your body through that slim space that you were given, crunching your body in a huddled position to do so, and when you peaked one eye open to see if you had made it, you saw everybody looking at you with confusion in their eyes.

“Haa.. I made it.. yay..” you said awkwardly, shaking your arms around to show some excitement but it didn’t matter as everybody still passed you their subtle judgement. Nonetheless, you maneuvered yourself around all the feet and bags, hoping that you wouldn’t fall and embarrass yourself some more. While you stood there, holding onto one of the poles, your eyes lingered over to a man who was subtly trying to look at you, and when he saw that you had noticed, he quickly looked away, trying to play it off. The way he acted made you chuckle under your breathe, flattered by how cute was being, and from your peripheral vision, you could see him lower his head down and give himself a gentle facepalm, slowly shaking his head as he said under his breathe, “Smooth move, Dan.”

After he was done scolding himself, he looked back up in your direction and found you staring back at him with a gentle smile upon your lips that subtly meant “It’s okay.” He nodded his head with an embarrassed smile framing his face, and when he saw your eyes linger over to the open seat next to him, he fumbled around to give you space and asked, “Wanna seat?” As you cautiously maneuvered your way over to him, you flashed him a grateful smile and said, “Thank you so much.” He nodded his head as he looked at you take your place next to him and while you were trying to find a comfortable position, the hand that was holding your coffee began to slowly twist at an angle without you noticing. At this rate it was too late as both of you failed to notice the coffee that was beginning to pour out of the cup and onto his lap; but once you heard the dripping sound and saw the shade of his pants change color, you shot right up and began to incessantly apologize while you attempted to pat away the coffee. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” he said as he watched you frantically trying to find a napkin of some sorts, “there just a pair of jeans. I have others.” “Are you sure?” you asked concerned. “I think I know my own closet,” he said with a smile, relieved once he saw your sassy expression that you threw his way.

Once you both had settled down and found your places next to each other again, he looked over to you and asked with a friendly smile, “So how did all that judgement feel?” Since you instantly knew what he meant, you shook your head vigorously and said under your breathe for only him to hear, “Oh god, don’t get me started. I don’t think i’ve ever been so embarrassed.” He was laughing with you as you recalled the horror and frowned, and the sound of his laugh managed to make you feel happier as you laughed along with him.

So you could keep the conversation going, you looked over to him and asked, “So your name is Dan?” At first, he was confused as to how he knew your name and he thought to himself, “Is she telepathic?” but then he remembered when he had scolded himself under his breathe, and with a mortified expression, he asked, “Did you hear me when I spoke under my breathe?” With a cute smile, you nodded your head and softly said, “There’s no need to be embarrassed though. At least you didn’t get judged by a room full of strangers.” He began to nod his head slowly with a grimace on his face and then he said, “But I have before.. Numerous times actually.” Intrigued, you began to ask for him to elaborate but then the speakers went off saying that people had to board off, telling you that your time together was up.

Both of you looked at one another with a hint of desperation in your eyes, and since you were so curious to learn more about this handsome Dan, you asked, “How about we exchange numbers? I’d love to hear some of those stories of yours.” He smiled at you with his eyes lingering over your lips, but then he snapped out of his daze and exclaimed, “Yeah, here you go.” As he said that, he took out his phone and gave you his number, and vice versa; and then both of you walked out together, and went out into the pavement together, waiting for your turn to walk. However, you were both going in different directions so before you guys said goodbye you looked over to him and said, “Thank you for giving me that seat.” That smile that you were beginning to fall in love with spread across his face while he nodded at you and said, “And thank you for sparing me the embarrassment.”

As you both headed in different directions, slowly getting farther and farther away, you looked behind you to grasp one last look at Dan until you met again, and when you looked over to find him, you saw that he was doing the exact same thing as you. Flustered that you had both been caught, you both looked away, blushing as you looked down at the floor, but then you both looked back again in unison, looking at one another one more time, smiling until you looked away. While you were walking away, you were thinking of how cute this Dan guy was, and in the midst of all your thinking, you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, making you pick it up to look at what had been to cause to the buzzing, and saw a message from Dan that read, “We should get some coffee sometime soon, but this time we’ll drink it.”

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wishyounew  asked:

jongyu/daddy/their (new??) apartment(dorm room??)

“I can’t fucking wait to quit that hell hole.” Jinki sighed as he set his bag down on the kitchen chair closest to the door and leaned down to peck Jonghyun’s cheek.

“Rough day, babe?” hummed, sliding a stack of quizzes away from himself and pulling the elder down into his lap, pressing a kiss to his nape.

“I get treated like shit at the restaurant. We’re fucking business owners. It’s embarrassing to have to put on that ridiculous uniform after I close the store and wait on spoiled teenagers who think they’re better than you.” he continued to rant and Jonghyun nuzzled between his shoulder blades, chuckling.

“Tell me about it.” Jonghyun hummed, pulling Jinki’s shirt from his pants and running his warm hand along the smooth skin of the elder’s belly. “I had a sixteen year old tell me to go back to China today. China.”

Jinki looked over his shoulder and pouted sympathetically. “What a little shit.”

"It gets worse.” Jonghyun shook his head. “I caught the kid peeking into the girls’ changing rooms at Forever 21 and had to kick his ass out, so now he knows about that job, so he’s probably gonna tell his friends and they’re all gonna act out in my class and it really does suck, babe, but they’re helping.

"We got this great place because of our shitty extra jobs and we’re gonna get to be daddies because of our shitty extra jobs, so I can’t be anything but grateful for them.” he smiled and Jinki twisted around to smile back.

“You know what else we got with our shitty extra jobs?” he said and Jonghyun raised his brows with interest. “That new king sized bed that we haven’t properly broken in.”

“I like where you’re going with this.” Jonghyun said as he pushed his chair further away from the table and stood, carting Jinki over to the bedroom.

He dumped the elder in the center of the large mattress and draped himself over him, melding their lips as his hands roved over his husband’s frame, slipping beneath fabric to tease his sensitive skin.

“You know I was going with nap, right? Jinki breathed when Jonghyun pulled away to lift off Jinki’s shirt.

"Shut up.” Jonghyun chuckled against his chest, flicking his tongue out at Jinki’s hardened nipple, grinding down into him when he arched up.

They shed their clothes quickly and Jonghyun flipped Jinki onto his stomach, trailing kisses down his spine as his hands caressed the elder’s sides. He scraped his teeth on the soft flesh of Jinki’s ass and made him whimper.

“Stop teasing, Jjong.” he hissed, wiggling insistently. 

Jonghyun placed a wet kiss on the cleft of his ass and chuckled when Jinki froze up again. He reached over for the lube on their nightstand and uncapped it, pouring it directly into his husband’s crack.

Jinki squeaked and squirmed at the cold, but settled again when Jonghyun’s strong hands spread the substance down and out, teasing his rim before kneading into his cheeks.

He moaned as Jonghyun continued to massage, dipping the tip of his thumb into Jinki’s hole every now and then to get him whiny and needy. Before Jinki could complain again, Jonghyun finally began to stretch him, pressing two fingers in deep and working him open carefully. He leaned over his husband’s back and whispered in his ear.

“You want my cock, baby?” he hummed and Jinki nodded as he pushed himself back into Jonghyun’s hand. “Yeah? How bad?” he asked as he worked in a third finger.

“Mm. Fuck, baby. I need your cock.” Jinki begged and Jonghyun smirked against the shell of his ear, slipping his fingers out and aligning himself with Jinki’s hole, applying a teasing pressure. “Fuck! Please, please, please.” Jinki chanted, bracing himself on the headboard and thrusting back, impaling himself on Jonghyun’s dick.

"Oh, fuck.” Jinki whimpered as Jonghyun steadied him by his hips and seated himself to the hilt. “Yeah, Jjong, come on, fuck my ass, baby. Fuck.”

Jonghyun grabbed a fistful of the elder’s hair and yanked him back as he thrust into him relentlessly. Jinki whimpered and trembled with pleasure, knuckles white on the dark oak headboard as he was fucked into a mind-numbing state of euphoria. 

Jonghyun leaned back and admired the way his cock appeared and disappeared inside his husband. He slid a hand up Jinki’s front and the elder sobbed with need as it rubbed over his stomach and thighs, avoiding his swollen, neglected cock.

“Please,” Jinki choked out in a small, broken voice. “Please touch me, daddy.”

“Fuck.” Jonghyun grunted as a new found thrill curled in his belly. “Say that again.” he commanded as he fisted Jinki’s cock and pumped him in time with his thrusts.

Daddy.” Jinki intoned shakily. “F-Fuck me, daddy.”