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band asks !!

fall out boy - what band was the first you started listening to that you still listen to now?

my chemical romance - how often do you have music on?

panic! at the disco - how many cd’s do you own?

green day - do you own any vinyls? if so, how many?

waterparks - what is your favourite band?

the brobecks - what is your favourite song from any band?

the young veins - who is your favourite band member?

the 1975 - have you seen any bands live? if so, which ones?

infinity on high - what is your most recent obsession for a band?

folie a deux - favourite lyric/s?

from under the cork tree - biggest crush on a band member?

take this to your grave - any crushes on band members’ wives?

save rock and roll - least favourite album from your favourite band?

american beauty/american psycho - favourite album art?

a fever you can’t sweat out - best lead singer?

pretty. odd. - best bassist?

vices & virtues - best guitarist?

too weird to live, too rare to die - best drummer?

death of a bachelor - least favourite band member?

i brought you my bullets - favourite band meme?

three cheers for sweet revenge - least favourite song from any band?

the black parade - saddest song?

danger days - favourite album aesthetic?

Joavin Headcanon

•Joaquin of course has a trailer in the Southside where he lives alone.

•The first time Kevin came to visit he was very surprised it was very pristine.

•Kevin jumps to the conclusion that he cleaned up for him which makes him blush.

•Joaquin is an old soul, meaning he only owns vinyls and a boom box.

•Kevin gets in an argument about his recent relationship with his father and goes to pay a visit to Joaquin.

•Joaquin is sitting in his couch reading a book Kevin gave him in sweatpants, drinking coffee listing to a record on his turntable.

•Joaquin comforts him telling him his dad has his best interest at heart and doesn’t want to see him get hurt.

•They cuddle in bed while listening to a record Kevin chose.

•Sheriff Keller growing worried about the whereabouts of his son, only to be relieved when Joaquin shoots him a text that he’s alright; but has fallen asleep and it seems to late at night to have him go home.

•Really Joaquin just wants to be with his boyfriend.

•In that moment Sheriff finally sees how important they are to each other and they wouldn’t do anything that would hurt the other.

•Joaquin stares at the beautiful sleeping boyfriend next to him and thanks the gods that his life was taking a turn for the better for once in his mischievous life.

Insomniac Playlist

   Click the songs to hear them. I recommend headphones, a hot cup of tea and a book - put your phone away!

1. Sound Asleep // Blondie : This song just describes that state of mind where you’re craving sleep but it just won’t come to you. Packed with a whirling lullaby melody, a soothing, calming beat and Debbie Harry’s dreamy vocals - this song is perfect to wind down to.

2. Oblivion // Bastille : The basis of this song is about watching someone fall into oblivion and never managing to quite get there yourself. Starting with Dan’s clear, calming voice and a single piano, it escalates into a beautiful tangle of strings with mesmerizing electronic beats and heartwarming, layered high notes.

3. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground : It may be decades old but for me, this song is my secret sleeping weapon. Consisting of a mellow bass, light riffs of acoustic-goodness and a pure voice singing some of the most beautiful words ever written - this song and it’s hypnotic nature will have you snoring in seconds.

4. Breathe // Of Verona : This song is purely about love, however the chorus can really help to soothe your breathing and chill you out. Starting out as just a silky voice and basic, haunting accompaniment, it gradually blossoms into a beautifully dramatic collision of cymbals, layered, echoing vocals and a lullaby-esque flooding of drums and piano.

5. Tempt You (Evocatio) // Nothing But Thieves : Pure slow-indie perfection about being tempted away from ‘the city’. It’s a mollifying, smooth vocal that will make your head spin paired with a gradual build-up of minimalistic guitar and electronic sounds - this is sure to send you into a deep on-the-edge-of-sleep feeling.

6. I Work Nights and You Work Days // To Kill A King : This song is written about someone who works nights and comes home to see their partner sleeping lightly. Consisting of a consoling, rich folk voice that lies softly alongside a piano laced with sections of heart-warming strings - this song will make your eyes feel heavy and your bones feel tired.

7. Hold You // Nina Nesbitt (ft. Kodaline) : A match made in lullaby heaven, this collaboration will have you drifting between dreamland and reality. A slightly raspy but somehow clear, Scottish female voice teamed up with a gentle and heart-wrenching, Irish male voice layered over the top of a folk-indie instrumental, this is a definite track for a sleep playlist.

8. The Parting Glass // Ed Sheeran : Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but this hidden track found at the end of Give Me Love from his first album (+) is so simple and yet so soothing that it had to be included. With the only accompaniment being Ed’s harmonized humming and the rest is his reassuring vocal, this minimalistic track is amazing as a lullaby.

9. Final Masquerade (Acoustic) // Linkin Park : The original version of this song was on The Hunting Party, an album that I only own on vinyl but the acoustic version was floating about on iTunes. A true acoustic featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocal, contrasted with a lower male voice and packets of a woman’s voice during the beginning - this song is like a stepping stone to a chilled out mind.

10. Metal & Dust // London Grammar : Indie relaxation at it’s best, this song can be interpreted into many different messages. Filled with light and fluffy beats, some hidden strings possibly and dominated by Hannah’s velvet-coated vocals, this is fantastic.

music questions - answer with youtube links, pictures or plain text
  • 1: favorite band.
  • 2: favorite singer.
  • 3: favorite guitarist.
  • 4: favorite bassist.
  • 5: favorite drummer.
  • 6: a musician you have a crush on.
  • 7: bands or musicians you've seen live.
  • 8: your favorite song when you were 12.
  • 9: your favorite song when you were 15.
  • 10: your favorite song when you were 18.
  • 11: your favorite song now.
  • 12: a song that says something about your love life.
  • 13: a song you listen to when you're sad.
  • 14: a song that makes you dance.
  • 15: a powerful song.
  • 16: a musician you'd like to meet.
  • 17: a song that is a collaboration of 2 or more artists you love.
  • 18: favorite live dvd.
  • 19: oldest band / musician you listen to.
  • 20: favorite classical composer.
  • 21. a band/musician your friend(s) like(s), but you hate.
  • 22: a band/musician that someone/something made you hate.
  • 23: the musician you find the nicest.
  • 24: the musician you find the most attractive looking.
  • 25: favorite album(s).
  • 26: favorite song which lasts more than 10 minutes.
  • 27: a song that always makes you cry.
  • 28: a song that feels like it's made about you / for you.
  • 29: a song of one of your favorite bands/musicians that you'd show to someone to introduce the band/musician to them.
  • 30: a band/musician you loved, but now can't stand.
  • 31: a band/musician you used to hate, but now love.
  • 32: a band/musician who made you listen to the kind of music you like most. (first one of the kind that you heard)
  • 33: do you and your partner(s) / best friend(s) share music tastes?
  • 34: a band / musician that both you and your parent(s) like.
  • 35: a band / musician that made you meet someone you have loved.
  • 36: song(s) that would be theme songs for your life or parts of it.
  • 37: a band / musician you'd like to see live, but it's never going to be possible.
  • 38: the favorite music cd / dvd(s) you own.
  • 39: an album you want to own.
  • 40: do you own any vinyls?
  • 41: a concert you could have attended and wanted to attend, but something made you not go. (e.g. health issues, work)
  • 42: a musician you wish hadn't died.
  • 43: a band / musician whose works helped you last through the day.
  • 44: a song you love to listen to when it snows.
  • 45: a song you love to listen to when it rains.
  • 46: a song that makes you smile.
  • 47: a musician that shares similarities with you. (can be looks or personality or tastes)
  • 48: favorite song from a movie or favorite anime opening.
  • 49: sure there is a language you don't listen to music in, but you have this one song or band / musician that you like anyway. what's that?
  • 50: the newest / youngest of the bands you like.
  • 51: your ringtone.
  • 52: your phone alarm.
  • 53: a guilty pleasure song.
  • 54: a guilty pleasure band / musician.
  • 55: your favorite song in your mother language.
  • 56: a song you listened to for laughs, but then actually loved it.
  • 57: your favorite picture of one of your favorite bands.
  • 58: the song that is currently playing. if you're not listening to any, the last song you listened to.
  • 59: a song that you just can't stop humming / singing.
  • 60: your favorite love song.

You instincts get the best of you and you BOOP Vinyl right on her nose, it makes a fun little squish noise.  Post-boop, she seems dazed and confused. How do you capitalize on this wonderful occasion?  

Winner was E.

E - 12

C - 10

B - 9

A - 2

D - 2

Losers Club and their music tastes - Headcanons!!

Some 80s/90s music tastes of my babes, with a bonus modern for each of them!! @trashmoutheds i thought the hite stripes fit rich better, sorry bbz


  • The Cure (duh) 
  • He owns all their vinyls and plays their tapes in the car whenever he’s driving, the others pretend to hate it but they don’t
  • Smashing Pumpkins!!!
  • He saw them live and never shuts up about it - inspired by my Dad’s story of seeing them, they all tried to sing along to ‘Today’ and Billy sang it so quickly they couldn’t
  • Blur
  • My boy Bill feeds into the britpop era BAD. Like. So much. 
  • Pulp
  • see above point
  • The Romantics
  • He just really likes catchy music, okay?
  • MODERN!BILL is a slut for two door cinema club. he just is. 


  • I mean. New Kids on The Block
  • He’s not even ashamed. Beverly talked to him for the first time when they were playing. That has to mean something, right? (It does, because they dance to them at their wedding)
  • Wham!
  • Duh. George Michael is a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. He plays last christmas when it’s November the first, and everyone groans (but they love it)
  • AC/DC
  • No one really ?? Expects this?? But boy. He loves them. So much.
  • Duran Duran
  • He just. Loves those boys, probably sprints downstairs when Top of The Pops comes on.
  • David Bowie
  • Who doesn’t? He dresses up as Ziggy Stardust one year for pride, and Bev is actually smitten.
  • MODERN!BEN adores Bon Iver. They’re just /so/ poetic.


  • Michael Jackson
  • Again - who isn’t? But Mike’s Dad really likes him too, so they listen to him together and it’s just so cute :’)
  • Eurythmics
  • Mike loves the techno beats of them, and Annie Lennox’s voice? beautiful. 
  • Prince
  • What a beautiful man. An icon. Courtesy of Eddie for owning the vinyl and letting him listen to it. Prince may or may not be the reason Mike realises he’s not exactly straight.
  • Madonna
  • Queen of Pop amirite? Mike loves her. His actual queen. God bless Madonna.
  • David Bowie
  • He listens to him with Ben, and it’s like their best friend alone time. It’s really sweet.
  • MODERN!MIKE loves Dodie Clark. Like. C’mon


  • Erasure
  • Is there a more reddie song (that isn’t Africa) than A Little Respect? someone write me a fic based off of that please.
  • The Smiths
  • Eddie loves Morrissey. I’m sorry. This is a fact. He thinks ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’ perfectly describes Rich
  • Spandau Ballet
  • I don’t think this needs explaining. It’s just true ;) (ba dum tschhhh)
  • Prince
  • Bitch. Prince makes everyone realise their sexuality, that’s just The Rule
  • Bonnie Tyler
  • THE QUEEN OF BALLADS. Eddie is a sucker for a good ballad. 
  • MODERN!EDDIE really really really likes Gorillaz. Imagine him doing the Noodle dance to DARE.


  • Blondie
  • Debbie is the queen of being on drugs and still looking like a babe. Bev admires this. 
  • R.E.M
  • They just. Make. Some. Really great. Songs. 
  • Bikini Kill
  • Riot grrrrl bev is canon, I don’t make the rules sorry
  • Janis Joplin
  • those vocals. are brilliant. Bev would actually cry to Janis. 
  • No doubt
  • Gwen Stefani is a feminist icon. 
  • MODERN!BEV loves Florence + The Machine, and Long and Lost is her and Ben’s song. 


  • The Cure
  • How many times do I have to say that Lovesong is Stenbrough culture?
  • Joy Division
  • Will fight you if you say that New Order are the same. Ian Curtis provided their band brilliance, Jan. Still listens to New Order though. 
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark
  • My boy Stan loves those bass beats.
  • The Smiths
  • We all love a good depressed cry to The Mozz, don’t we?
  • INXS
  • I just? Love the idea of Stan belting out Never Tear Us Apart whilst making Bill tea. 
  • MODERN!STAN would love Hozier!!!! My Irish love.


  • Guns ‘n’ Roses
  • He has a poster of Axl Rose on his ceiling. Pansexual culture. 
  • The B-52s
  • Just. Does this need an explanation? He just loves them. No one gets it.
  • Pixies
  • Of course. Birth of grunge and whatnot
  • The Rolling Stones
  • My rock baby
  • MODERN!RICHIE is borderline in love with The White Stripes. He just really likes them.
  • Oliver Hampton: Actively refers to himself as 'DJ Hammy Hampton' and 'Hacky McHackerson'.
  • Oliver: Once cried when he thought his cat was dead
  • Oliver: Said cat was named Mr. Giggles
  • Oliver: Owns Flashdance on vinyl
  • Oliver: Owner and has all rights to the 'of coURSE NOT! ......that would be iLLEGAL!?' meme.
  • Oliver: Went on drunk ramblings to Wes' girlfriend about his boyfriend troubles
  • Oliver: Actually exchanges fucking bitmojis with his love interests???????
  • Oliver: Makes Annalise Keating of all people smile on the reg.
  • Tumblr: Looks like a cold blooded killer to me.

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