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i woke up to find our last conversation playing on a loop
i can’t sleep without hearing your voice
without wishing to relive that day just to change what happened
without missing what we had
without missing you
as i finally start to drift off to sleep again
i tell myself
that even if we are nothing now
it was an honor
a privilege
to have meant something
to you at one point.
—  3 AM
(cc, 2017)

While Admins B and T are enjoying the show, Admin K is getting packed for Day 2!

Remember I’ll be passing out BANNERSand I’ll also be printing out a limited number of Instax polaroids from either @BTS_twt OR a pic from your own WINGS experience using the Snapchat Geofilter :) I’ll be live tweeting at @kkyrichi (also with updates about all the fansite and fanart freebies I am privy to) and also chronicling my own WINGS experience on tumblr @cinnamin-suga

I hope to see a few of you there :))

♡Admin K

anonymous asked:

It's funny how tumblr tries to justify hating on people in relationships with somewhat big age gaps. For example, I'm 23 and my boyfriend is 32. Even though we are in a happy, healthy and safe relationship, tumblr would probably bust a fucking nut and assume my boyfriend is abusive/manipulative because of our 9 year age difference, despite both of us being normal functioning adults with wills of our own. Tumblr really needs to butt out of people's private lives :|


One-word spell?

Hi, so i really like making my own spells but i don’t feel very comfortable with saying loooong sentences and basically using a lot of words. So i often use One Word Spells.


Yes, the One Word Spells. They are more powerfull than you think. Rules are simple: say loud just one word.


This is how to do it:

1. Light a candle ( use colour that fits your intention or your fav ; )

2. Sit (on the floor, chair, whatever, just be close to the candle) and relax.I said: relax. It’s important. Really. Chill.

3. Think. Think about your intentions. Treat it like some kind of a prayer (?) Just think a lot about what you need right now, what is your intention. Don’t be afraid to talk a lot, it’s your own head, right?

4. Say it. Choose one word and ‘import’ all of your thoughts from  ↑ in this few letters. Imagine this situation- your thoughts become 1 single word.

5. Leave the candle lighting for a moment. Stare in the flame, it’s cool, isn’t it? Now you can put it off. It’s over. 

Just one word.