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Author writes article in “well-known” media/blogging outlets full with misinformation and condemning Johnny Depp as abuser.

About 95% of the comments in the comment section (if it exists) call their lies, misinformation, obfuscations out.

Johnny Depp wins People’s Choice Awards for Favourite Movie Icon.

Said author writes article about who knew people still support Johnny Depp and continues with the same lies and misinformation trying to make the “people” who disagree with them the bad guys.

The comments in the comment section keep in calling them out.

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Stuff kids on tumblr better relearn

1. You are responsible for your own media experience. 

2. There is such a thing as a healthy level of avoidance towards topics that make you feel unwell or even (in a real-life clinical definition of the term) trigger you - but you are the one to actively take care of what you view.

3. Avoiding does not mean policing others.

4. You have no right to tell artists to censor themselves - you may criticize what others do, you may dislike it, that’s fine - but actively asking for censorship when you could easily unfollow or block a person just makes you look incompetent in your use of the internet.

5. Do not give people on tumblr or /any/ website the responsibility for your emotional well-being. Because these people do not even know you so no, you have no right to ask them to take care of you.


FFXV Social Media (1/?) - Main Character Instagram Profiles

so like I don’t want to be insensitive at this moment of crisis but I would just like to say that when you guys who grew up in the sherlock fandom write your own gay media, which I have no doubt you’re going to do because you’re a very smart and talented group of people, you should try as hard as you can to break free of the model of gay writing that’s evolved over the past century and a half, in which you can only tell gay stories through subtext. pretending to tell one narrative while actually telling another one is not good storytelling, and the idea that gay themes have to be hidden in symbolism and subtle acting choices so that straight audiences don’t see them is a relic of a time gone by. so in other words, even if the writers of sherlock had been planning a “rug pull” in which all the subtext they’d been writing suddenly became text, they still would not have written a good love story. a good story is told partly through text and partly through subtext, not hidden away inside of another narrative.

I’m guilty of this myself as a reader; I’ve gotten very skilled at reading queer subtext out of necessity, and as a result I do understand the he pleasure that comes from being able to read the hidden queer stories that straight audiences can’t see (whether the writers put them there intentionally or not.) problem is, the whole tradition of reading and writing queer subtext is itself the product of homophobia. there is no reason to continue clinging to that style of writing, even if you are planning to subvert it at the end by making the subtext into text. there is no reason we have to continue treating the reality of our lives as something scandalous and shocking that has to either be hidden away or revealed suddenly for its shock value. there’s nothing sordid or shocking about being gay, and there’s no reason we have to continue hiding.

with regards to bbc sherlock no longer being shown on public television in poland:

if i remember correctly, all of sherlock up until tab was aired, in addition to the bbc worldwide channel, on one of the main public tv channels in poland, which are not technically controlled by the government (essentially a polish equivalent of the bbc)

in between the airing of s3 and tab, poland underwent an election, with a right-wing party seizing control in the country. this party, prawo i sprawiedliwość (law and justice, lmao), has become increasingly more involved in the programming and has been firing people who were involved with public television and radio for DECADES and installing their own people in their place to monitor their own image in the media and to maintain tight control over the content shown 

this party, in addition to its many other sins, is INCREDIBLY VITRIOLIC TOWARDS THE LGBTIQ COMMUNITY, having publicly condemned everything from same-sex relationships and adoption to trans people as ‘homosexual propaganda’, and getting the catholic church heavily involved in their politics

so, before the government changed and started getting heavily involved with the programming, we got all of s3 with its fake sheri/arty kiss and the aborted love confession on the tarmac shown on a public channel, where literally anyone could watch it; however, since the government change and their involvement in the programming, sherlock mysteriously disappeared from the public channel and s4 will only be shown on a channel called bbc brit, which can only be accessed if you have one of those paid tv packages

so, why the change? surely if there was nothing that pushed the ‘homosexual propaganda’ within the show, they would’ve kept it on the public channel? if the show was good, pure, heterosexual fun, surely they wouldn’t have gotten rid of it since it was bringing in so many viewers?

i’ll leave you to your deductions, but the answer is pretty obvious to me.

FUCK YOU, MOFTISS | an energising fanmix for surviving when queerbaiting gets you down, & using that energy to create your own diverse media — 8tracks / playmoss

i. yellow flicker beat — lorde | ii. abraham’s daughter — arcade fire | iii. i’d love to change the world (matstubs remix) — jetta | iv. castle — halsey | v. seven nation army — the white stripes | vi. becomes the color  emily wells | vii. cold war — janelle monáe | viii. the story of us — taylor swift | ix. elastic heart  — sia | x. set me free — herizen guardiola feat. nile rogers & the americanos | xi. e.t. (classical cover) — aston | xii. indestructible — robyn  | xiii. my silver lining — first aid kid

Did you just say you needed emotional support and acknowledgement, you little ladybug? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Peace Corps, and I’ve been involved in numerous anonymous encouragements on Tumblr.com, and I have over 300 confirmed friends. I am trained in gorilla kindnesses and I’m the top comforter in the entire US armed forces. You are something to me: a potential friend. I will befriend you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my words. You think your pain will be ignored when I see it on the Internet? Think again. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of allies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the comfort and acknowledgement, buddy. The comfort and acknowledgement that wipes out the grief you are dealing with. You’re fucking treasured, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can comfort you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in conflict resolution, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Peace Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your troubles off the face of the continent, you little flower. If only you could have known how much genuine concern for your well-being your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have felt how loved you already are. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now I know I need to remind you how much you mean to me, you amazing person. I will rain acknowledgement all over you and you will swim in it. You’re going to be all right, kiddo.
—  @anonaxolotl in this thread (as a quote because the thread is super long)

You have two years Democrats, to fix this.

And guess what, you could have fixed this problem months ago by doing what everyone outside your party and corporately owned media outlets were telling you by not nominating Clinton.

You could have brought this election home with the FIRST JEWISH (AND REALLY NON-CHRISTIAN) NOMINEE, not that that mattered to you, and MOST POPULAR POLITICIAN IN AMERICA that ran a 10% lead instead of Clinton’s 5%, who is the son of a Holocaust survivor to nationally shame Trump’s rhetoric and his appeal to White Suprmacists.

You wouldn’t have had had to deal with daily news on scandals (real or fake) or wikileaks on your corrupt as fuck national organization

I, and many others, had said 15 months ago that the only people Clinton was only popular with was partisan Democrats and that she was incredibly unpopular from 25 years of attacks, and y'all missed the forest for the trees. This campaign could have been a cakewalk, since you cut out his white working class base.

Don’t blame this on “dumb white voters,” or 3rd party candidates, or Russia, or Wikileaks, or the weather. Find fault in yourselves instead of someone to blame for once, and maybe people will actually respond.

Okay, let’s end this tired discourse because I want to actually see content in the tag.

Is Killing Stalking problematic?

No. It’s is a psychological horror manga. The relationship is not romanticized. The “BL” tag is a content warning, as would be required in Korea and not an indication that the comic is promoting this as a healthy relationship. The comic’s purpose is to scare you, not arouse you, but if you’re into it, whatever. I’m not going to kinkshame. If you are greatly disturbed by this 18+ comic, you probably shouldn’t read it. It has mature themes, and the audience is expected to be able to tell right from wrong on their own, like most horror media. 

Why are people comparing it to Yuri on Ice?

They’re not, at least not in any serious way. People who are fans of both joke about it, since both feature a gay relationship and update(d) on Wednesdays. The majority of posts about comparing Yuri on Ice to Killing Stalking are posts complaining about that comparing. I believe that most people see people complaining about the comparing and use that to complain about comparing rather than actually seeing any posts doing it.

Why do people ship it?

They could be yaoi fangirls. They could be interested in exploring the unhealthy relationship. They could just really wish it were a healthy relationship and want to explore that. None of these points of view reflect on the work itself, which should be judged on its own merit. Regardless, there are very few shipping posts, and they really do not require that the majority of the tag is dedicated to complaining about them. 

Please feel free to ask me any more questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them adequately.

I’ll draw some fanart soon to contribute to content later, but so this post isn’t a waste…

Some more psych horror manga that I recommend that give of similar “feelings” as Killing Stalking (which I know is a Korean webtoon, but I haven’t read any other ones I want to recommend). None of them are perfect, and some have some really bad points, but I was engaged for each. In no particular order:

1. Heads by Keigo Higashino – An average, shy, working man gets a brain transplant, and he soon notices some changes…is this because of the brain transplant, or the medicine?

This one I actually liked a lot despite it being pretty predictable with a lot of frustrating moments. It was interesting seeing the development of the protagonist’s character. This one gives off the closest feeling as Killing Stalking, I think.

2. Ousama Game by Nobuaki Kanazawa – A high school class receives a text about the Ousama Game, which gives tasks that must be completed in 24 hours…or else.

I think I may have kept reading this out of anger more than out of pleasure, but I’m throwing it on here anyway. It had a terrible ending though. It’s kind of ridiculous and stupid which I think is why I liked it, but there were some moments that were actually good. It has a decently strong start, actually, and it kind of unwinds as it goes along, but I had fun being mad at it so?? I…recommend it? I think?

3. Ajin by Tsuina Miura - Ajin’s are rare humans that can’t die, and the government has put a bounty on their heads. A high schooler’s normal summer day takes a turn for the unexpected.

Okay, I really liked this. It’s good, but I’ll warn you, there’s no one to really root for and if you can root for them they’re not there very often. I actually ended up dropping this because it was just frustrating and depressing me, since there didn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Still a good read, though, and if you want that “edge of your seat” feeling from Killing Stalking, this one definitely delivers…though sometimes without the breathers.

4. Anything by Junji Ito - One of those old masters of psych horror, but I would generally call it surreal horror. If you don’t like really weird, surreal things that don’t make sense, you won’t like his work, but there’s some really neat visuals and it’s a lot of fun if you turn our brain off for a bit.

There’s probably a lot more, but here ya go.

Obama considering post-presidential digital media career, sources say (EXCLUSIVE)

  • President Barack Obama has been discussing a post-presidential career in digital media and is considering launching his own media company
  • This is according to multiple sources who spoke on background because they were not authorized to speak for the president.
  • Obama considers media to be a central focus of his next chapter, these sources say, though exactly what form that will take remains unclear. 
  • Obama has gone so far as to discuss launching his own media company, according to one source with knowledge of the matter, although he has reportedly cooled on the idea of late.
  • When contacted for comment, White House communications director Jen Psaki told Mic in a statement, “While the president will remain actively engaged in inspiring young people and he is interested in the changing ways people consume information, he has no plans to get into the media business after he leaves office.”
  • According to another source, Obama met privately with Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in Lima, Peru, on the sidelines of the recent APEC summit to discuss the matter. READ MORE
Die Welt, in der jeder lebt, hängt zunächst ab von seiner Auffassung derselben, richtet sich daher nach der Verschiedenheit der Köpfe: dieser gemäß wird sie arm, schal und flach, oder reich, interessant und bedeutungsvoll ausfallen.

Arthur Schopenhauer.


The world in which one lives depends on ones conception of which, therefore complying on the diversity of minds: under this concept life gets poor, insipid and flat, or rich, interesting and meaningful.

…because of course

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