Buncha huevembers I missed, here’s 19-23. Featuring dark and not-so-dark Sutos, a smol Houseki No Kuni fanart and a Miku, I used to be primarily a vocaloid artist.. Barely anyone, including myself, remembers that. TwT


Living World Season 3: Everyone Leaves Commander Alone And Worried.

I needed a commander figure so I put my rat here, could be anyone really. :’D It’s exactly my feels so far. *rubs face* Why must everyone run off, some to a certain death or big trouble. I’m itching to see if it’s intended and what moves Anet does have planned next.

I hope you like it, please don’t reuse these images anywhere.

What does everyone have while I don’t? It’s the character refs. I drew this Cannelle randomly, then thought it’d be a nice ref. For now it stays like this, in future, when I add the rest (or well, at least most developed OCs) I’ll probably expand the canvas and add other important stuff. Creating an informative and readable ref layout is hard. @_@