Living World Season 3: Everyone Leaves Commander Alone And Worried.

I needed a commander figure so I put my rat here, could be anyone really. :’D It’s exactly my feels so far. *rubs face* Why must everyone run off, some to a certain death or big trouble. I’m itching to see if it’s intended and what moves Anet does have planned next.

I hope you like it, please don’t reuse these images anywhere.

What does everyone have while I don’t? It’s the character refs. I drew this Cannelle randomly, then thought it’d be a nice ref. For now it stays like this, in future, when I add the rest (or well, at least most developed OCs) I’ll probably expand the canvas and add other important stuff. Creating an informative and readable ref layout is hard. @_@


And - bam - a compilation of my baby portraits made over the year. I improved at speedpainting and lighting. :>

Gotta draw another portrait of Zadaam since this one is somewhat outdated in terms of outfit and general appearance, her ears are totally different now which is important. Ears are super important.

Also.. You can’t ever guess my favorite color, can you.