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58 please, if you are willing. (In reference to the send me a number, I'll write a drabble) :)

58: “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”


They’re laying together in bed, sweaty and tired from their recent romp between the sheets. Katsuki looks like he might already be asleep, but Izuku can’t help but remain awake for a while longer, examining the new scars on Katsuki’s back, the ones not caused by Izuku’s own nails. These ones, unlike the ones Izuku makes every time Katsuki comes back to him, will never fade.

He always thanks whatever deity is watching that Katsuki does make it home, that he does get out of the shower and crowd him up against the wall or the bed or simply hike him up then and there and take him. Those moments mean the world to Izuku, simply because it’s proof that his childhood friend-turned-lover is still alive. That they get another day together despite it all.

He traces the scars with his eyes, and then with his fingers, watching the slow, easy breath that fills and leaves Katsuki’s chest. “I’d die for you, you know,” he murmurs. He closes his eyes, thinks of today, how Katsuki came back to him covered in blood and soot and grinning like a wild man. He thinks of the broken coffee table downstairs where Katsuki had pinned him and ruthlessly fucked him, how neither of them had cared when it had broken, because they’d both realized in that instant just how close Katsuki had skimmed it, and they’d been too eager to get upstairs to the bed and continue greeting each other.

Their friends look at them, and they don’t see it like Izuku does. Don’t feel the visceral panic that fills them every time a news reporter mentions Ground Zero or Bakugou Katsuki. 

So yes, maybe it’s a bit extreme by saying he would die for this man lying beside him. But they’ve gone through too much together for Izuku to simply… accept that this is how it will always be. If Katsuki is so willing to charge into the fray to save Izuku, isn’t it only right he should be willing to do the same?

He doesn’t realize Katsuki’s awake until rough fingers smooth tears off his cheeks. “Idiot,” his sleep-roughened voice chides, as arms envelope Izuku to pull him closer. Kisses rain down on his face in gentle touches, and Katsuki presses their foreheads together at the end of it, staring down at him with a kind of wordless devotion he would have only ever dreamed of four years earlier. 

“I’d die for you,” he murmurs. Izuku feels his throat close up, only to release a second later as Katsuki adds, “Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife, but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

Izuku can’t stop the rough gasp of laughter that claws its way out of his throat. “Bastard,” he whispers, more tears escaping him. Katsuki wipes those away too. 

“You started it. ‘Sides, Ground Zero and Deku are a team. We’ve been one since forever. Only makes sense it stays that way, yeah?”

“Don’t go where I can’t follow, Kacchan.”

“Ain’t planning on it. Quit thinking stupid shit, munchkin.” He kisses Izuku’s forehead. “Go to sleep. I’ll be here tomorrow, and the day after that, and the year after that. If I wanted to leave, I’d have done it already.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too. Sleep. I’ve got plans for you in the morning.” One last kiss, and he draws Izuku close, tucking him under his chin. They fall asleep like that, the nightmares of might-have-beens driven off for another night.

can anyone tell me why every single greasy weird metrosexual dude at college owns one of those barf green laptop bag satchel looking things usually with a first aid sign or something on it

Starchild, 2.

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Bad Boy!Jimin, Fluff + Slight Angst

Rating: PG-15

Warnings: None.

Summary: It’s been one hell of a night, hasn’t it?

Count: 3200 words.

Note: Part two already? Dear lord.


one - two


Jimin watched her frolic in the sand from his motorcycle, basking with yet another cigarette as his pocketed hand fumbled with a lighter. She had discarded her jacket upon the half wall, left her shoes near him and unbuttoned her uniform to reveal a low-cut tank top. All in all, she was free and there was never a better sight than the one right in front of him.

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You know what, I don't want to hear a "scandal" about any kpop idol dating, I want them to proudly introduce their significant others. Just imagine one of exo members during a concert telling the audience that his lover is among the crowd and every dellusional fan thinks he's doing this as some kind of fan service or whatever thinking that he means them when in fact his lover is actually there.

God I know !! I want them to be able to say “here’s the person I love” and for everyone to support them unconditionally about it !! It shouldn’t be an issue yet some scarily possessive (can you be possessive over a human? Something you can’t/or never will own?) make it one and it’s so embarrassing on their part tbh

Writing Fantasy: A Manifesto

Lacking motivation to finish that novel? Same. But here are a few things I’ve learned so far…

1. Dream regularly

Accept that all fantastical elements of your piece— whether mythological, fabled or downright absurd— have already been thought of. A school for witches and wizards? Done. A powerful piece of jewellery? Seen it! What about a magical word existing in our own one? Oh, please.

To avoid this, dream nightly and rely on a good sleep cycle to generate those ideas on how to make your piece different from the rest. Have a dream that you turned into a flying toad with human limbs? Yay, (disturbing) originality!

2. No boring names allowed

If a Google search of your characters’ names gives you links to profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere, it’s too dreary for fantasy. Stuck? Try swapping the vowels and consonants around (see Game of Thrones).    

3. Night owls only

Most writing will be done under the cover of darkness, just as you’re about to go to sleep and the one and only good idea you’ve had all week suddenly pops into your head. Write it down! You definitely won’t remember it in the morning.

4. Dragons are fool-proof

If all else fails, add a dragon to the story. Rowling, Tolkien, Martin…you can’t go wrong with one of these flying fire-breathers.

5. Write, write, write (or type, type, type?)

What are you doing still reading this?! That 500-page best seller isn’t going to write on its own, you know!

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Hope it is okay to request a NSFW scenario with a Yandere TendoXreader please?

So, as I have noted before, both is other asks and in my rules, I do not write yandere. It’s just not a relationship example I want to promote and the premise reminds me of my own mentally abusive relationship in which I used to be in.

BUT, I can write a smutty scene with Tendou built on consent, trust, and love!

Hope you enjoy.

P.s. It’s a little more lovey-dovey than smutty???

There was nothing special about the night. It was an average night consisting of too starchy take out food, homework splayed across the table, and a vague top hits song playing in the background. It was a night that Tendou had experienced with them many times again and again.

But something felt heightened about the moment. With their socked feet nudging against his own bare ones under the table and the way they raised their pen to their lips as their eyes took in the words of their textbook. No, there was nothing special about this night, but it was s night that brought overwhelming love to the redheads heart.

And when he pushed himself across the distance of the small table to slot his lips against theirs, he melted into the action. It was one they had shared before, one that felt familiar and comforting as they fell into the rhythm that might as well be second nature to them.

Love was a complicated thing, he realized with each day that passed. Because it wasn’t always how pop culture described it. With his hands guiding them back towards their shared bedroom, his mind conjured up the same thought, his hands easily peeling away their clothes to expose the body that was so much different from the one he had initially lusted after.

He loved them, don’t misunderstand, and he would always consider them beautiful and desirable. But they were softer now, rounder even from the lack of time to care for it properly that comes along with life. He too had changed, belly no longer board flat as it had been in high school, probably from too much alcohol consumption in his early years of university, and his muscle tone not so defined. Only the faint reminiscence of the individuals they had once been.

For their minds had changed too. Just as his idea of love changed with each time he found himself inside of them. His hips pressing tight against their own and his voice cradling against the crock of their neck. Their hands trailed over his back, nails catching at skin, and he was hyper-aware of this lovely person they had become in all the years that he had been able to hold them just as he was now.

Reaching his high much too quickly that night, Tendou littered their bare kiss with deep kisses, mouth dipping into crevices he had been able to find only due to the amount of time he had them for. His fingers brought them to their own separate finish, their voice rasping beautifully in his ears. And his mouth found theirs again, kissing this new person he loved just as tenderly as the one they were the day before. And he couldn’t wait to kiss the person they would become tomorrow.

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So I'm going to Canada for a field trip and I'm from the US and we need to have our birth certificates with us. I'm really freaked out because almost no one at school knows my birth me and i don't know how customs works with trips like this. I've only been out of the country with family and i didn't need to hold my own papers or anything. Do you have any advice?

If you’re holding your own papers, no one at your school needs to see them. With customs, they’re usually pretty chill. I’ve had to deal with showing my ID and if they give me a weird look I just say I’m trans. If they hassle you more, ask to speak with their manager directly and get a teacher or administration or some other adult with you at all times (if there’s problems).

I also went to Canada and I’m from the US, but it was on a cruise. I think we still needed our passports with us when we got off the cruise, but the guy checking them was chill.

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing, good luck, and have fun in Canada!

- Kid

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What’s your favorite Mercy experience you’ve heard? Either from this blog or outside it?

my fav mercy story would have to be one of my own, and It’s one that I think I’ve told before. My dad is a low-key gamer. he doesn’t play anything competitive really, he prefers mystery and puzzle games, Like he’s played all of the Myst games. so my childhood was basically every weekend I’d hear the sounds of a Myst game in the basement and I’d rush down the stairs to watch him play, and occasionally help with puzzles. he’s honestly a big factor into why I love video games. anyway, he wanted to bond with me over games again over the summer, so I showed him some ( He’s really into The Wolf Among Us now.) and one of the ones I showed him was Overwatch. I’d said something in the voice chat before the match, but my dad was playing. the whole time this dick was calling me sweetie and babe and just being an ass. my dad looks at me with the most neutral face and says “Pumpkin, which button is the speak button?” and I point out push to talk and all of a sudden my dad is tearing this dude a new asshole. saying things like “That’s my daughter you’re disrespecting, you pig” and “don’t you dare call her babe because there’s no way in hell I’d let anyone like you within a thousand feet of her” and “that girl you were calling ‘sweetie’ knows 7 different ways to break your arm have some fucking respect” and he ends it by “either apologize, or shut the fuck up.” and I’m just watching all of this with morbid fascination. the dude didn’t say a word the rest of the match. it was absolutely beautiful. I fucking love my dad.


Hi! I know this message is long overdue..

Around the middle of August, I decided to go on a hiatus cause school was just around the corner and I just couldn’t manage posting updates on my own. As Wanna One has become one of the most popular groups in Korea right now, Daehwi has been receiving a lot of love and gaining more fansites. More fansites meant more fantaken updates…a lot more compared to PD101 days, when I could manage to post all updates easily.

The reason why I am writing this is not to say goodbye and deactivate, but rather to apologize for not posting for 2 months and basically disappearing without any annoucement. Never once have I thought about shutting this fanbase down and hopefully I can continue where I stopped as Wanna One is preparing a new comeback.

But that will be hard to acomplish on my own. As I mentioned before, the amount of updates is overwhelming for me to cover by myself. This post is also a call for new moderators. Everyone who wants to apply can do it here.

Unfortunately, if no one applies, I will be forced to go on a indefinite hiatus. I won’t be deactivating this account as I want all of you to have an archive of photos and updates since the very beginning of Daehwi’s journey on PD101.

The future of this fanbase lies on you!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

-Anja, owner of HELLO DAEHWI

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What would be in your opininion the fastest way to achieve the closest to humanly possible perfect society

Probably through a combination of means.

I’m going to make this somewhat US-centric, pardon me.

Socially, I’d suggest we need a culture that prizes skill/excellence and consistency above all else, combined with a heavy emphasis on and major promotion of faithful, stable 2-parent households. Living beyond one’s means would be frowned upon and saving for the future and aiding one’s own future (children) by teaching them everything you wished you knew as a kid. 

That, combined with a strong belief in individual rights (culturally) and an emphasis on giving, instead of receiving respect would all probably do well to push humanity in the right direction.

Governmentally, we have the bones of what we need.

A Constitutional Republic, where Representatives are elected by popular vote.

Issues arise in how we do this.

There should be 250 Representatives, allotted based on NET Domestic Product, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 votes per state. 

2 Senators per state, as per usual.

All votes for Federal elected positions should be runoff-type voting, not first past the post. All elected officials should be required to have legally binding policy goals, which predicate the funding they receive. If they do not achieve their policy goals, the funds they received based on that policy they championed will be revoked and they will be required to pay the entire sum. They may only gather funding in this way. they may not receive any gifts, loans, or other forms of compensation, including TV spots, free advertisements, etc exceeding a yearly monetary value equal to or greater than the median salary of the US as a whole.

I’d reword the Bill of rights, add a Right to Privacy, and harden the language of each right. It would be explicitly stated that any laws which violate these rights are unilaterally invalid, and the individual politicians who cosign those laws are guilty of an offence with a minimum sentence of 5 years in jail, and a maximum sentence of life in prison. 

I’ve just neutered politicians. 

No individual may work for the government, including any elected position or any agencies therein for more than a term of 8 years, excepting military service. 

There, goodbye bureaucracy.  

No powers afforded the federal government may be indefinite in scope or in duration, and their duration may not last more than 8 years. Re-instatement of any power, agency, or organization beyond those given by the (re-worded) Constitution or Bill of Rights are subject to a citizen referendum in addition to a majority vote in house and senate. 

Ok, there, goodbye legal bloat.

Flat tax rate, with 1 deductible per household and 1 deductible per individual, up to a maximum of 4 per household. No other exceptions or deductibles.

No Federal Minimum Wage

No Federal Precedent on Marriage, et-all. Marriage is a institution which ideally should be managed by individual couples or groups of people both on a legal, and religious basis. 

Federal welfare caps at 2 parents/guardians, 1 child per household. To offset this, mandatory non-abstinence sex education. No FEDERAL funding for abortion (private funding, and state funding both ok).

Erasure of race/ethnicity from all legal documents. Only determination at all is Non-citizen Resident, Non-Citizen Non-Resident (illegal), Naturalized Citizen, and Natural-Born Citizen.

In order to become a resident, you apply to become a Non-citizen Resident and are put on a waiting list (maximum immigration is 2% of adult population of nation per year). You can appeal to be fast-tracked by speaking before a jury of randomly selected citizens (prevents bribing). Clear cultural and explicitly stated preference for those who adhere to the ethos of American individualism will take place in these appeals, realistically speaking. After 5 years of being a Non-citizen Resident, with a clean record (no felonies) and having been in the country for the past 365 days, you can apply to be a naturalized citizen. There is no fee, if you can speak English fluently and pass a basic (standardized and publicly available) test made from a randomly selected pool of questions, you are guaranteed a response within 365 days, and your residency is extended for that term. Citizenship is “Shall Issue.” If it’s found you falsified information or committed perjury, your status as a citizen will be revoked immediately following a jury trial. 

If you are in the country illegally, you will have your information taken down (name /aliases, fingerprints, mugshot, dental records) and you will be deported to your country of origin. Repeat offenses will result in jail time.

Import/export taxes/tariffs should be placed on countries whose national ethos, history of human rights, or government structure, are incompatible or anathema to our own. Ideally this should be almost entirely an automated system, or strictly structured to prevent or reduce easing of tariffs on countries merely based on economic expediency. 

Countries may apply to become part of the union, thereby being considered a state, so long as they have been in good standing with the US for more than 10 years, show a citizen 2/3rd majority in favor of becoming such, and have laws which do not contradict federal laws. 

States which do not wish to be part of the union, thereby being considered their own country, may do so as long as they show a 2/3 citizen majority referendum. They will be considered to be in bad standing with the US for 10 years, and be subject to all applicable tariffs. They will also be responsible for funding/construction,if applicable, of a 10 foot tall, double-layer, cyclone-type border fence topped with razor wire, along the entire connecting perimeter of the former state and the contiguous US; this fence will be constructed on the US side and will be US property. 

This is just off the top of my head.

The idea of the last two is to promote voluntary association and through it, promote the expansion of both the resource wealth as well as the growth of the ideologies present. countries would be inventivized to Americanize through sheer economic weight, without any threat of violence and the free agency to leave. 

I’m sure I went all over the place, and maybe some day I’ll build my “perfect country” in a megapost.

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excuse me can you do a brief summery about the tarot card the chariot,hermit,strength,justice,moon? please?

Disclaimer: I’m speaking from memory and out of my gut here, without reading up in my usual sources here, because that’s what I usually do when I read Tarot cards for myself as well. All of this is based on how I personally interpret the cards. Other people who read tarot cards will put different amounts of focus on different parts of the symbolism.

Chariot: The archetype of someone who either parades out to win a battle, or is returning from battle victorious, controlling the lions pulling their chariot with nothing but their raw willpower. It’s loaded with ambition and the energy to take immediate action, but also with the dangers of impulsiveness and losing control over one’s own actions. When you storm into battle to fight for a very clear (often material) ambition, but run danger of failing just because of how overly eager you are, that situation is the Chariot.

Hermit: The archetype of withdrawing into solitude and self-reflection, like the archetype of a wise hermit in fiction would do. Someone withdrew from society or people, trying to find some sort of wisdom within themselves, quietly. On the other hand, being all alone can lead one’s thinking to go in circles, which can lead one into a downward spiral.  The danger of the Hermit is knowing whether you’re finding genuine wisdom, or whether your loneliness is just driving you into a pit. 

Strength: I personally like to relate this card to “courage” and see it as a bit of a counterpart to the Chariot. While the Chariot is all about material ambition driving one’s actions, Strength is about genuine virtues (especially courage) driving them. Unlike the Chariot, where the “protagonist” rushes into the awaited victory, the Strength is about patience and perseverance, true inner strength. Pretty much all qualities commonly associated in-universe with Link of “The Legend of Zelda” could be summed up in this one card. Being truly courageous and in control of your action (symbolized by how the woman in the cards tames a lion, symbolic of her own passion, which she has used her courage and virtue to get under control), rather than just mindlessly rushing into battle for fleeting ambitions. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve spoken quite extensively about the Moon and the Justice before, so going through my “Neni Replies” tag on my blog for a bit will definitely get you these two! Sorry for redirecting like this, but there’s a ton of stuff in my in-box, and I don’t wanna make people wait even longer by repeating myself a lot. I hope that’s okay! >_<

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This might seem personal so u don't have to answer but, what is ur dream job? What would u like to do in the future?

oh heck i would love to be an animator or storyboard artist or something for pixar/disney or dreamworks tbh

something more in-reach though i’d love to have my own successful comic one day, that’d be really nice

One Hell Of A First Date

I was pacing around my room. Theo shouldn’t be here for 15 more minutes, but I’m already prepared. Or not. I’ve been trying to prepare for our official first date for an hour now. I showered…three times. I sprayed deodorant countless times cause I kept sweating. God, why am I so damn nervous. I knew Theo since forever.

„What’s wrong little brother?“, I hear Scott say. I turn around to see him leaned on the door frame and Stiles standing behind him. How did I not notice them earlier? „It’s nothing”, I say sighing. „Well it doesn’t seem like nothing Liam", Stiles says pointing at my bed. There lays every shirt I have ever owned, ones that are not on the bed are on the floor. 

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Garnet: Yes. Well I guess they’re more exaggerations. She’s been telling the other children about her father’s heroics. How he once caught 4 armed robbers one his own. How he was an undercover agent in a drug bust and how he died after foiling an smuggling operation at the hands of not one, but three mafia bosses.

Magnolia: Oh my berry. 

Garnet: Not a huge problem, kids will be kids. I just worry she might get a bit of a reputation with the other kids. I take it, you’re still unable to talk about him.

Magnolia: Yeah. It’s just a bit painful. I want to. I try. But- *sigh*

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Why are so many people believing Mr. Spacey might be a pedophile or rapist over false allegations?

Because so many people are lazy and gullible, which is why they are so easily manipulated. Many of the twitter accounts that generate these stories are the same type of Russia based accounts that had a detrimental effect on the U.S. Presidential election - spreading fake news and false stories in order to divide the nation, and disrupt what is left of our democracy. It’s very effective because most of us don’t take the time to research the truth. During a recent briefing to congress, Twitter revealed it found over two hundred such accounts. One way to identify some of these accounts is they often describe themselves as pro-Trump, pro-Christian, anti-abortion, anti-liberal, MAGA - all of the hot buttons that stir the GOP base.

Of course, there are some genuine nut jobs on the right who generate their own damage. One of them is Alex Jones of Infowars. One of his conspiracy theories is that Hillary Clinton ran a pedophile ring in the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington D.C. This ludicrous theory sprouted from one of Hillary’s leaked emails from John Podesta where he mentioned pizza. It sounds too stupid to even talk about, although it did lead one maniac armed with a gun to the pizza parlor in question. Anyway, it’s known in wingnut conspiracy circles as “pizzagate.” Alex Jones had to apologize for his role in the baseless and debunked story, but of course that doesn’t stop some people from continuing to believe and perpetuate this nonsense. Yeah, I know…

In the minds of the pizzagaters, this conveniently ties into the fact that the Clintons knew Jeffery Epstein, a billionaire who was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl. He has also been accused of trafficking underage girls to gain favor from influential people. Those accusations have not been tried in court, however. Jeffery Epstein was acquainted with countless people of fame, wealth and influence, often flying people on his jet for various trips and excursions. Naturally the conspiracy theorists accuse anyone of having taken a trip on that plane as being a pedophile, taking the “lolita express” to Epstein’s so called private “sex slave” island. They particularly like to target “Hollywood” liberals as being pedophiles and perverts, because it fits their narrative of Hollywood as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and because many famous democrats in film and television use their influence and money to support liberal causes. The right has always been hell bent on destroying the Clintons. It would take volumes to try and explain why, and the answer still wouldn’t be satisfactory.

So, guess who happens to be friends with the Clintons? Guess whose name appears on one of the flight manifests of Epstein’s jet in 2002? Guess who is Liberal? Guess who is connected to Hollywood? Kevin. That, my friend, is where the accusations come from - the torch carrying mob marching through the twitter.

The REAL reason Kevin was on that flight that one day in July, back in 2002, is because Epstein flew Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker and Kevin to Africa to  promote efforts to fight AIDS, where they also joined Nelson Mandela to address a crowd of teenagers about H.I.V. awareness. The trip was well documented. I guess it goes to show you that no good deed goes unpunished.