Cultural Appropriation is a real, important, and harmful thing, but god damn if it’s not one of the most recklessly abused terms in the social justice lexicon.

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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 6

****** I did some research on some of the songs for this story so I’m actually doing research now for one shots what has my life become. I hope you all know the extensiveness that has started to go into this craziness you’re all welcome damn.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5



Harry kept his album from you for quite some time. You instantly asked to listen to it, obviously, and after talking with Anne on the phone once you’d broke the news of your engagement to your families, you were shocked to find that Harry had already played it for her. 

“You played it for your mum?” you cried, “What is so wrong about it that you can’t play it for me? What did I do?” you begged.

Harry just watched you fall apart while sitting in that damn yellow seat, smirking as you fumed at him and paced back and forth. 

“How am I supposed to support you and sing along when I haven’t even heard your music?” you whined. You had gotten into his habit of twirling around your engagement ring whenever you were nervous, and Harry joked that if you kept doing that then you were accidentally going to lose it at some point. 

“I want it to be special,” Harry said, standing from the seat and resting his hands on your shoulders, giving you a sincere smile as he used his index finger to lift your chin. “Don’t pout, angel,” he mimicked your pout. “I promise you’ll love it.”

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Do you know of any fics that deal with coping with trauma?

We have all sorts of tags you might be interested in [PTSD] and [this ask] stand out.

Paper Airplanes
Summary: Every day without fail, just before dusk sets in, Eren sits on the top of the great Wall Maria. He draws the things his disturbed mind conjures up, and then folds them into a paper airplanes to send out, believing they’ll reach the one who owns his heart, wherever he’s gone…

Under Freedom’s Wing
Summary: Levi finds a half-dead Eren propped against his door in the middle of winter. While his physical wounds aren’t hard to fix, it doesn’t take Levi long to see that it’s not the only wounds the boy carries. What lead Eren to the door of the Freedom’s Wing Youth Shelter is unknown, but getting him to admit he needs help is going to be a battle of wills Levi refuses to lose.

A Million Kisses
Summary: Levi had survived. He was the only one of his squad that was able to return home to the family that he barely knows. The war in Afghanistan has taken a toll on his body and mind, which explains why Levi wished he also hadn’t returned. Everyone that he knew has either died or moved on from their friendship with Levi since he joined the army several years ago. He feels damaged and broken as he sits in his wheelchair in his new room.
     Somehow this all changes when Mikasa, his niece, brings home a bright-eyed brunet named Eren to study with. Eren helps Levi with his nightmares at night when he wakes up screaming again and the warm tea that Eren provides Levi with after another rough night is the first thing the raven falls in love with.

if you hear a bullet go by
Summary: “Why are you still here?” Levi asks one morning over his cup of tea.
     They’re outside, and he’s still wearing his sleeping clothes while Eren does push-ups in his poor excuse of a garden. Sweat runs down his back and Levi’s eyes follow its path indifferently. Gross, he thinks.
    “Why haven’t you kicked me out?” Eren shoots back, panting.

A Voice From The Rubble
Summary: It all just took 30 seconds. Thirty seconds that kept replaying in my mind over and over again, the details so vivid. Thirty seconds that would change my life forever.
     Thirty seconds earlier we had all been safely tucked up in bed. Shiganshina Lodge was my home, my family was visiting for the holidays; it had now become our tomb.
     Shiganshina District had been a second home to all of us ever since I was born. I know this place. I know its beauty… I’m now learning its terror.


Thank you Anaheim Ducks!

Some 16-17 season milestone & highlights

• 4th consecutive 100 pt. season regular season.
• 5th consecutive division championship.
• Patty Eaves reached the 30-goal mark for the 1st time in his NHL career.
• Cogs Iron Man streak.
• Getzy became the 2nd Ducks player to hit 800 NHL points.
• Pears reached 700+ NHL points.
• Coach reached 400+ NHL wins.
• Kes reached 300+ NHL career assists.
• Pears matched the NHL record for most OT goals.
• Monty scored his 1st NHL goal.
• Kerdiles became the 1st OC player to play for. Anaheim.
• We celebrated out 10 year Stanley Cup Anniversary.
• Paul Kariya finally returned to the Honda Center.

Sucking at Keeping Secrets / Day 2: Drinking

Part 2 of the silliness for @juminzenweek! But can be read on it own. This one is SFW. If you want more smut, day 3 will be NSFW again. ;3 Hope you enjoy!

“Here is the wine you requested Mr. Han. But don’t you think it’s a bit too early to dr-“

“Thank you Ms. Kang. Please close the door behind you.” Jumin watched his assistant leave his office, ignoring the frown on her face.

As he poured himself a glass, he reminisced on last weekend. That had been a mistake. Questioning if he should try rapping as stress relief had been a mistake. Asking Luciel for his advice and going through with it… A mistake.

Standing on stage wasn’t a problem; he had given difficult speeches to much larger crowds in the past. Rapping felt bizarre, but that wasn’t the issue either. Zen had been there. Zen had followed him into the dressing room. Zen, with his tousled white hair and pale skin flushed, had challenged him. And like a foolish sailor, he had fallen for the siren’s call.

Jumin downed the wine like it was a shot, coughing from the sudden burn.

It was his own fault. He should never have indulged his foolish crush. Jumin had been content with teasing Zen in the messenger and seeing his reactions, but now that he actually had a taste of him…

God, he needed another drink.


Jaehee Kang: Guys, I’m worried.
Jaehee Kang: This is the third time this week Mr. Han is drinking at work.
ZEN: The fuck?
707: That’s bad
707: I need him sober so he can buy my cardboard! 8D
 Yoosung★: You’re still going on about that? ;;;
 707: It’s a booming industry~!
ZEN: Is that why he’s been absent from chat the whole week
ZEN: Seriously what the hell is he doing
707: Aww Zen is worried how cute
ZEN: NO I’m not (•̀_•́)
ZEN: I don’t want him to slack off for the RFA event tomorrow
ZEN: Just because it’s small doesn’t mean I won’t kick his butt
MC: It’s fine, we’ve finished preparations already
Yoosung★: Maybe you should check if Jumin’s okay, Zen?
ZEN: Why the fuck do you suggest that to me??
ZEN: Whatever, I’m off, tell that jerk to get his shit together
- Zen has left the chatroom -
707: (¬‿¬)
MC: (¬‿¬)
Jaehee Kang: -.-


Jumin vowed to control himself so he could network a bit at the party. A promise he broke in 5 seconds when Zen arrived, all sparkles and big smiles and none for him. He had a high tolerance for wine, though perhaps not for alcohol when he also drank a few martinis in between. Soon the room was warmer than a sunny afternoon and he sat on the couch, ignoring clients trying to mingle with him.

“Is Jumin okay?” Yoosung asked, peering at Jumin who looked uncharacteristically out of it. That was all it took for Zen to march over, pissed off.

“Yo Trust Fund! You’re supposed to be working, what the hell are you doing?”

Jumin stared at the actor and decided his stomach was a good pillow for his head. Zen nearly jumped when Jumin’s faceplanted himself into his jacket, looking around him in panic, not wanting to make a scene and have everyone stare at them. “Jesus, are you drunk?!”

“I’m not… completely drunk.” Jumin slurred, smelling the familiar scent of beer on Zen. It reminded him of that bar night and made him sad. Why did Zen not want him? Was it because of the silly cat allergy he keeps going on about? Does he see Jumin as a cat? Well, maybe he was one!

“Meeowww~ *hic*” Jumin rubbed his face against Zen’s stomach, causing Zen to look extremely flustered and uncomfortable. In the distance, the RFA couldn’t suppress their giggles.

“Don’t meow like a cat! What is wrong with you?!” Zen tried to pry Jumin off but failed miserably, as the dark-haired man dug his fingers into his jacket, using his fingers like claws.

“*Hic*, I like your hair. And your ass.” Jumin mumbled, trying to move his hands to said ass but unable to locate it, all sense of orientation lost in the drunken haze.

“You need to speak up, I can’t hear what you’re saying. Are you okay? You’re scaring me.”

“I’ll be fine soon. I need to lie on my stomach. *hic* Why do you care? You’re just a statue anyway. I don’t want to scratch Seven, I just want to scratch you.” He rambled on, lost in his own dream world where Assistant Kang was a kettle, omurice Yoosung tried to dress himself with ketchup, cardboard Seven would keep harassing him to invest. It was fine, because he could flop his adorable cat body over bust Zen’s marble head and hug it forever.

“What?! That’s it, I’m bringing you home.” The actor had enough, hoisting the executive up who let him, hit by the sad realization; Zen wasn’t a bust and he could never lie on top of him.

Jumin pretended to be asleep by the time they got into Driver Kim’s car, after the RFA reassured Zen they could handle the small event on their own. It gave him a good excuse to let his head lie on the actor’s shoulder - he was going to let himself touch Zen as much as he could now before forcing himself to shut down his emotions and his horrible infatuation in the morning. Zen didn’t say a word or even move and Jumin was grateful for small mercies.

Zen’s training as a dancer served him well, being able to carry Jumin into the penthouse with ease and gently lowering him on the large bed. To Jumin’s surprise, the edge of the bed dipped, indicating Zen had taken a seat.

“You’re such an asshole, letting Jaehee and the others do all the work. Seriously, why are you trying to turn yourself into an alcoholic? I’m going to tell your maid to throw all your wine away.”

Not the Château Margaux, Jumin wanted to protest, but realized Zen would leave sooner if he knew Jumin was awake. Never mind, he could easily get more. He heard the actor sigh.

It was quiet for a long time and with his eyes closed, Jumin found himself truly nodding off. He was barely aware of Zen leaving until the actor muttered something.

“God, my life would have been so much simpler if I didn’t give a shit. Why did I have to fall for a jerk like you…”

As the doors closed, Jumins eyes shot open in the darkness, mind instantly sober.

To be continued on Day 3~


I made a Wastelander OC tonight. He’s a synth, an electricity expert, and he shows up at Sunshine Tidings Co-op after he hears the Minutemen broadcast. Before that, he lived under an old overpass and chased off ghouls and dogs with an old broom. He’s a filthy dude who brews his own beer and owns one pair of underwear.

His name is Hugh Mann Guy. Just kidding. His name is Jack.

anonymous asked:

Would you like to see more realistic storylines and characters in books/films/tv programmes? I find the majority of films and tv shows nowadays seem to revolve around some pretty unrealistic plots especially American and Hollywood stuff. I just lose interest because it's just not realistic or believable and I don't think it can just be me who thinks this!

This is pretty vague and highly subjective. What do you mean by realistic? If you’re saying you’re tired of dragons, magic, robots, and monsters, then no, I most certainly do not want to see more realistic storylines. I’m already living a *real* life filled with grocery shopping, vacuuming, and bills. I read and watch TV to be entertained, not to see more of everyday life. You’re on your own with this one.

If you say you’re tired of unrealistic story elements - insta-romances, poor chemistry, rushed and hastily explained plot points that don’t make sense, and 2D characters - then yes, I agree. But that’s a reflection of bad writing, in which case the request would be for proper care to be put into the work as opposed to just dishing out cliches - something a lot of writers don’t want to do, because cliches sell. 

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How necessary were squires in helping knights get into and out of their armour? If a knight's squire were killed or indisposed, would he still be able to get his own armour on?

Squires sped up the process, but they weren’t just there to help the knights get their armor on. In the midst of battle, squires were there to pass on a fresh mount if the knight’s horse foundered or was injured, or a spare weapon if the knight’s own was broken or lost in the chaos of battle, and of course, squires were also there to fight just like any other man-at-arms.

But yes, a knight could definitely armor themselves when necessary. It was somewhat difficult on one’s own, there was a tendency to cut corners to save time (leaving one side fastened so that you sort of step into it sideways and then only have to do up the other side), which raised the possibility that they might miss some fiddly but important step and leave a vulnerability exposed. 

Steve Rogers' Halfway House for Notorious Supervillains (Ch. 5)
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works


While searching for Bucky after the fall of SHIELD, Steve and Sam stumble on something - someone - else.

Trying to deal with one traumatized, possibly ex-supervillain houseguest is a big enough challenge on its own. But no one ever said Steve’s life was easy. Or uncomplicated.


It’s me! I’m back!

I’m a bit (a lot) sick at the moment, so not a whole lot to say in the author’s notes this chapter. Except that I’m still delighted by the response to this fic, and how much you people seem to be enjoying it. Everyone’s having a great time! Well, everyone who isn’t a character in this fic, anyway.

Thanks ever so much to my beta, as always.

Look at her Butt - Fangirl_on_a_bicycle - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

One year ago I got the idea of taking a fave headcanon of mine and writing it as a fic. I spent a good portion of an overnight shift writing it (I think in notepad??) before copy/pasting it into the ao3 submit window and hitting “post,” full of adrenaline, at six am. 

(I went home and reread it and found half a dozen typos, of course.)

It was my first posted piece of fanfiction, after nearly twenty years of reading fanfiction. It’s teen-rated. It’s Amedot. It’s barely over a thousand words. It’s an extended joke about Amethyst knowing the words to Anaconda. And I still think it’s pretty cute! 

In that year, I’ve posted over 58k words spread out over eight fics (19k of which are a completed multi-chapter fic), and I’ve received 12k hits and 680 kudos. <3 Woo!

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What is your opinion on pinned bugs? Do you own any, or if don't would you one day like to?

My father had a butterfly collection when he was younger, but he ended up giving it away or otherwise getting rid of it, I can’t remember. I’t unfortunate, I would have loved to see it. 

I don’t have any myself, but I think they’re very fascinating. I was thinking of starting a collection of my own at one point, but collecting pinned bugs usually requires actively killing them, and I don’t think I can do that. All of my animal remains have been dead a long while before I acquired them. If I stumbled across a respectable bug seller, I wouldn’t mind getting a cicada or a beetle of some sort, but I don’t consider it a priority.


So my school has a woodwind choir, and I can pick only these four instruments (so i actually have a shot) tenor sax, alto clarinet, basson, oboe. There are tenor players and only 2 of them are decent, but one plays bari for wwc, and there are 2 spots. No one plays alto clarinet or oboe (i would have to rent oboe, school doesnt own one), and a senior is playing basson and might be teaching someone to play it but i dont know. I am leaning towards oboe/alto clarinet but ive been trying out my sisters reg clarinet and its hard for me. ((I also want to not mess up my trumpet embrachure as much as possible))
@woodwind-goddess do you have a suggestion?

probably for the best if you stop searching for it. I don’t mind if you find it, but following all of my accounts is to tiring to even think about. If I were you I’d stick to just this one since it’s the most active. I also tend to put on different hat’s with every blog. Out of all the blogs I own this is the one where I can interact and have fun with people. The others wouldn’t seem right if you followed them since you would notice my dialogue changes.

SomberWillow is more sales and adult community stuff, not NSFW….yet, but the language is geared more towards a more adult community.

Wraithvine is clean, happy and go lucky, doing what I love the most and just being a dork in general

OC blog is my quite hole in the internet where  I experiment and don’t talk with anyone

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It's getting to the point where complete strangers out of LGBT groups will ask me for my pronouns, but then never ask anyone else but me, the GNC lesbian. Once this started happening I started wondering if people would respect me more as agender with 'they' instead of giving a disbelieving 'ok' when I say that I'm a woman (And I love being a woman damn it! Just my own type of one. But I guess that's only okay if you choose to be :(. )

That sucks. It’s ironic how people in kw33r spaces think pronoun checks are the height of progressivism yet are eager to claim any woman who doesn’t abide by gendered stereotypes as trans or non-binary. Now that’s not progressive. I think you’re setting  a great example for other women by being yourself though, by showing them that there’s no wrong way to be a woman. Good job!

-Mod Amir

hello-nurse13  asked:

Alright, who's up for more games~? I've got two right here. First one is a trivia game about child care and birth. I will warn you, it's graphic. *Looks at one of the cards. Shudders* Play at your own risk. The second one is 'Pin the Diaper on the Baby'. You blindfold someone and then try to pin the diaper on a picture of a baby. (Please be careful and don't let Jyushimatsu near any open doors while playing. There's no telling where he'll wander off to- especially while blindfolded.)

Ichi: Pass on the first one, honestly. I don’t want to see my fate in a few more weeks…Oh that’s happened before with Jyushimatsu. Last time we blindfolded him, he ended up 2 towns away…We were having a blindfold race.

god i fucking. hate that endogenic system nonsense. i dont even like to talk about osdd things on my own personal blog (this one) because i rly just want something for myself, the core personality, for once. i had parts that are competent and handled things for me and protected me andd it makes me feel fucking inadequate. one of them integrated after lots of hypnotherapy and automatic writing and other weird methods i went through, and i lost my damn job because suddenly i knew how he handled things but i still had all of my trauma bllshit going on and couldn’t separate the two anymore. (doesn’t my “losing my shit job and having a meltdown” story get more exciting the more i talk about it???? lool IT’S EMBARRASSING i literally RELAPSED WITH DRUGS over a RETAIL JOB because i’m worthless!!!!) this isn’t as easy as having friends in my head. this is having different selves for different situations and knowing that my former coworkers would give a different description of me than my teachers who would give a different description than my friends who would give a different description than my close friends who know someone different than who my bf knows….and sso on. it’s not like living in a toned-down version of sense8 lol it’s an actual disorder and a coping mehanism just like everything else i struggle with

shortforesmerelda  asked:

6, 7 & 8 for the pupcake ask meme

6) favourite head canon - yours or someone else’s

its a very specific one, but my absolute favourite is taken from a fanfic by lazyboo (i believe), and it’s that one of them gave the other a copy of virginia woolf’s ‘a room of ones own’ with the line “chloe liked olivia” underlined in pencil. i don’t know why it’s stuck wth me so much but i refer back to it so frequently, i can’t remember who gives it to who in the fic but in my mind patsy gave it to delia, who now uses it to hide photos of the two of them in

7) favourite ally?

phyllis “i will go to the ends of the earth to fight anyone who hurts my children” crane (for real tho the lack of phyllis and delia in s7 is going to crush me)

8) favourite quote?

delia’s “i’ve lost track of the times you’ve crept into my room now. i never tire of looking for the look upon your face. is it going to be excited pats, or happy pats? sad pats or troubled pats? but i love all of those girls. even this one”

send me pupcake asks (and anon is definitely on now, i don’t remember turning it off but sorry for anyone who wanted to send anything anonymously!)

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Do Jedi usually pronounce "Ravaszhi" correctly? Does Ravaszhi himself pronounce his name correctly before meeting his family? How would his family react if he had been taught to mispronounce his own name?

This is one of my favorite asks, what a great question.

Jedi don’t usually say his name right if they’ve only seen it written out. Most will go: RAH-vah-shee, when it’s really ruh-VAH-szhi (s like in treasure). He’s always pronounced it correctly, because the Jedi who brought him to the Order knew his mom so had heard it pronounced correctly plenty of times.

His family would’ve lost their shit if he’d showed up saying it wrong lol….but they might have just never said anything about to him to avoid hurting his feelings.