Just throwing this out there but…

After it took two seasons for them to get together, a full season for an ilu (then a full season for an ilu that’s not in a life or death sitch), a full season for a thread of them living together to come to fruition, maybe…

Like idk, just flinging ideas around here, but maybe some people might be side-eying the care and thought that might be going in to an engagement and a wedding happening all in one half of a season where the focus is on a completely different set of characters, and with the threat of non-renewal looming?

Perhaps some people might have been satisfied with continuing to explore these two at their own pace, and leaving them to their own happily ever after story rather than racing to put a neat, little, normalised bow on things? Especially at a rate that seems out of character to the couple considering that there was no emotional build up to this in the first half?

Maybe the positivity policing is just as annoying now as it has been for, oh, the past six years?

Just a theory! :)

quick dirty guide to mains:

willas tyrell: @ofbrokenmen
loras tyrell: @roses-bloom-again
aerona: @applesrose

catelyn stark: @motherofwolvcs
sansa stark: @louvereine  ( semi-exclusive ) 
robb stark: @unbreakablehonor @wintersking
arya stark: @ycngwxlf

daryn hornwood: @righteousinwrath

euron: @mybigfatcock

Jessica: @nanlanmo
Bjorn: @battleshaper

if you should be on this mains list but are not most likely i lost our conversation and or my memory just really sucks and you should give me a gentle push ( a.k.a please talk to me because it’s not that i didn’t want you on the list but my memory is out the door these days ). 


It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side


been busy as shit recently, so here’s some of the super cheesy drawings i did for my friends for the holidays. so much hype shit happening recently and not enough time in the goddamn day (╯`Д´)╯︵ ┻━┻

anyway i hope ya’ll have a great couple days whether or not you’re celebrating anything <3


Max doesn’t have any idea what’s going on between your father and me. Then what is it? I didn’t want to burden you all…