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{01} make me like you / desmond dennis
{02} fool for love / stefy
{03} kill the director / the wombats
{04} can’t sleep love / pentatonix
{05} daylight / oh land
{06} just impolite / plushgun
{07} heart skips a beat / lenka
{08} lisztomania / phoenix
{09} like or like like / miniature tigers
{10} i’m making eyes at you / black kids
{11} partners in crime / css
{12} bonus track: i won’t say (i’m in love) / andrew samonsky


Happy Bellarke Selfie Night Kids! ✌️

Here are 2 of my recent Looks + a pic I sent to my friend to demonstrate PROPER use of high-powered hand dryers in honor of @wellsjahasghost bad fanfic starring me x hand dryers. XO

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Hi kikoeta!! If you don't mind me asking , what brushes did you use for your last paint tool sai painting? I just got the program and would like to try out your brushes they look so fun to use ! ;;; sorry if I'm asking too much!

Hey there! It’s not too much to ask, don’t worry!

I only really use four default brushes that come with the program when you install it. I’m relatively new to Sai myself so I apply techniques I’ve learned from using Photoshop over the years. I feel like these brush settings I’ve tweaked really work for me and the way I enjoy painting specifically, but they might not necessarily be great for everyone. That being said, feel free to experiment and try these settings out for yourself~!

(Please keep in mind that the density for each brush always varies. By no means are they fixed to one number during my painting process).

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Peter Parker has superhuman reflexes, balance and agility, but the only time he can show any of those abilities off is through intense DDR, because it's the only skill a dweeb such as himself could reasonably have.


i just. peter KILLING it at dance dance revolution. playing on challenge mode and barely breaking a sweat. his feet moving faster than people’s eyes can keep up. look at him go. he’s a dance machine.

Sir Philip Green: MPs approve stripping BHS ex-chief of knighthood - BBC News
MPs have approved - without a vote - a call for the former owner of BHS, Sir Philip Green to be stripped of his knighthood.

The motion is not binding as any final decision would have to be taken by the Honours Forfeiture Committee.

BHS was sold by Sir Philip last year, but then collapsed with the loss of 11,000 jobs and carrying a £571m pension deficit.

MPs backed the non-binding motion unopposed, meaning no full vote was needed.

‘Billionaire spiv’

A lengthy three-hour debate was held, during which Sir Philip was attacked from MPs across the parties.

They did not hold back. Among the most notable criticisms was that he was like the autocrat Napoleon and the former boss of the Mirror group of newspapers, Robert Maxwell, as well as being an “asset-stripper”.

Labour’s David Winnick branded Sir Philip “a billionaire spiv who should never have received a knighthood. A billionaire spiv who has shamed British capitalism”.

He added that his “billionaire’s lifestyle” was a “form of provocation” to BHS employees and pensioners.

Frank Field, chairman of the Work and Pensions committee, had begun the debate about the collapse of BHS.

He said one of the main findings of his committee’s report was that “literally nothing happened in BHS or Arcadia without Sir Philip knowing directly”.

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     i know you, i walked with you once upon a dream ; i know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam. 

                                                           maxima aurum, alias daphné beaumont.

                                                                       a treat for  @aureasadrisit

cacklefrendly replied to your post:well I started Flight Rising a little while back…

you kinda just figure it out as time goes by, but in the end it’s a Get Pretty Dergens game and it’s great

Theyre so lovely and theyre mine

but the lore stuff and stuff like that is what I know jack about

what makes the signs happy
  • Aries:making other people laugh, burritos, feeling the sun's warmth on their skin, photos of dogs, taking pictures, gaming, long drives
  • Taurus:good food, hanging out with friends, food, sports, lunch, going outside, dinner, stepping into a hot shower after a hard workout, eating
  • Gemini:taking walks in the fall and watching the multicolored leaves float away from the trees, chocolate flavored everything, being introduced to new music, doodling, napping, holding someone they love, exchanging secrets
  • Cancer:a Lot of Money, soft hair, shopping, self-deprecating memes, their mom, going on vacations, taking really good pictures of their pet
  • Leo:memes, dogs, sugar daddies, making successful tumblr posts, mint flavored gum, joining cults, buying athletic clothes and not using them for athletic purposes
  • Virgo:the word of god, the beatles, fucking her right in the pussy, jesus the christ, costco muffins, literally dying, watching the sun set
  • Libra:taking snapchat selfies, exercising, getting a fresh haircut, gaining followers on tumblr, parties, Leaving This Dark Earth™, and a good, hearty pun
  • Scorpio:when they're sitting next to their fireplace with a warm blanket around them and they can hear the strong winds whirling outside but they can't see it because the downfall of snow is so thick that when they try to look outside all they can see is white and their cat snuggles up to them and everything seems so nice and warm in the moment that you actually think life is enjoyable especially after strangling your physics teacher when he didn't give you an a in the class even though you completed every assignment and aced every test he still gave you a B because you didn't give him his weekly allotment of cocaine like you were supposed to and you didn't mean to kill him but he started threatening you for his drugs and he wouldn't raise your grade to an A for ten grams of coke which wasn't your fault and you did nothing wrong no matter what the cops say.
  • Sagittarius:nothing, dying, suffering, waiting for the end of the world, getting anons, ice water, listening to music
  • Capricorn:watching netflix, cuddling, being in love, sleeping in, going on hikes, tattoos, cute vines of puppies
  • Aquarius:ice cream cake, watching disney movies, discussing and analyzing old spongebob episodes in depth, pranking other people, feeling their legs after they shave, fruit smoothies, getting into a good book
  • Pisces:not being sad

I finished the set of V emoji’s I wanted to do!!! The one of V crying is just because I like to see my favs in pain.