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Happy 126th Birthday, Dame Agatha Christie
(Sept 15 1890 -  Jan 12 1976)



Hi everybody,

When this post will be reblogged on ISU it will be the 10 000th post of the ISU history. It is really a pure coincidence, but it seems it will happen on Thanksgiving day! A perfect moment for a “thank you” post!

I’m doing it on my personnal blog, and not on ISU directly, because I want to include some personal thanks in this message, and my teammates  don’t know about this. They will be furious, but I’m used to it! Sorry girls!

The 2 photos I have chosen were posted on ISU on its very first day.
I have created ISU in june 2015. I was very new on Tumblr at this moment. I was publishing my own work on 1x1-photography that I have deleted later, and I just needed a place for reblogging what I liked. It wasn’t supposed to become a curator. It wasn’t even supposed to last. It was just for fun.

But for any reason, ISU received a warm welcome from the community.  After one month I was very surprised to receive my first submission from a photographer that I didn’t know.  The same day, I asked my friend Nur to join me, and ISU became a kind of official curating blog, even if it was a very modest one. A team was born. It wasn’t anymore “I stumbled upon” but “we stumbled upon”. We decided to keep the ISU name though, it sounds better than WSU.

Nur was much more experienced and qualified than I was for curating. And that was the main reason why ISU has lasted. We have started to work seriously, but trying to always have fun. And most of the time we had, even if the balance has not always been easy to find, curating is a  time-consuming daily task.

Anyway, we had fun, and we had fun with you, all the community. And I really want to thank you all for this. For this part, I think I can speak on behalf of all the ISU team. Thank you everybody. For your neverending participation to our events, for your suggestions, for your daily presence. And most of all Thank you for taking pictures, sharing them, and making the Tumblr photography community a very exciting place. I hope you have enjoyed the blog as much as we did, and I hope it last in the future.

Now let’s go back to the 2 photos I have chosen today and back to my personnal thanks. As I said these two photos have been posted on ISU on its very first day. At this moment, I didn’t know the photographers behind the images, I just liked the images.

The first photo (at the top) was taken by @nuretmen. I know a bit more the photographer behind the photo now! Thank you Nur, for having joined ISU. For having make it what it is now. Thank you for having saved it, when I had to leave Tumblr a first time. ISU could have died at this moment. The blog owes you an infinite gratitude! And the most important, thank you for your friendship and for all these great moments we have shared!

The second photo (at the bottom) was taken by @alittletasteofmint.  Lina, we have been friends for a long time now, and I’m very happy that you have joined us on ISU. We needed help, we needed some fresh air, we needed a new eye to make ISU going on.You brought all of this with you and gave us a new dynamic. And you are the kindest possible teammate. So for all these reasons and many more I owe you a big “thank you” too!

You both have done a terrific job these last months, and you have proven that ISU didn’t need me at all, and that it would survive whatever !

Well, I think I have talked enough.
I promise I won’t do that again before the post # 20 000!

Let’s go back to photography.

Have a great week-end everybody!


photo from the top : sometimes you need to let yourself fall by @nuretmen

photo from the bottom : emptiness by @alittletasteofmint

I am so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends. Thanks to @buttermybooks @iprefertoread @bookphile and @beckatronsramblings​ for sending me such thoughtful Christmas presents. I love you guys so much!!!!! <3333 (Well I actually bought myself the mug so Merry Christmas to me. You can find it here.)