own the night world tour 2012

10 Questions Tag

tagged by one of my fav blogs ever on tumblr @vipdae

  1. your top 5 biases?
    tabi gd dae ri bae
  2. did you have an interesting dream last night?
    no :(
  3. favorite hobby?
    surfing the net 
  4. what do you like to do when you are out with friends?
    hang out and do nothing! 
  5. have you been to any concerts?
    bb alive tour 2012 super show 3 SM town 2012 2NE1 AON world tour
  6. favorite pizza toppings?
  7. do you own any animals?
  8. favorite selfie of your bias?
    too many i cant choose 1 :(
  9. what cheers you up?
    Any EDM songs I love or BB songs 
  10. song you cant stop listening to recently?
    Axwell Ingrosso Dreamer 

thank you so much for tagging me @vipdae your tags always make my day. Thank you for thinking of me as your friend on tumblr. I just want to say that you are one of the most amazing people I have met on tumblr and I am so thankful for that xo