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Pasta. Bolognese. Cheese. Water. Long ago, all incredients of a good lunch lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the boiling water attacked.

Only the Pastavatar, master of all noodles, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. But I haven’t lost hope. I still believe that somehow, the Pastavatar will return to save the world.

There is a fandom, the Supernatural Fandom, which is one of the biggest.

It has family, pain and feels beyond your wildest dreams. Before they were seperated, these are the final words the ghostpastas said.

“Our fortune is ours for the taking back, hunters, but you’ll have to find it first.
We left our One Pasta for our reunion.”

Ever since, hunters from all over the world go online, searching for other hunters to reawake the ghostpastas and find the treasure that will make their dreams
come true.

The pastapocalypse started and I as well try to reunite the ghostpastas, to find the One Pasta which leads the way to the new Pastavatar.

Who is with me?!

@i-forgot-adam, @wildtendermythologia, @tree-of-blue-squirrel?


I made this leaves brush today for a pic I’m working in.

First table of settings is on pen, second one is on brush.

The pen one is great to put the base shape or a branch or something, while the second one comes handy for the special thing brush makes: blending colors. Make some more leaves with it and look the magic happening before your eyes. The brush also is useful for an acrylic-like technique.

The 2 flower-things you see above came out in about 15 seconds each one.

Try them out if you like!

what your tf2 main says about you, take III:
  • scout:person who alternates between being super confident and freaking out, most likely to get impatient in lines and traffic, easily bored, holds onto mementos from friends and lovers, has the best taste in energy drinks, makes friends easily
  • soldier:person who sometimes jumps into things without thinking, wants their friends to do their best, knows the importance of taking small advantages, protective of their friends, most likely to be a morning person
  • pyro:person who has a habit of checking if they've turned the oven off several times, kind, most likely to sleep with a stuffed animal, sometimes feels like someone is watching them, stresses out without a schedule
  • demoman:person who is popular, fond of fireworks, their guilty pleasure is michael bay movies, loud and jolly exterior but often quiet and sad inside, doesn't like seeing fights between their friends, has a good taste in rum, sometimes too hard on themselves, most likely to accidentally sleep through their morning class
  • engineer:the person on group projects who does all the work, willing to drop what they're doing to help out their friends, thinks of their phone/mp3 player/PC/etc. as their babies, usually has a microfiber cloth or lens wipes handy, most likely to wear glasses, is fond of southern food, can get a little too self-absorbed to the point of ignoring what's around them
  • heavy:person who always is willing to share their lunches, most likely to share communist memes, intellectual, has one really close friend who they would trust with their life, believes in the common good, has a good taste in vodka, gives the best hugs
  • medic:person who is patient but easily frustrated, strong desire to help others which sometimes falls flat, decisive, appreciates "good morning" "good night" and "I made it home safely" texts from friends, most likely to have humanitarian interests, has trouble trusting people at first but is a very dependable friend, most likely to have revenge fantasies
  • sniper:person who is detail-oriented, precise, careful, annoyed most by the little things, has a good taste in coffee, can be shy, sometimes has trouble with motivation, good at predicting people, can buckle under too much pressure, second most likely to have insomnia
  • spy:person who enjoys scaring people by sneaking up on them, sucker for films involving sabotage, has a good taste in wine, romantic, most likely to live on a boat, played pranks as a kid, most likely to have insomnia

There’s a huge lack of Dragons in the DA-universe that actually take an (more or less) important role in said world instead of just “they exist, go kill them”. I thought it might be a good opportunity to come up with some myself since I LOVE to draw concepts of new characters and creatures.
So, here we go. Some of my concepts for Ubnu’Ubundu and the Fade-Walker. I’m gonna tell you guys the role I imagine them to take in DA as soon as I go deeper into their designs. Well, let’s see what I’m gonna do with them!