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Sam and Gabriel's Conversations No. 25

Sam: Okay, this is getting out of control.
Gabriel: What did I do now?
S: Would you like to tell me why all of Dean’s porn magazines have been replaced with pictures of baby animals?
G: Wait what?
S: Or why his underwear all have property of Cas written on them?
G: Now hold on!
S: Or why his soap has been replaced by something that smells like mint toothpaste? Or why he woke up with a tramp stamp that says Enter at Own Risk?
G: Sammy-
S: No, don’t you ‘Sammy!’ me! We have talked about this! I have pleaded with you to leave Dean alone!
G: I have! I haven’t pranked him in weeks!
S: Then if you didn’t do it, then who did?
Cas: *walks in holding and trashcan full of porn magazings* Hello.
S and G: *wide eyes*
S: Oh my God…

do you think the people who sang on the first pokemon movie soundtrack remember that they are, in fact, on the first pokemon movie soundtrack??