own my truth

i’m pulling recipts on jughead. 

  • joani jumpp, the alleged love of jughead’s life from when he was a kid? redhead 
  • debbie the first girl he ever dated? redhead
  • trula twist? redhead
  • sandy sanchez, who he dated in those atrocious new look comics? redhead
  • mr weatherbee’s niece who tried to get it on with him that one time? redhead
  • january mcandrews? redhead and archie’s literal great great granddaughter or something who is like archie in every way? interesting. 

My dad has a middle finger sticker on the back of his car, and so did his dad, and so did his dads dad.

My dad tells me that this is his, my family’s, statement to the world.

That even if he can’t always verbally say it, the world knows it’s a fucked up place. And he continues to remind it with a “fuck you.”

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #24 // @loveactivist
She wanted to be everywhere; to taste the universe one bit at a time and to fly with the wind and sing with the rain. She wanted to go somewhere where windows looked out on big streets full of tiny people instead of empty roads lined with sleepy houses. She wanted to see the world through her own lens; to look at her life and not wait for someone to set her free from her cage, but to pick the lock herself.
—  Random Things I Write #16
some days, i try a bit more than most and i often get away with it, but there’s a gentle tug to pull my eyes away from my very own truth. a fabricated lie of i’ll be alright even if it means i’ll break a little just to make my heart beat right, am i wrong or am i right if i leave you with this poem tonight– they say we both light up when you smile, but how do you explain the earth pulling in miles I haven’t run when I hear your name, how do clouds comb through uncertainties when a hard place is between asking how you are and the answers you press along my spine? I’ve been searching for meaning in growth when all I’ve needed was a moment of your time. baby, it’s not that i don’t miss you, it’s just that i don’t need you even if some days… i think that i do want you. and the songs like to break apart all that i’ve been meaning to celebrate, but my heart likes to paint where art can’t be created and i love to love when i’m all out of it for myself. do you think about me like how i think about you? do you still love me even if we are no more? if the ocean needs the shoreline to be whole, does it mean i’m the moon searching for daylight?
—  The Ate & The Bunso

Today’s Good Morning Post (4/17/17): You may be relied on a lot, or expected to shoulder responsibilities that are not truly yours. It’s hard to recognize subtle emotional manipulation, or abuse of your support. Remember that your own mental health comes first. It isn’t your job to take care of others who, possibly too often, are unwilling to help themselves. Step back and assert your self worth. It may be a difficult first step, but in the end, things often work out better for you and your loved one.