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Down in This Heart of Mine: Chapter One | Archive of Our Own

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Critical Role (Web Series)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III/Vex'ahlia
Characters: Vex'ahlia (Critical Role), Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, Keyleth (Critical Role), Vax'ildan (Critical Role)
Additional Tags: Long-Distance Friendship, Long-Distance Relationship, Online Relationship, Friends to Lovers, A Healthy Dollop of Slowburn, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, I tossed all my favorite tropes in a blender and this fic was the outcome, I hope y'all like toothache inducing fluff, that occasionally dips down into sappy territory, Background Vax/Gilmore, Background Kash/Keyleth, like extremely background but they are mentioned on occasion

Getting repeatedly sniped by the same person while she’s trying to play her favorite game is not how Vex expects to make a peculiar new friend, but she’s grateful for Percival’s companionship nonetheless.

Or, a story about distance.

…Or, the one where Vex is trying very hard to distract herself from her current predicament and makes a new friend in the process.
Hey everyone!

I’ve sorta maybe kinda made a decision (with the help of a friend, you know who you are) that I’m not going to be on my dash (aka looking through my dash) at all during this hiatus. I feel like the comments I’ve seen passed around about this season on many topics have only either upset me or angered me to the point of almost leaving altogether. And it’s the kind of person I am in which I get upset easily by seeing these things. So in light of what happened on the show tonight, and how I anticipate things are going to unfold within the fandom, I’ve decided to stay off my dash and only mainly talk through messages over this hiatus. You’ll see things run as usual, but I’m going to limit how much time I spend on here and how much stuff I reblog from my dash. So it may seem as though things are normal (you’ll probably see gifsets from the episode here, but no opinions). But!!! If you see or make a gifset you’d want me to see, please message it to me so I don’t miss it. If you have anything you wanna say, please feel free to send me a message or an ask. I feel like I’m being rude when I say this but I can assure you I’m not. I just have this way of looking at things too much (aka my dash) and the slightest piece of criticism or anger at the show will set me off. And tbh, the episode was well done tonight and I’m very proud of Jed at how amazing he did. So please take this as a way for me to save my own sanity and emotional well being. As always, love you all and if I miss your work, sorry. Enjoy hiatus! I’m doing a rewatch ;)

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Sorry, it's just I do work with kids and have kids of my own, you're less likely to give them a bug it's more the other way around trust me, how often are you sick? It seems a couple weeks ago or something you were off of your placement or college one of the two either way they're both really important for your future I don't understand how you can keep having days off or even what was it you called it a few months ago? A "mental health day" we all have our bad days but in an adult world we deal

i had the cold/throat infection/bad asthma and i took two days off for that (1 college, 1 placement). i took today off because i phoned up and was told ‘no it’s best if you stay off’. Since August, I think i’ve had 4/5 days off.. it’s not worrying when there’s people in my class who are taking two days off every other week. Besides, I’ve not had a mental health day since my first year of college last year, I am dealing ahaha. I’ve been awake all night being sick and with an incredibly painful stomach. I know it’s important but i physically can’t help if I’m ill plus there’s no point in going in if i’m not going to feel my best or provide the best support for the children ya know? x

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


“…I still want to see video game reviews like the ones he does!”

-PeanutButterGamer: Follows a very similar style of game review to Jontron, but with minimal sketches, and focuses a bit more on the game itself rather than his own comedy. Less cut away gags, though the sketches that he does do are always entertaining enough to actually justify a cut away gag, something that Jontron surprisingly still has yet to perfect. His content is clean, like most of the Youtubers on this list, but clean in a sort of Tumblr level of obscure that gets a good laugh without offending anyone. To quote his Tumblr: “ I’m all for not offending people. I mean, I actively attempt to be as inoffensive as possible on videos and on social media, “. He also recently voiced his distaste for what Jon has been saying lately, a bold move, considering they work for the same company.

-BrutalMoose: Brutalmoose does both video game and TV show/movie reviews the same way Jon does, and unlike PBG, he does have a few videos with a bit more mature content in them, like his reviews of “adult” games. While he does play “mature” games from time to time, and the content/comedy of those games can be offensive, his own comedy is still clean, but on the borderline of dirty. The kind you’d see on the likes of the Simpsons. Jokes that are adult, but still don’t hurt anyone. (Also…Tumblr is kind of obsessed with the fact that he’s gay? Don’t go overboard with that info, kids.)

-SpaceHamster: If you were a fan of JonTron’s knockoff game videos, you’re gonna love SpaceHamster! He’s done multiple knockoff and rom hack compilation videos, and his humor is up there with PBG. Heck, PBG and him even game together on PBG’s side channel!

“…I still want to see movie reviews like the ones he does!”

-Nostalgia Critic: If you’re looking for completely inoffensive comedy, then Nostalgia Critic probably isn’t the first place you’re gonna want to go, but hear me out. Nostalgia Critic’s offensive content differs from JonTron’s in that not only is he self aware of what is and isn’t acceptable in comedy, he’s willing to apologize when a joke goes too far and learn from his mistakes, instead of attacking his own critics. He’s made videos discussing “the line” in comedy, does countless charity shoutouts, and started the “Where’s The Fair Use” movement, a movement created in hopes of holding YouTube accountable for taking down videos that fall under Fair Use laws. He’s a genuinely decent guy!

-CinemaSins: I feel like CinemaSins is popular enough that I hardly even need to signal boost them, but their content also falls under that “adult but harmless” category. Not only that, but they’re not afraid to call out movies like 50 Shades of Gray for being ungodly shitty.

“…I still want to see sketch comedy like the sketch comedy he does!”

-JacksFilms: Remember that guy? The Your Grammar Sucks guy? You might also know him as “the guy who made parody videos calling out both Leafy and Keemstar for being shitty uncreative people” or “the guy who has videos featuring fans art and complimenting them”. Another genuinely decent human being.

“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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“bisexuals are half straight”

“bisexuals are inherently transphobic”

“when a bisexual dates the opposite sex, they’re just hetero”

“bisexuals have no place in lgbt+ safe spaces”

“i’d never touch a bi/pan person because they’ve been with the opposite sex”

“there is no such thing as bi/panphobia :)!”

“bi/pan people aren’t as important as lesbians and gays”

how many times have i been warned not to make a home out of a person. how many times have i done it anyway. tucking loose shards of myself into someone else’s body because my own felt less like a home than a prison and i wanted a place to feel safe again.

a.c. | note to self #16


Here are some Valentine’s day cards! 

Don’t have any pick up lines? Don’t worry fam, i got u 

I’ve wanted to make these since i was like 15 and it fINALLY HAPPENED WOO 

Feel free to use them! Wanna write your own (possibly less terrible) pick up lines?

Can we have more McHanzo where instead of Hanzo being ‘your American ways are boorish and stupid haha idiot yankee’ he’s actually polite and curious about it? Because obviously he’s hugely into his own culture’s traditions? And other people’s customs and history are interesting to him? And he might actually like parts of American culture?

How about more McHanzo where Jesse is telling Hanzo old Native American legends, the origins of American icons, the great variety of customs and folklore across the huge country, and how to make a damn good gumbo.


Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

things i extra love:

- Lee: Out
Lafayette: In

- Hamilton shouting out his Daddy Issues™ to Washington’s face

- Ham dramatically gesturing about himself at the “I’ve seen wonders great and small” line in Story of Tonight Reprise


- The way Ham declares/defends himself with short choppy phrases (e.g. “He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid” “Then why are you upset?” “I’m not”)


- Alex’s little shimmy as he’s mocking Burr at his own game “Talk Less, Smiiiiiiiile More”


- Laf mimicking Herc’s dance moves


Less “I’m not mentally ill! Don’t treat me like I’m mentally ill!” More “you shouldn’t be treating people who actually are mentally ill that way either.”

Less “I’m not intellectually/developmentally disabled! Stop treating me like I’m intellectually/developmentally disabled!” More “you shouldn’t be treating people who actually are intellectually/developmentally disabled that way either.

Less “At least I’m not THAT kind of mentally ill.” Less “at least there’s nothing wrong with my brain.” Less “at least I’m intelligent.” Less “at least I’m healthy.” Less “I may have X disability/neurodivergence/mental illness but at least I’m not like THOSE people.” 

Less taking pride in not having that kind of disability or that kind of mental illness. Less furthering the stigma of one mental illness/disability in an attempt at destigmatizing your own. 

Less “mentally ill/neurodivergent people aren’t really disabled.” Less “physically disabled people have it so much easier.” 

Less “you’re not disabled/sick enough for your voice to be relevant.” Less “you’re so disabled/sick that you don’t know what’s best for yourself.”

More cross disability solidarity. 


a series of unlikely crossovers: