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Hey can you kindly make a exo reaction where their s/o accidentally gives another member a hard on?? Stay safe and healthy always!!

A/N: Of course! Hope you enjoy! (We do not own gifs. credit to owners) -T 

Sehun would be very annoyed. He would shove Jongin away, muttering something about knowing that his significant other was hot, but he needed to control himself. He would then try to distract you and hold you on his lap so you didn’t feel cocky and think that you could go around giving the other guys boners whenever you felt like it.

“Sehun. Really. I’m not thinking about Jongin like that.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re all mine.” Clingy baby.

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Chanyeol would DIE laughing. He would be rolling on the ground as Junmyeon’s cheeks flushed hot. Junmyeon apologizes a hundred times, but Chanyeol just keeps making it worse by laughing harder and harder.

“Aish, Chanyeol. It’s not THAT funny.”

Chanyeol: *uncontrollable laughter to the point of crying*

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Kyungsoo would IMMEDIATELY flip from staring at you in awe in that short dress to irritation from seeing Baekhyun’s “problem.”

“How embarrassing for you, Baek. You should probably leave the room. And not come back until you’ve learned to control yourself around my girl.”

*initiates Satansoo stare*

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 Jongin would smirk. He would see that Chanyeol couldn’t help but be aroused by you when you were around, even though he attempted to adjust and hide.

 "You alright, Chanyeol?“

“Huh? Yeah. Fine. Why? Leave me alone. I’m fine.”

Followed up by Jongin kissing you and saying, “that’s my girl. Way to be sexy, babe.”

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Jongdae rolls his eyes hard. “WHY ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT MY BABE LIKE THAT MINSEOK?!” He would take his jacket off and throw it over your head and would complain any time that you tried to take it off.

“Nooo. I don’t want the other guys being turned oooooon by yooou.”

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Yixing would be a VERY confused pup. He wouldn’t want to be mad at Sehun, but he also wouldn’t be okay with whatever was happening. He would make light about it, but would probably be internally screaming.

“It’s okay, Sehun. I get it. She’s beautiful.”

*Tightens his grip around you and he pulls you tighter, though*

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Junmyeon would NOT be amused. He would give Jongdae a huge lecture about being appropriate and that it’s NOT okay for him to feel that way about HIS significant other. The lecture would go on just a little bit longer than necessary, and Jongdae would feel less sorry and more annoyed.

“Yah. I get it Junmyeon. You’re mad. I’m sorry. Can I go to my room now, please?”

“WHY. So you can get off to the thought of my girlfriend? I’m disappointed in you, Dae.”

“NO. So I can quit listening to your voice.”

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Minseok would look around at all of the other guys, “you… you guys see this, right?? Kyungsoo is turned on by MY girlfriend?!” He would cause a scene until Kyungsoo flushed bright red and left the room. You would smack Minseok for making him feel bad, but he would lean back, cocky for making the other guys realize that you are NOT to be stared at to the point of getting a hard on ever again.

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Baekhyun would find it funny, but not to the point of Chanyeol. Baek would laugh about it and tell the guys that it’s not a big deal. But, that night, though, he would be holding you in bed and would have to check with you several times that you weren’t secretly happy that Yixing thought of you that way. The longer he spend the day thinking about it, the less funny it became and the more frustrated he became.

“you aren’t like, sexually attracted to Yixing, are you?”

“Of course not babe, are you worried about that?“

"Kinda. I just wanna make sure I’m still the only guy you think about like that. ”

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (6)

Part 6 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5  Part 7

Word Count: 1,644

Oh shit, you thought to yourself. You slowly began backing away towards Chanyeol’s room. You weren’t supposed to be around him. You didn’t want to be.

“Don’t back away; don’t you think that’s rude?” You continued to do so anyway, not taking your eyes off of him.

“What do you want?” You half-whispered. He laughed lifting an eyebrow and keeping his gaze on you.
“I just want to say hi. You’ve spoken to everyone else haven’t you? Stop being so tight.”

“Leave me alone please” You murmured. Your back was against the wall at this point and he was breathing down on you. You could feel his hot breath on your neck, making your hairs stand up.

“I just want to get to know you babe, why so hostile, huh?” You ducked under his arm dropping your toast on the floor in the process, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you backwards. “Don’t test my patience babe” he frowned and you remembered that Yixing had told you that these type of guys weren’t use to rejection, but now you were stuck.
“I’m bored.” He said tapping his chin and looking back at your face. “Why don’t we play a game?” You hesitated you didn’t want to say yes, purely because you weren’t up for playing ‘games’, but you didn’t want to say no and anger him either. You swallowed hard, feeling as though you were at a loss.
Just then you saw Yixing at the opposite end of the corridor, you stretched your arm up, about to wave at him when all of a sudden you were pulled inside of Chanyeol’s room and you were pushed up against his door.

“Couldn’t let little miss princess see us”. He scoffed, placing his hand above your shoulder on the door behind you. “I know you’ve spoken to him already and he probably said some shit about me too.”
You shook your head, biting down on your lip to stop you from calling out to Yixing.
“Don’t lie Y/N. I hate liars. Did he tell you who I am?” You nodded trying to keep your gaze away from him but it was proving to be very hard. “Who am I?”

“Jongin.” You said almost inaudible.

“Mmm” He smiled biting his lip “Sounds good coming out of your mouth.” Yixing was right, he was a flirt and he was going about it in the most awkward way, surely he didn’t actually get girls like this did he? A loud bang interrupted your thoughts.

“Y/N are you in there?” It was Yixing. “Why is your toast on the floor?”
Jongin rolled his eyes leaning closer to your face and beside your ear.

“Tell him you’re getting dressed.” He whispered squeezing your arm. You stayed silent for a second.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

Jongin squeezed your arm again, but harder this time, prompting you to say something; you sensed that he was becoming a bit angrier so you spoke up.

“I- I don’t have clothes on. I mean, I’m getting dressed.” You face palmed yourself. Why did you just say that? You must have given him such an awkward mental image, not to mention the uncomfortably amusing smile that Jongin gave you.

“Oh.” You heard from the other side of the door. “Umm… so shall I leave the toast here or not?” he asked, you could sense his awkwardness through the door. Jongin sighed heavily; showing that he was less than impressed by how long Yixing was taking to walk away from the door.

“Actually could you bin that for me please?”

“Yeah sure.” You heard him walking away from the door but then he spoke up again, “Wait what are you changing into, you have no clothes.”

“Uh, I’ll just use one of Chanyeol’s shirts or something, I’ll be okay.” You heard his footsteps again, getting further and further away until finally they disappeared.

“That took him long enough.” Jongin mumbled. “Anyway follow me.”

Before you knew it you were in what you assumed to be his room. It wasn’t as bland as Chanyeol’s, the walls were a baby blue, there were a few stuffed animals lined up on his bed. You stifled a laugh, how ironic a criminal with stuffed animal toys. His desk was also much neater than Chanyeol’s. Papers were stacked in a pile that was placed neatly in the corner and all pens and pencils were placed in a pot. You noticed a row of black shoes lined up at the wall near the door. It smelt clean in here and it wasn’t as dusty as Chanyeol’s. He took care of it. You stood awkwardly near the door as though waiting to be dismissed.

“No need to be so uncomfortable around me babe. I won’t hurt you. Not unless you want me to.” He winked at you making you feel sick. You just wanted to get out of this room as quickly as you possibly could.
“So what did little miss princess tell you about me then?” He said patting the space next to him on the bed; you looked across at the window pretending you hadn’t seen him.

“Nothing really.” You spoke quietly not wanting to say the wrong thing and get Yixing into trouble, “He was just telling me who everyone was so  I didn’t get confused” You decided it was best to leave out the part where Yixing had basically told you that Jongin would happily sleep with anything that had a hole or a pulse.

“Hmm, I’m not sure you’re telling me the full story, but I don’t care. Whatever he told you is probably bullshit anyway.” He stood up walking towards where you were standing.

“How many people has Chanyeol killed?” You blurted out, covering your mouth in surprise you shut your eyes tight at the realisation of what you had just asked.

“What?” he half-laughed. “Who said we’re killers? or did little miss princess tell you everyone’s life story already?” He stood on the wall next to you, mirroring your posture. “Why does that matter anyway, that won’t make your time here anymore enjoyable, nor will it make you want to spend more time with Chanyeol.”

“I’m just curious.” You whispered staring down at your hands.

“Curiosity killed the cat you know.” He smiled, poking your cheek “Anyway what do I get out of it if I tell you?” You looked at him quizzically raising a brow. “You don’t expect me to just give you information for free do you?” He laughed, “How about you spend the rest of the day with me, then I’ll fill you in.”

You were digging yourself into a whole that Yixing had told you stay out of, you had to get out of this room and fast.

“I need to go to the toilet.” You mumbled, crossing your legs and squatting a little.

“Tough. You’re not going anywhere. And if you piss on my floor you’ll be cleaning it up, so I’d hold it if I were you babe.” You could see that he knew you were lying, but had just played along. You rolled your eyes, there was no way you were getting out of his room anytime soon.
“Chanyeol has killed quite a few.” He continued, you felt your stomach begin to churn, as you wondered whether or not you could actually handle knowing how many people your friend had killed. “Less than Minseok, but more than Sehun. Sehun’s killed the least, and Minseok has killed the most. Minseok has killed…Actually I don’t know maybe near enough 100, I can’t keep up with that man.” He laughed to himself, shaking his head lightly.
You gasped in complete and utter shock, 100? You thought he would say around 10 or 11 not 100. You tried controlling the shaking of your body, breathing in and out. That’s okay you thought to yourself that doesn’t necessarily mean that Chanyeol had killed lots, it just meant that he had killed less than Minseok and more than Sehun, for all you knew Sehun could’ve killed 0. He began to speak again, but a little bit slower this time.

“Sehun has killed 23 men. Do you still want to know how many Chanyeol has killed?” Your head was spinning and you felt as though someone had removed the floor from beneath your feet. Chanyeol had murdered more than 23 people; you pressed your fingers to your lips in an attempt to stop any vomit from escaping.

“No. No, I don’t want to know.” You shook your head walking over to Jongin’s bed and slowly sitting down. Your legs felt numb and you were getting dizzy.

“Good.” Jongin said “Because I don’t remember the number from the top of my head.”
 No wonder Chanyeol was so unaffected by killing the man at the club you thought to yourself, it was because he was used to it. You throat felt as though it was tightening and you couldn’t breathe properly.
“Don’t worry he’s not one of the worst Y/N, he could be as bad as Jongdae or even Yixing”

“Yixing?” You whispered “But he’s so sweet.”

Jongin laughed, taking a seat next to you on his bed “Sweet? What part of a cold blooded killer is sweet? Yixing is a dangerous man Y/N, don’t be fooled by the exterior. Don’t be fooled by anyone’s exterior. If Yixing wants you dead, he’ll have you dead in a heartbeat just remember that. Don’t go getting too comfortable.” Walking over to his desk he opened a draw and pulled out a few darts. “Anyway, I’ve told you wanted to know, so now you have to chill with me.” He smirked.

“No. I didn’t –you told me without my say so!” You panicked standing up and walking towards the door.

Jongin threw one of his darts above your head, landing on the door. You stopped in your spot spinning around to look at him.

“Move closer to that door again and the next one will go straight through you.” He smirked sadistically.

 “I never miss.”

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that "this is porn" tag makes me laugh for some odd reason lmao

Someone asked me to tag my porn that’s not just nsfw pics of me or my own gifs so that’s the tag I came up with 🤷🏻‍♂️


Unlikely Parallels → Sleeping Beauty // Outlast: Whistleblower

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”


Green Day at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert [03/21/2017]

“It’s a place of worship! It’s a place of rock!” 
“What kind of place is this?”
“This is a holy place!” 
“Why are there no clouds in the sky?”
“’Cause God wants to watch his favorite band again!”
[Bullet in a Bible]

“This is not about who’s conservative and who is liberal, what race you are, this is not about what religion you are or if you’re an atheist. This is about being together, everybody here tonight. We’re gonna leave all that shit behind us now, it’s out the door. Tonight we’re gonna rub up against each other, we’re gonna look each other in the eyes, we’re gonna sing together, we’re gonna dance together, we’re gonna fucking cry together. But god dammit, this is an experience and it’s all about unity!” 

Billie Joe Armstrong in New York, 03/15/2017 (video credit: @fleurdsoleil)