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“…and if my intentions stray, I’ll wrench them away; then I’ll take my leave … and I wont even look back!” - Cave In (Owl City)

A birthday gift for my awesome hootowl friend Michelle :) I hope you like it! I wanted to try those things where you gotta scroll to see the whole thing … I hope its not too giant and annoying :’)


Owl city poster challenge Album 4: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Wow okay first off let me say thank you all so much for the overwhelming support in my previous posts in this series, omg you have no idea how happy you’ve all made me wowowow sweeties. 

okay so heres ATBAB, one of my favourite albums ever, i shall reiterate, pictures=google, editing=moi. Thank you all again and enjoy this one!

I did it….I can’t believe it.

This is literally the first gif and animation I have ever made and I seriously still can’t believe I’ve done it.

I got the inspiration from @renaimori who said for someone to mae it a gif and I figured, “Hey, why not me?” So there you are.

It’s not amazing quality, but it is my baby, and I am happy

“Spotlight shining, it’s all about us.” - All About Us (He is We feat. Adam Young)

requested by Anonymous

My 2nd ever collaboration, this time with the lovely misslivyoung! I absolutely adore her art style, especially her personifications of Owl City albums~ [here] (◍•ᴗ•◍) Collabs are so much fun~


Owl City Poster Challege Album 5: The MIdsummer Station

TMS! I think out of all of the albums so far this has literally been the hardest to do, it was really hard to kind of get an imagery from these ones but yeah I tried my best.

Again, images are taken from google, editing is taken from my brain. Ciao sweeties!

“The Yacht Club” -Owl City

requested by 2 different anons

This song is SO special to me, as you can see by my url. Whenever I listen to it I just get chills from the awesomeness and can’t help but have a big stupid smile on my face.  I hope I did it justice <3 (I drew it last week, but didn’t want to upload it until everyone has finished their exams, which I believe is now..? I hope so :) I love you all)

And dance in the moonlight~


Owl City poster challenge album 2: Maybe I’m Dreaming

Hey so heres the next series of the thing with maybe I’m dreaming! Again, all images taken from google images from a variety of places but the editing is all mine again. (Also forgot to mention last time that I’m just using my fave lyrics from each song instead of naming it, feels more personal u know?)