The World of Adam Young Scores - Original art by James Eads, mashed up by yours truly 

I am beyond happy that Adam Young has finally fulfilled his dream project. I can really hear him in his music, this is him: his heart and soul poured out in music sheets. There is passion in it, a dedication in telling stories through notes. I dream that someday Adam Young would make new film scores, maybe even actually make a film score for a film he himself has made (Imagine Flames Pond, with full production and a dramatic, action-packed soundtrack)

It feels like falling in love again, right, Adam? This refreshing feeling when you have this upsurge of energy to create, to express oneself artistically, to paint outside borders, and to experiment with a fresh palette of ideas and skills that one has discovered? 

Well, I look forward to your new music, in whichever project it may be, as long as your heart and soul is in it. Congratulations and stay owlsome. Your hoot owl family will always be here to support you.