Let me tell you about my best friend. Me and Heili have been friends for about six years now and she met me when I was in a bad place in life. I was too shy and meek to defend myself in most situations and my self esteem was horrible. She would defend me when I was being picked on and she was just the sweetest person in the world to me always, no matter what mood she was in. No matter what was going on in our separate lives, we always had the best time together and we had always managed to put a smile on each other’s face. I love her with all my heart and she has really changed me for the better as a person. I’ve watched her talents grow and her personality flower through out the years and I can only say that everything she’s done has become more beautiful with every passing day. I’m so proud that I have had the privilege of getting so close to her because I have never met another human being like her.
She’s my best friend and I adore her in every possible way. And I only hope life treats her as good as she has treated me. <:

so Happy Birthday Babbu, I’ll always love you with everything in my heart and you have no idea how proud of you I am. <3  

-Endel belongs to http://owlscrib.tumblr.com/

-Alternite design of Deyo pony,belongs to http://deyogee.tumblr.com/

-finished drawing of Princess Cafe Breve belongs to http://teapotmod.tumblr.com/

-Ayasha’s eye, design belongs to http://eleanorappreciates.tumblr.com/

-my design of a breezie

Sorry about Endel’s hair :(

i’ll finished Cafe Breve and the breezie,yaaay:’D

And now,sorry about Cafe Breve’s whole design,wtf why do i use old watercolors,but imma some new,cuz this ain’t workin.