owls are amazing

Because my post about Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole art was popular, posting more of his art since I found there were more. He’s actually studying about how owls could wear armor, and how it would protect them.

Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole covers:

Japanese Wolves of the Beyond covers:

And more armor studying he did


“The Fireflies Guy”. 

There’s a few more that aren’t in my itunes library as well. (a lot of his blog tracks and hymns) Sure that 1 song about lightning bugs from one of his many albums is great but I urge people to listen to everything else he’s done too ❤️

More reasons why Adam Young is literally so pure:
  • He’s giving people free father’s day cards for them to email to their dads (i sent one)
  • the card comes with a free listen to his new single coming out on the 16th (Not All Heroes Wear Capes)
  • the song itself holy hell i’m listening to it right now it’s so cute i’m crying he’s such a pure boy
  • wow i love adam young so much