owls are amazing

Because my post about Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole art was popular, posting more of his art since I found there were more. He’s actually studying about how owls could wear armor, and how it would protect them.

Japanese Guardians of Ga'Hoole covers:

Japanese Wolves of the Beyond covers:

And more armor studying he did

The influence of Owl City on me

I’ve noticed that since I became a Hoot Owl, I am more into music. I mean I did listen to songs, hummed along and was like “this song is OK”. But now when I hear a song I am like “this sound is awesome”, “I like what they do with the guitar”, “those three tones in the background are real good”, “I can’t believe that the old song I’ve already heard billion times is this good, it is better than many current songs, why haven’t I heard this cool clicking sound in there before?” and even “oh, Mom, can you hear the beautiful melody? I mean the chimes? No, you don’t? Oh, ok.” Well, really, others think I’m a bit weird. But I enjoy songs more than before, I imagine the musicians who created them, how much effort they put in the song, searched for the right chord or instrument, how excited they were if they found it… I guess that’s Adam’s influence, who keeps posting and sharing many details, experiences and joys for the world where music is being born. My ears are now wide open searching for the slightest sounds interwoven in a song, my heart then is swelling with joy that the God equipped some people with unusual and extraordinary gifts to fill our hearts with such tremendous feeling using “just” music, a few sounds. Well, what I wanted to say was: music is real good…


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