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What if Bokuto,Kuroo,Noya,Sugawara,Daichi were at a sleepover over their crush's house and shared beds with them and as if it wasn't nerve wrecking enough the crush asks them if she can snuggle with them?

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Bokuto and Nishinoya:

Being flushed af as he was laying next to you, you asking him if you could cuddle with him, was the final blow. He just kind of looks at you and looks away and nods in agreement. On the inside, he is going absolutely crazy because he’s always wanted to cuddle you and he’s so happy you asked.


Being the giant panther he is, he would wrap his arms right around you once you asked. “Of course we can!” he would exclaim out as he pulled you towards his tall body. He would try to play it off acting like he’s cool and collected but on the inside he’s freaking out and nervous like what if he gets a boner? That would be awkward on his part.


Just kinda nods in agreement and like drags you towards him, he’s currently thanking god its dark and you cant see his face because he was red af and his lips were pursing the whole time because this is so new to him and he likes you and you just ASKED TO CUDDLE WITH HIM WHAT IS LIFE?!


He will gladly, cuddle you. At first there would be an awkward silence but then he would notice that you’re all red and embarrassed and he would lift the mood by hugging you and squeezing you. Even will tickle you so its not as weird for you anymore.