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it's literally a charity who gives a shit who its run by on a website?? how trivial and selfish can you be. what the fuck do you think you're accomplishing.

i hate doing this today but i’ve been getting a lot of hateful messages and i thought i’d address it.

honestly i don’t really care where you donate to or if you donate at all. it’s your money and it’s not my decision.

but, the first thing you learn in my nonprofit classes (y’know since i’m in studying, in part, to work in and/or create nonprofits and have been for the past three years. i know just a little bit about it) is that every dollar you donate validates something, and that it’s very important to know what your money is supporting.

the lady who runs 1dfansgive is one of the big larries– one of the people who still refuses to acknowledge freddie’s existence, who created a rumour that freddie was a doll (dehumanizing A REAL LIFE HUMAN BEING), started two doll instagrams, continuously bullies and attacks danielle, briana, eleanor, and any other girl within a ten foot radius of harry or louis, slammed danielle and briana for coming to the uk–claiming it was a stunt or that louis was there to get the paternity tested–i could go on and on but you get the point. not a nice person, not supportive of the boys at all despite what she claims.

i don’t know about you but sexism, hatred, anger, lying, and conspiracy theorizing is not what i like to validate. and every time you donate through her, you validate in part what she does.

(the second thing you learn in my nonprofit class is that it’s always best to give directly to the charity instead of going through a middle man. it’s easier to keep track of the money that way and make sure nothing’s getting sloughed off. to be perfectly clear, i’m not implying that’s what amy’s doing, but i do know that there are probably maintenance fees and stuff taken out of a part of the donations.)

again, i really don’t care what you do. i just want people to know what they’re supporting when they donate through 1dfansgive. not being petty, not being trivial, not being selfish. just letting you know where your money’s going.

(charities to give to: believe in magic, bloodwise, the sheffield hospital, or the uclh charity, @change4charitylouis, anthony nolan)

Image: a small grey-brown lizard sitting on the pavement.

Hello from California! I don’t have any animals of my own here because I’m at college but here’s one of the MANY lizards we have on campus. I think this guy is a Western Fence Lizard, although I’m trying to identify them from pictures on the internet so I don’t know.

We also have jackrabbits, owls, and sometimes coyotes! Living out near the desert is … interesting.

Have a nice day ~ donnie

View of an advertising card for the Schilling Corset Company. Card is a humorous depiction of owls and frogs. Printed on front: “Reparation. Compliments of Schilling Corset Co., Detroit, Mich. Copyright 1886.” Price list and drawing of corset on back.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

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If it's not too much trouble, could I ask your opinion on a panicky Gryffindor? I'm an accomplished actress so I'm usually very confident around people and can carry myself well, but I'm so easily spooked and overwhelmed that when the results came in (practically unanimously from every quiz I think ever) that I was a Gryffindor, I thought: "This can't be right. I'm not brave and I don't have much nerve." And yet, I feel strongly that I belong here. I guess I could use a second opinion <3

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You don’t have to know your brave to be brave, that’s not how courage works. It’s about your values, your actions, and who you are truly inside. You feel strongly that you belong here because you know that despite feeling overwhelmed or scared you have courage that lives within you and makes you the confident person you are. Remember, not everyone is cocky James Potter, but that doesn’t make them any less of a Gryffindor.



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