The powerful owl (Ninox strenua) is a species of owl native to south-eastern and eastern Australia, the largest owl on that continent. It is found in coastal areas and in the Great Dividing Range. Among all the owls in the world, the powerful owl is the ninth longest from bill-to-tail, the tenth heaviest and the eighth longest winged. Its body mass is about the same on average as the great horned owl but it has a proportionately much longer tail and wings than that species. This owl is the largest species of the “hawk owl” group found in much of Asia and the Australasian region, all included in the genus Ninox. Unlike in a vast majority of owl species, the male is slightly larger than the female on average.

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My daughter was born with a strange illness that stopped her from receiving the sunlight. We had to organize a nocturnal life for us. It was little bit difficult at the beginning, but then we got used to it and built a beautiful world under the moonlight. Instead of dogs we kept cats, instead of canaries we had an owl, we grew impossible plants and instead of sunbathing we were moonbathing. I know when the moment comes my beautiful daughter will meet a man who will be willing to share this world with her.


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☠️💀💀☠️💀RATTLE DEEZ BONES💀☠️💀☠️💀


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🎃💀IT IS T I M E💀🎃


That one time

I’m so soft for these two it’s not even funny anymore- 

Have been reading fanfics featuring these. It’s quite hard to find fanfics with a satisfying Bokuto, but there are some that make it. Thank you to everybody that writes long ass stories about my babies, i love you all.

The Ars Goetia is the first section of the Lesser Key of Solomon, containing descriptions of seventy-two demons.
These are an eclectic bunch, made up of demons/pre abrahamic faith deities in demon form. Ever since I discovered it, years and years ago, I’ve been fascinated by it. One High Prince in particular I’ve been fond of is Stolas. How can you not love a crowned owl demon.
He is the commander of 26 legions and appears as a crowned owl or beautiful man. He is a teacher of astronomy and the magic associated with plants and precious stones. 

I wanted to keep it relatively true to the description in the Ars Goetia but make it more than just an owl with a crown.