Owloki, Black Widowl, Owlk, Iron Owl, Captain Owlmerica, Deadpowl, Owl of thunder

Yeah, no Hawkeye…I don’t like him so I replaced him with Deadpool, I think he’d be a much better Avenger.

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Because I can hardly hand in Hux playing pokemon go as a part of my portfolio when I apply for work one day.

Behold what this blog was originally meant for….HAHA

but yeh, some practice in concept work, and simplification. Celestial animal masked people….2 of a set :)

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The largest of the eared or tufted owls in North America, the great horned owl is a wonderful and fascinating bird. Covered in extremely soft feathers that insulate them against cold weather and help them fly very quietly in pursuit of prey, their short, wide wings allow them to maneuver among the trees of the forest. Rarely seen because of their camouflage coloring, their calls are familiar across the U.S. We wonder what this one is thinking. Photo by Dennis Demcheck, U.S. Geological Survey.