the nerdy guide to fitness

It’s definitely going to suck at first, but you will accidentally have fun, I promise. Okay folks, this whole sedentary lifestyle thing isn’t working anymore. It’s definitely going to suck at first, but you will accidentally have fun, I promise. Get moving! 

  • Exercise is anything that elevates your heart rate or takes your body outside of its normal comfort zone- you don’t have to go to a gym to do either one
  • Don’t use exercise as an excuse to eat junk! Bad food decisions don’t cancel out. 
  • Yoga/stretching is the easiest way to get your blood flowing with minimal effort
  • Running or biking is a close second 
  • Consistency is way more important than cramming in 3 miles in one day
  • if you’re doing cardio, follow up with a cool down stretch or light jog. Take care of yourself!!
  • Exercise after your school/workday is over (instead of taking a nap). You’ll have more energy to tackle homework, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep. 
  • Make a playlist filled with super bright and obnoxious songs. Works every time.
  • If you use the Pomodoro method to study, try to fit yoga/stretching into the breaks. 
  • If “regular” exersize isn’t your thing:
  • Take 5-10 minutes to dance enthusiastically in your room, that’s so much better than nothing. 
  • Get creative with your friends. Instead of meeting for coffee, go on a hike, frisbee in the park, etc. 
  • Small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator do add up. 
  • If you drive, park a little farther away.
  • Keep track of your steps. My phone’s health app has a pedometer but they’re really cheap on amazon- please don’t splurge on a Fitbit. 

xoxo, Niya

You are presenting, eyes are on you, and you have something important to say! Don’t! hide!

I used to be terrified of presenting. Here are some things that have helped me out massively, and made me a relatively confident speaker. I suppose that the key to these advices is to fake it ‘till you make it, and posture will help you to trick your body into thinking that this is not a dangerous and scary situation at all. This not a full guide, but just the things that have helped me out.

 At least for me, standing confidently (even if you are totally faking it all) has given me the actual confidence to present. Here are a few things to pay attention to. Try to stand in your bedroom and practice standing like this:

  1. Relax your shoulders. When you’re tense, you will automatically pull them up, which gives tension not only in your shoulders, but your back as well. Relax them, and you will start feeling more at ease.
  2. Keep your feet a little bit apart, firm on the ground. Don’t stand with your legs against each other, as if a single push from someone could have you fall over. If you stand firmly, you’ll give the physical message to your audience ánd yourself that you will not be intimidated by them.
  3. Chin up, eyes at the audience. Don’t ever look at the ground! You’re telling your message to a group of people, not to the dust mites. If it’s too scary too look at their faces, focus on the back wall of the room. Don’t stare at one point, but address the entire room. If there’s a teacher present, watch out not to focus on them! They’re often the only one to seem remotely interested, but don’t let that bother you and look at everyone.
  4. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides. It’s easy to put them in your pockets, or play with a bracelet, or something alike. However, this can distract your audience, and it just looks nervous. If you still feel awkward with your hands like this, try to use your hands while talking, or see if you can have a remote or so you can hold. 
  5. Don’t lean on things. We’ve all seen the nonchalant student present like this, and they got downgraded for it. Yes, you should look relaxed, but don’t look like you don’t give a f*ck. 

Some additional advice:

  1. Try to keep the ‘uhm’ at bay. A short silence is much more effective than filling it with sounds that do not add anything. If you’re trying to think of what to say, it’s better to keep a short silence. Try to listen to a speech of, for example, Obama. He uses a lot. of. silences. See that it does not bother the listener at all.
  2. Don’t read from your notes. Especially if you’re also using a PowerPoint. Prepare your presentation so well that you can tell the story in your own words, and that just keywords are enough. If you’re quoting, you can of course write the quote down. No one will mind you’re reading a quote. 
  3. Practice. This one relates to the previous tip, and to the extent to which you learn your text by heart. If you’re preparing your presentation, try to see how your text works when you’re speaking it out loud. Often, the text you have written down does not translate well to speaking, due to sentence structure, word choice, or length. By practicing you can figure out what does work. 
  4. Talk like you’re presenting to the person in the back. To you, what you’re saying makes 100% sense, but the person in the back probably can only hear 50% if you talk at speaking volume. Try to imagine their position and speak to them. 
  5. Record yourself. You’ll hear whether your volume is okay, if your sentences are fluent, and whether your tempo is right. Maybe you’ll also notice that you are actually saying um a lot, or find out you have used the same word 10 times. It may be confronting, but helpful. 

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090117 [ getsuyoubi ]
—winter break is over and here are my first notes of the year! welcoming a new year with another set of bio notes, hahaha. hopefully this new year goes well (and that I don’t feel too lethargic from the holidays!)

also! look out for updates about a new project I want to take on; I’m not sure whether it’s about photography or lettering or notes but it’s definitely about the things I like!!!



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ok last one coming!! i was working with the link first but it seems it dont get any note soo yeah here it is the next letter

A recent upload from my studygram @ stud4y! I’ve been absent from school for 3 weeks and I have so much to catch up on. Also, it’s finals already next week. 🙃🙃🙃


A Little About Me

My name is Katy, and I’m a high school student in Massachusetts. I’ll be graduating in 2019, and I’m hoping that a devotion to organization and motivation will prepare me for what life will offer (or throw at) me. As of right now, I’m taking European History, a general English class, French, Honors Chemistry, Honors Integrated Math, and I’m loosely teaching myself Russian. I’m a bullet journal user and though I love it, I should probably stay on top of it more than I do generally. I’ve actually started this blog for two reasons: (1) I really enjoy looking at studyblrs/grams/tubes, and (2) my friend said my notes were really nice and that I should start one. I’m always open to criticism and comments, and I’d really like to make some friends on here.


10.01.16 | “i, myself am an adventure. come experience me.” ~ sade andria zabala

my first week at uni was absolutely amazing and i can’t wait to go back for another week! i have two photography projects to finish before then and i haven’t felt so creative and inspired in so long. i absolutely love it here!


240117 [ kayoubi ]
—catching up on kanji lessons by learning the kanji of school subjects ;-; I can’t get my kanji to look proportional but I guess that comes with practice, hahaha.

also I reached 101 followers and my last post now has 850+ notes??? that is so insane wow thanks, everyone!!

151216 [ mokuyoubi ]
—okay for the past four years of hs I hated science and it’s always the lowest grade I get on my card (not that I’m saying it isn’t now hahaha) but now I’m really interested in bio!!! it’s so cool!!! and I keep studying for it aaahhhh

as a side note: I got 76/80 on both my precalculus and my general math exams!!! life is going great and I hope everyone’s doing great too, if not, then I hope it will go great soon!!!

happy holidays ^^

Hi there! So I started this studyblr a few days ago (I was procrastinating from studying for my midterms HAH) and thought I should do an introductory post! A friend showed me this whole new community, so I decided to give it a try too! 

My name’s Kat, I’m 16, and I’m from the Philippines. I am currently in the Humanities and Social Sciences track of my school, and I’m aspiring to become an artist/maybe an architect! I am also the president of my school’s English Drama Club and a member of the Arnis (our national sport) team. In my free time, I play video games and paint and play instruments/jam by myself. 

Some of my favorite studyblrs are: 

@larabristudies, @studyplants, @highlightcrs, @obsidianstudy, @studyquill, @focusign​, @noarasseo​, @arystudies​, @productiveowl