Job Help

Hello Everyone.
Im desperately trying to help my girlfriend @owlieclawdraws find a new job.
Currently we reside in SoCal near Downey and she is looking for art related jobs such as visual development, illustration, or graphic design. However she can also take assistant and clerical work.

Her current job has been making changes thats overworking her without any additional pay. We’ve been trying to job hunt but nothing has really worked out. On top of that shes been busy working on merchandise for AX which we’ll be attending in July. The whole ordeal has left her overworked and exhausted and she’s starting to have frequent meltdowns.

I want her to quit but shes afraid if she does she might not find a new job fast enough and that would make paying the bills quite difficult.

Any leads or networking would be appreciated.
Or if anyone has freelance work or freelance leads that might be an option to help her quit this current job and pay rent while also looking for new work.

Owlie’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gretshelle-rivera-13ab6254

Owlie’s Portfolio
: http://gretshelle.wix.com/portfolio

Owlie’s Tumblr: http://owlieclawdraws.tumblr.com/

I’ll personally vouch that Owlie is someone with an intense work ethic. She’s very much willing to put in as much time and effort needed to make the work perfect. She’s more than willing to work with any client and make sure the work is exceptional. She has made art for Zines such as the ObjectHead Zine and the Steven Universe Zine as well as help run projects such as the Undertale FanMusic Album.

Owlie is organized, efficient, skilled in various art programs and mediums, and a fast learner.

If any of you could help or just spread the word I’d be forever grateful. Thank you so much.