missing e is screwing the notification replies up every now and then or something (I click it and it gets me a blank text post) so thank you to owleyees and everyfandomever and princessfrost2 for following me since I couldn’t reply normally to those three for some reason

edit: wait the last one worked but I just looked at the wrong tab curse you google chrome

midnightlustt asked:

Hi Dev, I'm a little late but I just read your post. Don't let anything anyone says get to you, not even a little. Your personality is worth a million times more than the scum who only cares about appearance. You are honestly the funniest person I know and I know if I ever need someone to make me smile you're always there<3 You're fucking beautiful Dev. I LOVE YOU<3

meow i love you <333333 thank you :) <3

owleyees-deactivated20141031 asked:

idk if you play pokemon black or white but if so would you like a lvl 1 vulpix of any nature?

yes, I have white, but I completed my pokedex a while ago and I don’t really care about natures so I kind of think giving it to me would be a bit of a waste. thanks for offering, though! and congratulations on getting that shiny vulpix, that must have taken a lot of patience

asdfsd people need to send me more asks so I remember not to publish them when they’re things that don’t need to be published

midnightlustt asked:

Anon, you can leave Devyn alone now. You don't know anything about her or what she's going through. & How is what she posts affecting your life? Don't read it if it bothers you. It's that simple.

<333333333333333333333333 ashlin i love you!