owlett photography

Whooo is that? A baby Mexican spotted owl at Zion National Park in Utah! National parks aren’t just for people to enjoy – they also preserve important habitat for wildlife like the Mexican spotted owl, found in Zion’s slot canyons. It’s one of the largest owls in North America and is listed as a threatened species by both the U.S. and Mexican governments. Protecting parks helps ensure these owls have a home for years to come. Photo by Sarah Stio, National Park Service.

http://everythingharrypotter.tumblr.com kindly reblogged my previous post & I see I have a new follower. This is cause for a celebration, and another HP related photo! Z8-D (pathetic attempt at Harry Potter smiley)

This is one is more about showing off some Gryffindor pride. The wonderful http://missvettilovestennant.tumblr.com/ gave me the Hogwarts Student Diary for my birthday this year. Its awesome. I have two sets of robes, these ones are itchy and dont really fit but they look more authentic than the other pair. Enjoy.

Yesterday I did many a mini photoshoot, the first one being geektastically fun. I shot & styled a lot of my Harry Potter merch. I plan on submitting most of them to the wonderful tumblr http://everythingharrypotter.tumblr.com. However I figure you might like to see some too so I will submit my favourites from the shoot here.

(sorry for any of my followers not into Harry Potter, I will try to mix it up a bit in between posts, I promise!)

Good things come in sets of three so I will share one more Harry Potter related photo with all my lovely new followers before changing up the photographic content with shots of tea and sparkly bunny masks (you read right folks).

I cant believe how well received these photos have been, it’s fantastic.

I wanted to photograph my new books before I used them (cause they get all creased and damaged once I start reading a book). I threw in my Time Turner, Golden Snitch, Order of the Phoenix wand and Harry Potter glasses. The Snake & Jar are not Harry Potter related but are nifty all the same, the book is however a Hogwarts Parchment sketch book I’ve had for at least 10 years. It’s filled with brown sketches of Hogwarts House Emblems & magical items & beasts, I love it.

P.S I finally got my storage shelves for all my Harry Potter merch. No more living out of boxes! Sadly I’ve still not located my Goblet of Fire hardback, Im starting to think I never will. :’(

This is my first attempt at minimalist posters. I usually hate a lot of negative space but I am trying these out as concept proposal as a possibly Major Project idea for my uni course.

Hope you like it.

And yes that is my bow tie, I photographed it today.