Explained: my bike got stolen recently meme
  • The my bike got stolen recently meme (also known as the bike cuck meme) is an image-based meme based on a webcomic by Owl Turd Comix (on Tumblr as @shencomix).
  • In the original comic (published on 13 November 2017), the character Shen says, “My bike got stolen recently.” However, Shen reckons, “I think whoever stole it was probably more happy to get it than I am sad to lose it.” Thus, “the total happiness in the world increased.” Shen then nonchalantly walks away from the spot of the stolen bike.
  • Many people considered this comic to be ridiculous in that someone would be so accepting of having their bike stolen.
  • Many users have also referred to the character in the comic as the bike cuck.
  • This meme involves editing or parodying the original comic, often mocking the character or his attitudes towards “total happiness increasing.”
  • The comic’s creator has taken the memes with good humour, stating on Twitter (archived link), “I like the bike memes. Please don’t treat me with kid gloves. It’s okay to meme.”
  • In fact, in response to the news that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has plans to repeal net neutrality, the comic’s creator released a parody of the original comic, expressing disapproval of the FCC’s plans.
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