Haikyuu!! Rarepair Weekend, Day 1: “Please tell me I’m your one and only or lie and say at least tonight.” - Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne)

AkaKage. It’s really a beautiful ship, and what’s a good ship without angst? //slapped

Anyway, there’s a little LevHina and BokuTsukki, too. I’m not sure how well it follows the prompt, but it was definitely inspired by it.

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Who are your fave couples if i may ask?

hey! sorry for taking so long to answer this! :) i assume you mean book characters since this is a lit blog? ok so my top 5 favourite couples in no particular order, probably would look like this;

  • achilles and patroclus from the song of achilles
  • will, jem and tessa from the infernal devices
  • ari and dante from aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
  • neil and andrew from the foxhole court 
  • noah czerny and life (and/or glitter) from the raven cycle

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What about a relationship between Gryffindor girl and a Hufflepuff boy?

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:
Sorry if you’ve answered this already, but a Gryffindor girlfriend with a Hufflepuff boyfriend? :)

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:
oooh could you headcanons for a Gryffindor girl x Hufflepuff boy?? thanks I love the blog!!

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:
Gryffendor girl and Hufflepuff boy relationship ❤️

Ok, Gryffindor girl and Hufflepuff boy, let’s see if I can do this one justice:

  • Their first date was at Madam Puddifoot’s. The Hufflepuff was extremely nervous, and was making sure to hold doors and pull her chair out for her.
  • Gryffindors have a reputation as chivalrous and the Hufflepuff wanted to make sure he made a good impression
  • The Gryffindor thinks it’s absolutely adorable, but assures him pretty quickly that there is more to chivalry than the old idea of Knights and Ladies and proper manners.
  • It helps him relax (doesn’t completely relax the manners though, he’s just like that)
  • Long walks around the grounds.
  • The Gryffindor always trying to get the Hufflepuff to bend the rules like, “James told me about this secret passageway that will take you right into the cellar of Honeyduke’s.”
  • “We have class.”
  • Please,” she begs and pouts at him, looking so cute that he can’t help but agree, the entire time thinking, this girl is going to be the death of me.
  • They don’t actually make it to Honeyduke’s because they realize that this is probably a much better place for a snog than a broom cupboard.
  • Sneaking out to the Astronomy towers to count the stars together.
  • She is always coming up with new ways to embarrass him because, “Merlin, he is so cute when he blushes.”

- Megan

Bokuto probably has a pair of owl uggs that he wears before and after practices, and the rest of the team absolutely hates them. And Akaashi has tried to burn them on several occasions but Bokuto always keeps a close eye on his favorite shoes. He calls them his “hootie booties”

Akaashi calls them a mistake


There was the Mindelan device: a gray owl, wings outstretched, on a blue field rimmed with cream. There were two differences between this shield and those of her brothers. On Kel’s, the owl hovered over a pair of crossed glaives, cream embroidered in gold, matches for a Yamani glaive. The other difference was the shield’s border: it was formed by two thin rings, the outer blue, the inner cream. A distaff border, the heralds had named it, the coat of arms of a lady knight.

- Squire by Tamora Pierce

I thought it was high time to do some Tortall-inspired crochet, and who better to become a cuddly toy/blanket than the Protector of the Small? You can see the grey blanket taking shape behind Dragon, who is helpfully modelling the shield until Keladry gets arms and a head.

( @knottahooker @markdoesstuff @tamorapierce )

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tell me about gryffindor boyfriends with slytherin girlfriends !

Alright! I already did a GryfindorxSlytherin post, so if you want more than this just scroll on down and find it :)

  • Gryffindor boys trying to do cute things with snakes for their girlfriends, but generally failing cause come on it’s a snake so “like do you want a snake scarf or something I just don’t know what to do ok sorry lions are better”
  • Slytherin girls with Gryffindor boyfriends complaining to each other about how reckless they are like “he didn’t even check to see if the broom was enchanted or just a normal broom he just jumped. I swear to Salazar he has negative brain cells.”
  • Gryffindor boys bringing all their extra blankets down to the Slytherin dormitory on chilly nights, knowing their girlfriends have to be cold down in the dungeons. 
  • Slytherin girls fussing over their boyfriends constant state of clothing malfunction, straightening their ties and attempting to smooth down hair without even realizing what they are doing
  • Arguments about quidditch. All. The. Time.
  • Slytherin girls always seeming to make the first moves, cause Gryffindor guys are actually usually pretty intimidated tbh
  • Gryffindor blokes swimming to the bottom of the lake with a bubble head charm to try to wave at their girlfriends, receiving no less than three weeks worth of detention when caught
  • Gryffindor guys turning green at the thought of meeting her parents
  • Slytherin girls becoming automatic best friends with their Gryffindor boyfriend’s adorable little siblings, doting on them and giving them gifts and things
  • Let’s hope and pray they never break up. They are too strong and proud to take it well and their screaming match would be the talk of the school for a week
  • But if they last you better believe they will have the greatest adventures and the best stories


BoKuroo Headcanons

Hiya! Along my way of developing my bokuroo fanfic, I have developed some headcanons of mine that I’d like to share. So, enjoy!

-The way Kuroo asked Bokuto out on a date was by playing the recorder version of My Heart Will Go. He even got down on one like he was asking for his hand in marriage. 

-Kuroo likes to sleep on top of the covers while Bokuto likes to envelope himself in them. 

-Once, when trying to steal the covers, Bokuto tugged too hard and flung himself out of bed. He couldn’t get out of his blanket cocoon and Kuroo had to come to his rescue.

-Kuroo will not let him live this down. 

-Kuroo likes to sing while cleaning. 

-Bokuto whistles while folding laundry. 

-Bokuto once came home to hear Kuroo singing and dancing to Fergilicious while vacuuming. 

-Neither of them swear much, but when Kuroo does, he gets creative.
-And I mean creative. 

-Once he stubbed his pinkie toe and shouted, “Dick on a stick!” 

-Bokuto can’t help but smile every time he kisses Kuroo. He’s just so happy to be with him. 

 -Kuroo once tried to spice things up in the bedroom and he lost the keys to the handcuffs. 

 -Kuroo has a pair of owl underpants that Bokuto loves. 

 -Bokuto likes to steal Kuroo’s Nekoma jacket from time to time. Kuroo enjoys this very much. 

 -Bokuto can’t watch Kuroo practice because his thighs distract him. 

 -Bokuto once brought home a cat and he named it Kuroo. 

 -Kuroo tried to change the cat’s name, but by the time he decided to do this, it wouldn’t respond to anything else. 

 -Kuroo has very sensitive ears, and instead of whispering provocative things in his ear, Bokuto likes to say random shit like “avocado.“ 

 -This causes Kuroo to jump six feet in the air and Bokuto to loose his shit because he got scared by fucking "avocado." 

-Kuroo tried on a maid dress as a joke and wouldn’t stop teasing Bokuto because he was turned on by it. 

-Bokuto likes to wrap his legs around Kuroo’s torso. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, he just likes knowing he’s close and being held by his boyfriend.

-When Bokuto wears his hair down, Kuroo likes to run his hands through it and twirl it between his fingers. 

-Kuroo is big on coming up behind Bokuto and hugging him. 

-Kuroo teases Bokuto about their small height difference while Bokuto teases him for their slight age difference.

-”Let me get that off the shelf for you, since, y’know, I’m taller.”

“You know, it isn’t nice to make fun of people older than you.”

“Two months, Bo!”

-Bokuto will send Kuroo random ass videos and pictures at 3am. (Based off an actual thing I do to my friend, haha.) 

-When they cuddle, Kuroo will sometimes put his face into Bokuto’s neck and keep talking about how much he loves him and how gay he his for Bo. 

Haha, so thats all I have for now, but I hope you liked it! I’ll probably have another post just like this in the near future, because I love these two dorks so much. 

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gryffindor and slytherin girls? c:

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:

What would Gryffindor and slytherin girlfriends be like?

  • They have a tendency to fight about the silliest of things but the make ups are worth it
  • They are the type of couple who will do things like go for jogs together.
  • The Gryffindor will have lazy days though, where she will pout and be like, “Can’t we just stay here and snuggle by the fireplace?”
  • “No, as cute as you are right now, I did a three minute mile yesterday. I have to beat it.”
  • “Oh, fine! But I want the most romantic date that has ever romanced when we get back!”
  • “That sounds fair.
  • The Slytherin thinks that Valentine’s is a bit silly but she knows the Gryffindor is a hopeless romantic, and even though the Gryffindor will insist that she doesn’t want anything, the Slytherin will go all out for her girlfriend.
  • Like the Gryffindor will wake up to dozens of roses at the foot of her bed and sweet notes as well as sweet chocolates.
  • The Gryffindor is a bit more careless like, “All I got you was this heart-shaped box of Honeyduke’s chocolates.”
  • The Slytherin is like, “Ooo, chocolate, gimme!” and spends the next hour eating her chocolates and convincing a somewhat tearful girlfriend that she didn’t want anything more, “You’re the one who wants those grand romantic gestures, and I’m happy to do them for you. I don’t need them. It’s fine.”
  • “But still -” the Gryffindor will start but the Slytherin will interrupt her with a kiss. (She does that a lot actually, interrupts the Gryffindor with kisses.)
  • The Gryffindor will still plan a huge romantic date for the Slytherin sometime later in the week. 
  • And, as much as the Slytherin insists she doesn’t like or want them, the Gryffindor can tell how happy she is to receive it.

- Megan

bad pick-up lines. | bokuto koutarou x reader

requests are open!!

The strong aroma of freshly brewed coffee brought a smile to your face as you push past the door. It makes a small tinkering noise indicating that a customer–you in this case–had arrived and you caught a pair of owl-like eyes staring at you as you made your way to the register. A smile on his face as he greeted you, already punching in what you wanted.

“The usual right?” He asked, looking up at you and you nodded, laughing a little as you pulled out your wallet.

“Do I really come here that often?” You hand him your card and he swiped it, handing it over to you again. He chuckled, pulling out a medium cup from the stack beside him and plucked off the pen sitting between his ear.

He began to scribble down something on the cup. “Yeah, you do.”

You laughed again and tapped a finger to your chin, feigning deep thought. “Hmm I wonder what today’s terrible pick up line will be.”

The apples of his cheeks tinged a rosy shade. “H-hey! These are quality!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at his defensiveness as he began to make your cup of coffee.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t realize how much thought you put into them.” You said, trying hard not to smile to big. He’d think you were teasing him again, which you were but still.

He pouted as he secured the lid and handed it over to you, as he rested his free hand over his heart. “They’re straight from the heart.”

You suddenly feel your breath catch in your throat and face warm as your fingers touched and gazes locked. You’d definitely be lying if you said you didn’t have a small thing for the owl boy barista and maybe it was also the reason why you came so often. Clearing your throat, you regained your composure and pulled Bokuto out of his trance as well.

“Well, I appreciate it. Thanks, Bok–”

He shook his head and smiled. “Call me Koutarou.”

“Al-alright. Thanks Ko-koutarou. I’ll catch you later, yeah?” The name felt foreign in your mouth, yet it gave you a warm feeling. He was actually pushing past formalities and you couldn’t lie to save your life if you said you weren’t even a little excited.

He looked down at the counter, grinning shyly before glancing back up at you.

“Yeah, I’ll see you around, [Name].” He replied, waving as you exited the cafe. You couldn’t help but smile as you looked down at the cup, his messy hand writing scrawled across the styrofoam.

Been thinkin’ about you a latte…call me xx

Draco with a shoe obsession headcanon

Okay but lowkey doesn’t Draco strike you as the kind of guy to have the most fashionable shoes of the century? And not just a couple of high class expensive pairs that he busted money on. He’s got tons. And no one at school reeeallyy saw them because their robes always went to their feet, and seeing the tips of his shoes probably didn’t cause much attention.

But when he went plain and regular and showing off those different kinds of shoes, people just kinda went daaamn

Think about it, his school trunk was FILLED to the brim with pairs, and of course he had his own shrunken pocket armoire for his designer clothes don’t worry, but a TRUNK packed with shoes. So much so that he probably stored some under his bed as well.

He’s got everything, oxfords, brogues, calves, even sneakers that are ‘In’ in the muggle world. Brands that half of the people in the world would have to sell their house to afford, shit like that, in every colour that’s reasonable. He’s got it all.

So imagine Draco just kind of sitting on the edge of his bed, shining his shoes after a day of use, or on his knees trying to organize them under his bed or in his trunk, or sending an order by owl for another pair and his roommates groaning when the owl and box come im because their room is COVERED in shoes that they’re not even allowed to touch.

Draco with a shoe obsession gives me life.

Night Owl

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Sam Winchester x reader
Summary: When you just can’t get to sleep, sometimes all you need is fresh air and your favourite moose
Warnings: None
A/N: Omg I really like this. I’m pretty proud of it tbh

Getting to sleep was always impossible after a hunt, the adrenaline that had previously kept you alive now settling for keeping you awake all night.
Giving up on trying to fall asleep, you grabbed a thick hoodie and your boots to wear over your pyjamas, making your way quietly through the bunker and out the door.
The cold night air wrapped around you like a soothing embrace, ruffling your hair gently. You climbed onto the hill near the door, lying down on your back in the grass and staring up at the stars. The dew soaking through your clothes didn’t bother you as you let yourself forget all the stress and fear that came hand in hand with hunting.
“Trouble sleeping?”
You didn’t shift your gaze from the stars as a familiar voice called out to you.
“Ding ding ding, we have a winner,” you replied sarcastically, smiling softly. You heard Sam chuckle before he lay down in the grass beside you. Momentarily tearing your eyes away from the sky and glancing across at him, you saw that he was in his pyjamas too.
“Nightmares giving you grief again?” you asked, although it was more of a statement. Barely a night went by without the peace and quiet being interrupted by the screams of one of the three of you trying to escape a nightmare.
“I was trying to stay awake to stop them,” he said. “And I heard you leaving and thought I should check up on you.”
You frowned. “You have to sleep, Sam. It’s not good for you.”
“Says you, night owl,” he grinned, nudging your side gently. You chuckled quietly.
“Okay, so I’m a hypocrite. Doesn’t mean I can’t give advice.”
Sam shivered slightly as a cool breeze blew over you. You sat up, shedding your hoodie and holding it out to him.
“(Y/N), that won’t fit me,” he laughed. You grinned sheepishly.
“Yeah it will, it’s yours.”
He raised his eyebrows. “So that’s where it went. Keep it,” he added. “It suits you.”
You smiled softly, putting the hoodie back on and zipping it up to your chin.
“(Y/N) we should go inside. It’s freezing out here,” he said eventually, rolling over to look at you. He smiled slightly at your sleeping form, the relaxed look on your face a look he rarely saw.
Sitting up and stretching, he scooped you up in his arms, being careful not to wake you. He fought the urge to kiss your forehead as you buried your face in the crook of his neck sleepily.
You blinked sleepily as you felt someone pulling your blankets over you, looking up in confusion. The last thing you remembered was lying on the hilltop with-
“Sam,” you mumbled, catching his hand as he turned to go back to his room.
“Yeah?” he asked, still smiling at how cute and vulnerable you looked. It wasn’t a side to you he’d seen before.
“Will you stay?” you asked shyly, still playing with his fingers distractedly. “It might help with the nightmares,” you added. He nodded slightly, kicking his shoes off.
“Budge up,” he smiled, sliding into bed beside you. He tangled his legs with yours, pulling you close and wrapping his arms around you protectively. You buried your face in the crook of his neck, his chin resting on the top of your head.
“G'night, Sammy,” you mumbled, your eyes finally drifting shut. He pressed a sleepy kiss to the top of your head. You only just caught what he whispered before you fell asleep.
“Sleep well, Night Owl.”

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How would a Gryffindor girl and Ravenclaw boy get into s relationship, and what would they be like as a couple? :3

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:

Hey! I really love your blog. All the head cannons are so amazing and they make my day all the time! I was wondering, if you have any extra time of course, if you would write head cannons for a gryffindor girl and a ravenclaw boy? If not that’s fine. Thank you for running this amazing blog!!!!!

Thanks Anon #2! So we have multiple requests for a Gryffindor girl x Ravenclaw boy, huh? It would probably go something like this:

  • Ravenclaw boy keeps moving to seats closer to her every class, she knows what’s going on but it’s taking too long like please hurry up and talk to me
  • Gryffindor girl cursing the Ravenclaw’s ink to explode so he stays after class to clean it up
  • She couldn’t help it but now she’s just standing there staring at him in shock at what she just did but too nervous to do anything else
  • He catches sight of her as the last one in the room and asks her sheepishly to help him clean up, of course he doesn’t need help though he could just use magic but it’s too good to pass up fate has decided it’s time
  • She comes over and starts talking with him and soon they are talking easily and just sitting on the floor with the mess all cleaned up, but neither move to go to dinner and end up talking for hours on the floor
  • the Gryffindor girl admits what she did cause she can’t stand the guilt and he just shrugs and smiles, standing up and offering her his hand
  • She takes it and doesn’t let go, and they head off to try to find some hot chocolate, and maybe another quiet place to keep talking, neither can stop smiling
  • Cutest couple ever; do everything together and can’t help but talk about the other to their friends all the time
  • Go to visit the vegetable patch together all the time so they can just talk about everything and debate theories on various things and have some alone time
  • They don’t really fight all that much, although they do get a little jealous of each other over various feats in classes and things
  • She pushes him to get out of his shell and he makes a whole bunch of new friends, and he teaches her about the joys the magical world has to offer from everything he’s learned from books and other Ravenclaws 
If I Have to Crawl

“She could have killed me, you know.” He turned to look her dead in the eyes as he spoke. “It would have been easier for her. I wasn’t planned, I wasn’t wanted. I just sort of happened.”

“My mom’s own mother called her a ‘bad mother’ for letting me live, did you know that?” He leaned back on his hands, a sneer on his face as he looked up and spoke to her. “A ‘bad mother’ because a mother does what’s best for her child and killing me was what was best for me.” He spit the words like venom. “Because what kind of life can a half-breed live. What kind of difference could it make. What kind of mother could she be, disowned like her father promised she would be, if she kept me. The only way a destitute widow can be a good mother is to kill her child. It was mercy.”

That is a MUCH to pleasant cover image for this story, but here we go.

So big warning up front, this fic deals with some heavy stuff. It ends in a big inukag fluff fest, but BEFORE THAT, it deals with some heavy. stuff. So be warned, I really don’t think too many people will like this particular little (haha not little this thing has become a monster) fic, but here it is, 4,000 words + off my proverbial writer’s chest.

Keep reading

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Gryffindor boy and Ravenclaw girl?

These are a thing, and they are pretty cute. Meant for this to be more general but then I saw them in my head and…well I made you this:

  • Gryffindor pulling a Krum and hanging in the library all the time, trying to just be closer to her or catch her alone
  • Ravenclaw girl cheering for the Gryffindor team when they play Slytherin and Hufflepuff with a little bit too much enthusiasm, looking constantly over at the Gryffindor boy
  • Gryffindor gathering his nerve and sitting down next to the Ravenclaw girl during class, taking someone else’s seat like it’s no big deal and immediately striking up a chat
  • Ravenclaw girl offering shyly to tutor the Gryffindor boy, who agrees way too quickly and who she can hear celebrating as soon as she leaves the room
  • Meeting in the library together to pour over a muggle studies assignment, Gryffindor pretending not to know anything but is actually a half-blood so it’s mostly an act
  • She knows. But it’s cute and she’s curious about him.
  • He insists on walking her back to her common room, but to avoid Peeves they have to duck into a closet.
  • His heart is beating too fast, oh Merlin he wasn’t ready for this.
  • She feels his hesitation and takes his hand, opening the door and pecking him on the cheek with a laugh
  • He’s blushing far too much as she teases him on the way back, he denies everything till he pulls her into his arms for a defiant kiss
  • He says goodbye at the Ravenclaw tower, she’s standing there staring after him and the riddle is going and she’s just like “shhhhh, I’m having a moment ok”
  • And he turns back and waves and she gives a small wave before turning away trying to hide her blushing smile


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How would a Gryffindor girl/Gryffindor boy romantic relationship work?

Anonymous said to gryffindor-headcanons:

Not to be really tedious or boring but could you do Gryffindor girl X Gryffindor guy? Xx :)

There’s nothing tedious or boring about a Gryffindor/Gryffindor pairing, Anon #2. I think they would be something more like:

  • Complete spitfires, the both of them.
  • They are the type of couple who seem to speak in arguments and everyone around them are like, “Are you guys ok?”
  • “Yeah, we’re fine. Why?” 
  • “You were arguing.” 
  • “No, we weren’t.”
  • They use absolutely horribly embarrassing pet names for each other because they keep trying to one-up the other ones. 
  • “Of course, I will, Snickerdoodle.” 
  • “Thank you so much, Honey-bunch.”
  • Also, you don’t want to be anywhere near them on Valentine’s Day. Just trust me on this. It is sickening in its sweetness.
  • (See Ginny’s Valentine to Harry for proof.)
  • Lazy afternoons cuddled up in front of the fireplace in the Common Room for long talks and long kisses.
  • Constantly competing with each other like, “Betcha can’t fly on a broom standing up.”
  • “Bet I can! What do I win if I do it?” 
  • “A kiss.”
  • He steals the kiss but does it anyway.
  • Sneaking out for late night swims and make out sessions in the lake.

- Megan