Knowledge and wisdom come with the falling of the dusk
Observe the eyes of the owl, see the reflection of the universe
The natural world and the astral world are interconnected
As above, so below, learn the ways of the mind
And all the answers you have ever wanted, you shall find

[Remus x Reader] The Lupins.

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Anon:  Hey I was wondering if you would write something about Remus x reader where they have a daughter (maybe 10 yrs old) and Remus is like a total over protective dad and makes up crazy rules like “no dating until you’re 42 three months twelve days and 14 hours” and maybe throw in Sirius (he can be her god father idk) and he’s like “don’t worry, I’ll take you to the strip club when you’re 18” lol idk I thought it’d be funny

A/N: Okay, so this one went a bit wild. Thanks for the request anon! It was a funny and refreshing idea. I hope you will like it! Requests are open, and here is my Masterlist if you are interested in it :)


You were bustling around the kitchen, a delicious smell lingering in the air, as you prepared the food, for tonight’s Christmas party. Everyone was coming, so there was a lot of things that had to be done. Lily and Marlene were going to come a bit earlier to help you out, so that left your children and your husband in charge of cleaning the house up. For now, everything was going just as you planned.
“Mmmm what smells so good?” Remus exclaimed cheerfully, as he walked into the kitchen.
“Shouldn’t you be cleaning the living room, love?” you smirked, not turning your gaze from the pot in which you were melting some chocolate. He chuckled and hugged you from behind.
“Already done. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?” he whispered in your ear, making you giggle.
“Fine” you sighed “I will leave you some of it” he grinned and kissed your cheek.
“You are an angel, do I say that often enough?”
“Only if it includes chocolate related things, you cheeky little thing” you said as you turned the gas off.
“That’s not true!” he argued and spun you around, the grin still spread across his face.
When he stopped, he pulled you closer to himself.
“How did I get so lucky?” he looked at you, and once again you felt like a teenager standing at the top of the Astronomy Tower, getting lost in his green eyes.
“You tell me” you smiled, as he leaned in and pressed his lips onto yours. It was only in his arms, that you felt loved, treasured and safe. It was the place that always felt like home.
“Ugh, please not in the kitchen” you pulled away, as you saw your kids standing in the entrance, a look of terror spread across their faces. You both chuckled, but chose to ignore their request.
“Have you finished cleaning?” you asked trying to change the subject.
“Yes, Mommy” said the two at the same time, as they seated themselves at the kitchen table, cleaning brushed still in their hands.
“Well done” you smiled, and kissed their foreheads.
You and Remus had two children. Eleanor, which was already thirteen and a nine-year-old Tommy. You both loved them endlessly, knowing, you would do anything for them.
As you proceeded to pour the melted chocolate over your cake, with Tommy eagerly wanting to participate in the procedure, you heard a loud screech coming from the nearby window.
Knowing it would be an owl, you asked Remus to get the letters.
Once he did, he put the stack on the kitchen counter and started to flip trough it. Suddenly he pulled one out, a frown quickly appearing on his face.
“Elle, there is a letter for you” he said, already turning in order to give it to her.
“Really?” she smiled, eagerly taking the white piece of parchment.
As soon as she opened it, she nibbled on her lower lip, a blush slowly covering her cheeks.
“Well, who is it from?” you asked, clearly intrigued by the situation.
“It’s from Steven” she mumbled quietly, her gaze still fixated on the letter.
“What Steven?” Remus asked, already hovering over her head, in order to read some of its content.
“What does he want from you?” he asked, as she shoved the piece of paper in her pocket.
You could feel the sense of protectiveness radiating from him. He often acted this way, especially if he was jealous, or when someone wanted to interfere in your family’s matters, without his approval.
He easily over exaggerated, so it was your job to bring him back to his senses.
“It’s probably nothing, love “ you said trying to calm him down “Right, Elle?”
“He only asked me to accompany him to Hogsmeade next week” she stated, regaining her courage.
“He did what?!” he shouted in disbelief.
“Remus, it’s only a date” you frowned and folded your arms across your chest.
“She is only 13!”
“That’s when we started dating too” you sighed and rolled your eyes at him.
“But that is not the point!”
“Calm down you two, he is not my boyfriend. For now, he is just a friend” Elle said, trying to somehow end the discussion.
“Eleanor, there is no such thing as female-male friendship” Remus said firmly, as he looked her in the eyes.
“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrow in surprise “ So what were we?”
“Yes, we were friends, and you know very well what we did Y/N”
“What did you do?” Tommy said with an innocent voice, not really understanding what was going on.
“Nothing!” you blushed and glared at Remus “ So what, are James and Sirius my enemies?”
“Someone called me?” Sirius exclaimed as he and Marlene walked into the kitchen, carrying two containers filled with food.
“Sirius, thank Merlin! Can you help me with this one” you pointed at your husband, which all at once raised his hands up as if he had done nothing wrong.
“Moony why are you endangering your relationship?” he asked with amusement, and chuckled, as Remus gave him a betrayed look.
“He wants to put me in a celibate” Elle shouted, trying to get advantage of the current situation.
“You really are a small copy of your mother”
“She is not allowed to go out with anyone until I say so” Remus stated firmly
“Oh really, and when will be that?” Sirius teased.
“Never if I can help it. I’m going to owl Minerva. And you young lady don’t even think about going out with anyone” he stormed out of the kitchen, pretending not to hear the objections and groans, that left his daughters mouth.
“I will take care of it” you padded her arm and followed your husband, eventually ending up in the library. Of course, he would choose the library.
“Remus, what is going on?” you said as you closed the door behind you “It’s starting to be ridiculous, don’t you think?”
“It’s just…“ he started, as he collapsed on his favorite armchair "I don’t want her to get hurt. You know how it goes ”
“Listen, love” you came closer and started to rub his shoulders “You can’t help it. It’s a step in her life that she has to experience by herself, in order to learn from her mistakes, that she eventually will make”
“I know, but the thought of her, having her heart broken, is so terrifying.”
“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Just let her live her life” You smiled, and kissed his cheek, sensing that you finally convinced him, to let it go.
"And do not even dare to write about such things to McGonagall” you said as you offered him your hand, in order to make him stand up.
“Yeah, I don’t really know what I was thinking” he laughed nervously and brushed a hand trough his gray hair.
Just as the two of you were about to enter back into the kitchen, you heard Sirius’s voice, coming from the inside.
“Don’t worry little one, when you will turn eighteen I will take you to a male strip club”
This time you and Remus were on the same side.

Greco-Roman mythology in the Bojack Horseman universe
  • Aphrodite/Venus is canonically an elephant:

[what follows is my speculation]

  • Zeus/Jupiter = golden eagle
  • myths about Zeus taking on the forms of animals in order to seduce (and/or abduct) other lovers are pretty much the same except all his animal forms are anthropomorphic now
  • Poseidon/Neptune = horse, or maybe a hippocampus
  • Athena/Minerva = owl
  • animal sacrifice is highly controversial and often compared to human sacrifice (no spoilers but how they address meat consumption in the Bojack universe is absurd, so I figure the same rules would apply here)
  • augurs are a priestly class of birds who interpret their own movements
  • the Pythia is a snake
  • absolutely nothing is remarkable about the Minotaur, he’s still an anthropomorphic bull spawned from the union of Pasiphaë (who is still a human woman) and a bull sent by Poseidon to Minos, and the rest of the myth is the same
  • The Trojan Horse is very tall, as it stands upright on two legs. It’s too tall to fit through the gates of Troy, so the Trojans leave it out front but the Greeks still get inside the city by using it as essentially a siege tower to scale the walls.

Okay but picture this:

The children of all of McGonagall’s former students grow up spending Saturdays with Auntie Minerva at her cottage. They learn everything from basic transfiguration spells, to self defense, to plants, to manners, and hear stories of her younger days, of their parents, of things and lives and places that never cease to amaze the children. They grow up with this beautiful woman watching them flourish, and when they receive their Hogwarts letter- Auntie Minerva is the very first person they owl.

And then they all learn more and more at school, visiting and owling Auntie Minerva whenever they get the chance. They constantly update her on their latest achievements (”Dear Auntie, James just made quidditch captain!” “Dear Auntie, Rose just had her first kiss… with SCORPIUS!” or “Dear Auntie, I didn’t fail my Potions exam! Mum won’t have to kill me just yet! Now lets tackle Arithmancy… help me, God.”)

Auntie Minerva attends every quidditch match, every recital, every performance, never missing one special moment in her surrogate-grandchildrens’ lives. They have been family to her since the moment they were born, and just as her face was present at every baptism, it is now a comfort for each child at their graduation.

Auntie Minerva no longer just smiles- she glows with pride.

Then the first wedding comes- and oh, does she sob as the first of her little babies walks down the aisle. The ceremony is beautiful, but all Auntie Minerva can see is the pure happiness in the bride and groom’s eyes. She gives a toast at each and every wedding that brings everyone to tears and laughter. but the true story is in her eyes. She loves these children- yes, she will always see them as such- more than anything in the world.

The children all settle down with jobs that they have all consulted Auntie Minerva about- some as aurors, department of mysteries workers, professors- hell, Lily Potter even became the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts because of her. The point is, the children have not forgotten her. They never will.

The children soon have children of their own, beautiful babies that Auntie Minerva falls in love with. The eyes so like their parents, smiles so like her grandchildrens’. Auntie Minerva remembers the children at this age, and oh, does it bring back memories.

The children still visit her every Saturday, and the family has only grown.

Auntie Minerva is older now though, and she aches. She knows her time is coming, but she holds on long enough for one last Saturday.

Auntie Minerva is found dead Sunday morning, her thin lips stretched into that same affectionate smile that the children remember so fondly. It is strange to see her in such a state, the lively and beautiful woman lying there so peacefully.

Unnatural, almost.

The sobs wrack the bodies- older ones, but still the same- of the children she had cared for. They are unable to process the loss that hits not just too close to home- it destroys the entire foundation.

The ministry and their respective employers gives them each three weeks off of work, but it is not enough. 

The funeral is beautiful, held at Hogwarts. Not a soul remembers it though. They were all too stunned by the body of the woman they had lost. Auntie Minerva is dead, and there’s no spell to fix this. 

The children raise their children on tales Auntie Minerva had told them, and teach them everything the woman had taught them. Yes, she is gone. But her legacy will never die.

And much like the wizarding world will forever remember the name of the boy who lived, they will never be able to erase from their hearts the name of the woman who endured. Who taught. Who loved. Who cared.

Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy name their last girl Minerva, and the world ends all over again when they discover in her fifth year that her patronus and animagus are a lovely little tabby cat- spectacles and all.

And so the legacy continues on.

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Could you write a fic where it's Snape who meets when the Dursleys are staying in Cokeworth?

Uncle Vernon stopped at last outside a gloomy-looking hotel on the outskirts of a big city. Dudley and Harry shared a room with twin beds and damp, musty sheets. Dudley snored but Harry stayed awake, sitting on the windowsill, staring down at the lights of passing cars and wondering…

Like shootin’ fish in a barrel, son!  

His father’s words rang in his head as he strolled from the pub.  He hadn’t intended to fleece the group.  Not like when he was younger, and was cajoled by his desperate father. This time, mired in guilt, he threw the last few hands, and pretended his winning streak was over.  

The men commiserated his loss with good humour and camaraderie, but Severus didn’t need to use Legilimency to read their relief.  There had been at least a fortnight’s wage on the table, and he wasn’t entirely convinced that any of the men were still working.  Gambling was no laughing matter in a backwater pub in Cokeworth.

And him, a well-paid teacher.  He could afford to lose ten times over.  He should’ve known better.  

But old habits die hard, and he could almost hear his father’s greed hollering in his ear.  He never threw a hand back then, not when losing a hand could mean the household starving for the rest of the week.  He still couldn’t eat stew as an adult, no matter how upmarket the offering was.  Gourmet stew, indeed.  He could almost feel the oily, watery broth that had coated his fingers as he scooped a bowl from the cauldron; no chunks of meat to be found, and merely vegetable peel for flavour.

No.  He never threw a hand back then.

It was only the time his father had seen any worth in magic.  Comin’ down for a pint, eh, son? I’ll stand yer one.  And then he’d lower his voice to a whisper so Eileen wouldn’t hear.  And bring that witchy mind readin’ brain of yers with yer.  Don’t think yer just goin’ to sit quiet in the corner with a bleedin’ book.

He kicked angrily at a stone on the pavement.  “Why d’yer do this to yerself, Sev lad?” he muttered.  His accent was stronger in these streets.  He shouldn’t have had that last pint.  He always got maudlin after one too many.  He always got maudlin in Cokeworth.

He turned a corner, and followed the main street out of town.  Spinner’s End was in the other direction, far from the train station, far from civilisation – but Severus always walked to the outskirts, and then Apparated to his house.  He preferred to arrive directly in his bedroom when he’d had a few pints; he could collapse straight into bed, and it saved exchanging trivialities with the neighbours.  It took all of his effort to remain polite during the day – with a few Muggle pints in his system, Severus wasn’t quite sure of what he might say.

He glanced up.  The stars weren’t visible – too much light pollution.  Too much pollution full stop.  

And then he saw him. Four storeys up, his face pressed against the glass of a dirty window.

James fucking Potter.

Severus stopped, and turned. His spin was rather less impressive without his voluminous teaching robes, but despite his alcohol intake, the movement was smooth.  He took several steps back and peered at the window, where a small boy with glasses, and messy black hair was peering right back at him.

He wasn’t going mad.

It wasn’t James Potter.

Not with that distinctive scar.

Severus’ heart thudded in his chest.  He stared at the boy for a long moment, and eventually, timidly, the boy raised his hand in the slightest of waves.  

After a few seconds, Severus nodded, and continued on his way.

Harry silently watched as the thin man with long, straight hair hurried down the street.  He glanced back over at Dudley, who was still snoring loudly, and sighed.


“I thought he lived in Surrey,” Severus shouted, banging the door as he strode in, incongruously dressed in his Muggle attire.

“All right, Severus,” Minerva said, sharply.  “I’ve heard quite enough.”  She opened the log of which letters had been sent to which student, and her jaw dropped as she flicked to Harry Potter’s record.

Most children had a single entry next to their name:  Draco Malfoy – letter sent by OWL, RSVP received.

Harry James Potter didn’t have just one entry.  He had thirty nine pages.  

Severus stood behind Minerva, and peered at the pages with her.  “Don’t you check these?”

“At the weekend.  It gives families chance to send confirmation,” she said, defensively.  “There’s usually no need to chase anyone up.  These are all pureblood and halfblood families, Severus, remember?”

“Halfblood he might be,” Severus harrumphed, “but he lives with Muggles.”

“Muggles who know fully well what he is,” Minerva corrected.  “Dumbledore did suggest he’d send Hagrid to retrieve him if there was any trouble,” she added, but Severus wasn’t really listening.

“The address keeps changing,” he said, pointing at the page.  “What does this mean?  Cupboard under the stairs?  The smallest bedroom?”

Minerva gave him a horrified look.  “The addresses are automatic.”

“Hundreds of these,” Severus said, flipping the pages.  “And now, look!  Tomorrow’s entry – Railview Hotel, Cokeworth!  That’s where I saw him.”

“Perhaps they went on holiday?”

“To Cokeworth?” Severus snorted.  “Nobody goes to Cokeworth on holiday.”

“You were there.  This is your holiday.”

Severus gave her a scathing look.  “I had the misfortune of being born there.”  He tensed. “They’re running from it.  They think they can outrun the owls.”

“Whatever for?” Minerva polished her glasses on her sleeve.  “You don’t seriously think those awful Muggles would keep Harry from attending Hogwarts?”

When she put her glasses back on, he’d gone.

They ate stale cornflakes and cold tinned tomatoes on toast for breakfast the next day. They had just finished when the owner of the hotel came over to their table.

“’Scuse me, but is one of you Mr. H. Potter? Only I got about an ’undred of these at the front desk.”

She held up a letter so they could read the green ink address:

Mr. H. Potter
Room 17
Railview Hotel

Harry made a grab for the letter but Uncle Vernon knocked his hand out of the way. The woman stared.

“I’ll take them,” said Uncle Vernon, standing up quickly and following her from the dining room.

Vernon’s heavy footsteps stomped down the hallway, and Severus slipped in through the door.  He’d sat in Vernon’s place before anyone even realised he’d entered the room.

“Mornin’,” he said, cheerfully, and picked up Vernon’s half-finished cup of tea.

Petunia was so horrified, she couldn’t speak.  Her mouth kept forming the same strange ‘o’ shape.  Dudley clouted her on the back, assuming she was choking on a cornflake.

Harry’s eyes widened. “You’re the man I saw last night,” he said.

“I am,” he said, leaning his head down to Harry.  “And I have a very special letter for you.”

“Oh!” Petunia finally spoke, and Severus straightened up.

“Where’s my letter?” demanded Dudley.

“You don’t want one of those horrid letters,” Petunia snapped.  “And neither does he, Snape!”

Harry didn’t think it was possible to be more shocked.  “You know this man, Aunt Petunia?”

“Off to your room, Harry,” Severus said sternly, passing him an envelope.

“You know my name!”

“-and keep that letter safe.”

Harry gave a sharp nod, and fled to his hotel room.  Dudley moved to go with him, but Severus’ slender hand gripped his upper arm.  He dropped his Cokeworth accent, and slipped back into his most impressive schoolmaster tone.  “And where do you think you’re going?”

Dudley swallowed hard. Ordinarily, he’d scream and shout, and stamp his feet – but the man’s black eyes were unnerving.  He slid back onto his seat.

“Not my son, Snape,” Petunia whispered, horrified.  “You can take the other one, but please, not my Duddy.”

“Nobody wants your Duddy,” Severus sneered.

“Fine,” she snapped.  “You’ve-”

“Obliviate.  Stupefy.  Muffliato.”

Petunia’s scream was high pitched, and she lunged for the thin man.  “What have you done to him?  My Duddikins! Duddy!”  She looked around helplessly, amazed that nobody else had moved an inch. “What have you done?”

“No-one can hear you,” Severus said, in an almost bored tone.  “I merely wiped the boy’s memory of events.  He will wake shortly, and he won’t have any knowledge of this meeting.”

Petunia calmed, and sniffed. “And Harry?”

“I think it best that both you and Harry remember what happened here.”  He flicked his wand, lifting the Muffliato spell.  “Send Dudley up to pack in five minutes.  It’ll give you time to decide what to tell that oaf of a husband of yours.”

Severus rapped on the door. “Harry?”

The door slid open, and Harry beamed at him.  “Is this true?  Is this all true?  I’m a wizard? Are you a wizard?”

Severus nodded, and ushered the boy through the door.

“Do you work at the school?” Harry asked, excitedly.  “Can we go now?”

“We cannot go now,” Severus intoned, “for Hogwarts has broken up for the summer.  But yes, I work at the school.”

“What do you do?”

“I teach Potions.”  At Harry’s puzzled look, he smiled.  “It’s like Chemistry.  Only magical.”

“Are there forms?”


“I went to the open day at Stonewall High,” Harry explained.  “And they put you in a form.  Mine was-”

“We call them houses,” Severus interrupted.

“Yes, that’s it!” Harry looked cheered, and then turned back to the letter.  “It doesn’t say which house I am going to be in?”

“Nobody knows until you turn up.”

“Oh.”  Harry thought for a moment.  “What’s your house?”

Severus smiled.  “I was put into Slytherin.”  He smiled more broadly again.  “I am very proud to say that I am the Head of Slytherin.”

“Slytherin?  That’s a funny name.”

Severus gave a tight smile. “Isn’t it just?”  He patted the small boy on the shoulder.  “Enough now, Harry.  You need to pack your things before your cousin comes upstairs.”


“It won’t be long until you’re at Hogwarts,” he said.  “For now, just keep yourself out of trouble.”

“Sir?  Do you think I could be in Slytherin?”

Severus paused for a long moment, and then shut the door.  He pulled out his wand and spun on his heel.  “Obliviate!  Stupefy!”

He picked the stunned boy up, shocked at how light the limp child was.  He gently rested him on the bed and sighed.  “Your mother was in Gryffindor.”

With that, he slipped out of the building.

And Harry pulled his head out of the pensieve.

The Lady Minerva, patroness and long term partner of Serafina.

Lady Minerva is a strong willed businesswoman who runs her own import/export business raking in the gold. She’s shrewd and clever and if she wants something she makes it happen. 20 years ago she saw a gangly teenage Serafina when passing the training grounds and decided to follow her career, it wasn’t a pining crush she swears. She later became Serafina’s patron and Serafina has proudly displayed Minerva’s owl crest ever since. It’s good PR. Or so she tells her accounting department.

Neville still had a month to prepare himself for the position as herbology professor, even so his nerves felt shot. Laid out across the coffee table were an assortment of letters and notices, some more smudged with ink than others.

There was a lesson template courtesy of Pomona Sprout which listed the plants each year should study as well as instructions on how to keep the venomous tentacula (and other temperamental plants) from misbehaving. Beside that was Minerva’s letter regarding housing arrangements at Hogsmeade, his school offices, and schedule for the school term. There were also several notes he had hastily scribbled on pieces of parchment (and one very sticky candy wrapper) as reminders to himself.

Even with the additional help he was eyeing the bottle of firewhiskey in the kitchen as he let out a sigh. True, half his lesson plans were already written out, but that didn’t include the preparatory exams for students taking OWLs and NEWTs, or the list from the potions professor detailing what herbs and plants they needed to have at the ready.

And there was that owl from St Mungos requesting that Neville reserve some space within the greenhouses for some ridiculous list of plants that “must be properly managed due to their rarity.”

The previous year he’d acted as substitute professor while Pomona recovered from scrofungulus. When Minerva announced he would be teaching the students stared at him with a mixture of fear and awe. Within days stories about how he was a Hogwarts freedom fighter had been so exaggerated he could only laugh. His favorite thus far being that he had strangled Nagini with his bare hands and then used the snake’s corpse as a whip.

At least no one had asked him to sign anything; although there were several seventh years who had looked very tempted.

He was pulled from his thoughts as the fireplace whooshed green and Hannah emerged, lightly covered with soot.

“Still working on that, are you?” She smiled, dusting the worst of the ashes off her cloak.

“I need to owl Minerva and make sure I have everything up to standard, then next week I’ll need to begin planting the Chinese chomping cabbage…”

“Why don’t you ask her in person?”

Neville rose from the sofa, stretching his back with a loud pop and tossing the fifth year lesson plans back on the table. “While I’m sure she’d enjoy the visit, she is a rather busy witch.”

“I have on good authority that she is at the Burrow this evening,” Hannah hummed, reaching for Neville’s cloak.

“Why’s she there?”

“It is apparently someone’s birthday party tonight and she was invited.”

“They didn’t.”

“They did. Now put your cloak on or we’ll be late and Ginny will skin me alive for ruining the surprise.”

Neville laughed and gave her a quick kiss before tugging on his cloak and walking to the fireplace. “What would I do without you?”

“Lead a far more sedentary life and probably end up married to a cactus. Now remember, you’re not supposed to know, it is a surprise after all. ”

He grinned, tossing a handful of powder into the flames. “I’ll have my very best shocked wizard impersonation ready.”


May 1st 1776: Illuminati founded

On this day in 1776, the famous secret society - the Illuminati - was founded in Bavaria. Established by Adam Weishaupt, the German philosopher and professor at University of Ingolstadt, the exact purpose of the semi-masonic society is unknown. The group was made up of Enlightenment thinkers, and some sources claim the order wanted to promote equality, while others suggest it was intended to combat religious zeal and promote rational argument. Weishaupt founded the Illuminatenorden, or Order of Illuminati, in 1776, and the group adopted the Owl of Minerva as their symbol. Members claimed aliases, with Weishaupt as ‘Brother Spartacus’, and others took similarly classical inspired names. Critics at the time charged that the Illuminati was created to infiltrate European governments, with some even claiming the order was behind the French Revolution. The society grew in size and influence, before being banned as seditious in 1784, with Weishaupt forced to leave his job and flee Bavaria. While it is widely acknowledged that the Illuminati never truly reformed, the society is a staple of conspiracy theories to this day, and is often implicated as being a shadowy organisation manipulating world affairs.


Temple of Hercules\”Minerva”

Tebessa, Algeria

3rd Century CE

9 m. in Height

The temple of tebessa was Corinthian , four columns on its principal face; It is tetrastyle, but also prostyle, with truncated pyramid columns engaged in the walls of the sanctuary; It was 4 meters high above the outer level; It was reached by a staircase of twenty steps. Length of 15 meters by 9 in width and 9 in height, its interior ornamentation is of the simplest; The outer frieze, on the contrary, is richly ornamented.

The pilasters are decorated with the heads of rams and bulls with their strips of sacrifice. Seen from the front, eagles with open wings, holding in their claws two serpents, adorn those of greater dimensions; These eagles were taken for owls, birds of Minerva, who gave him his denomination.

To these motifs are added horns of abundance; We see a head of ocean in the middle of a basket of fruit. Would there be a sloping roof, or a series of statues erected along the ridge.

How she had ended  up getting drinks with him tonight, Minerva still wasn’t  sure. She did remember that it was her  suggestion, as  well  as she nearly killed her co worker  a  few  days ago. Minerva stepped into the  bar  he owled  her  about. Immediately, Minerva  regretted  her  dress  as  she  slipped into the  barstool  and  ordered a drink, not thinking about how  bad of  an idea this was, and keeping an eye on the  door.


We’ve had an exciting couple of days at the Carolina Raptor Center. 

Yesterday afternoon, we received a call. A building was being torn down, and a few owlets fell out. An adult owl also flew off. Thankfully, the workers were able to rescue most of the babies and retrieve the remaining owlets from the nest. 

Usually, we try to put babies back but since the building was being demolished, it was impossible this time. Unfortunately, two of the six baby Barn Owls had passed away before they arrived at CRC. Two more have some injuries likely related to falling from the nest, so we’ll be keeping a very close watch on them inside the hospital. However, the final two–the biggest two–are very healthy and glad to tell you all about how they dislike humans!

Today, the two healthy owlets were moved out to be fostered with our resident display Barn Owls. Our resident Barn Owls, Harvey, Faye, and Minerva, are currently sitting on six eggs of their own. They successfully fostered another orphan in the past, so they should be excellent foster parents for these two.

As a note of interest, this is the first active Barn Owl nest that we have heard of in Mecklenburg County in the past nine years.

Okay but like I know we complain about Harry & Ginny naming their kid after Dumbledore & Snape but what if, okay, what if they’d already used up all the better names on their pets.

Like, James & Lily were reserved for their kids, but everything else was fair game. Hermione rescued a half-kneazle tomcat but it didn’t get along with Crookshanks, so Harry & Ginny take it in. One of the Hollyhead Harpies owns a Great Dane, and Ginny brings home the runt of the litter to bottle-feed. George brings over a box full of Pygmy Puffs and says they haven’t been selling well lately,the joke shop needs the floor space, could they maybe…?

Then Harry gets the reputation in the Auror department for taking in difficult pets, and every department that confiscates or impounds or rescues something that’s hard to re-home and can’t live in the wild starts bringing him their critters. He owls Hagrid for advice a lot, and some of the more dangerous creatures do go to live at Hogwarts, but most stay with the Potters.