Fiddlestan Summer Bonanza Day #6: Fireflies, Campfire, Suspicious 

Stanley and Fiddleford go out to help Ford find a monster, and in order to get some alone time with him he suggests that he and Fidds set up the camp while Ford scouts the area. 

Later on Stan is trying to put the moves on Fidds the monster that Ford was looking for finds them, and neither of them notice because Stan is too busy flirting and Fiddleford is looking for monsters in the wrong direction. XD

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Hello :DDDD We (me and a friend) just discovered your tumblr, or more accurately your Emperor Hux and Hound Ren (but we did pass an embarassing lot of time fangirling about your other Kylux art) and we just fell in love with it >w< .. And so we want to cosplay it 8'D Can you please describe us the outfit of the two so we can grasp it better ? I know it's based on the space-emo comics (bless <3) but since you kinda did the big fanart I figure I should ask you :s anyway your work are awesome <3

Hey! sorry it took so long to get around to doing this, but i got the ok and pulled together a few refs. the designs dont belong to me, they belong to @space-emos , who came up with their wonderful uniforms~

The rings though are my design, but theyre prob too difficult to put into a cosplay i just wanted to put them out there. hux in white and ren in black, i was thinking about adding some white to ren to inspire a sort of yin yang but eh

Y’all Are So Funny...

Why are all of you so threatened by @theowldetective‘s theories?

If RIley&Lucas and Maya&Josh are canon, and are going to be, “together forever”, why do you care so much about the theories she makes still?

All of you talk how her and other Lucaya fans are so condescending and rude and how she, “refuses to listen to any other opinions that don’t fall with her beliefs.” Yet I can point out a number of situations not just with Lucaya, but with all of the characters, where points have been made that the show has made clear as day, yet all of you just plugged your ears and turned the other way, because you didn’t want to believe it, and still don’t believe it.

I could bring up those points, but all of them would be ignored because all you think is, “Nothing matters, you’re all wrong because Riley and Lucas are together and Maya and Josh are together! Lucaya was never happening and never will!”

And what about when you guys make theories, huh? What, it’s okay for you guys to make theories because yours were, “right” or your ships are “canon”, but no one else is allowed to make theories because you think it’s never going to happen?

And as for that big post about her, “corrupting children” that so many of you loved.



You guys always accuse Lucaya shippers as only caring about the ship, that they don’t care about anything else. And I’m positive there are those out there; just watching because they think Lucaya has, “chemistry.” But the attacks you all send, and all this anger you have for her…..you can all try to say it’s because you think she over-analyzes, or “corrupts the children”, or whatever.

But I think it’s because you guys hate that someone is taking the time to look deep into a ship that isn’t the one you support. That she has a big following, and that even though Riley&Lucas and Maya&Josh are together, many still have hope based on what she says, and that is pissing you off.

She rarely comes onto people’s posts of the “opposite ship” to express her opinions. People ask her the questions, and she answers. And a big portion of them are a lot of you sending her hate because you don’t like what she’s saying. She doesn’t, “show off” telling people what to do. People come to her. It’s your choice to go to her page.  Sorry if you have a problem with people who are intelligent.

So, if you want all analyzers who support Lucaya (and Riarkle as well) to disappear, so everyone can see the show as you see it, that’s not happening. Because you can’t do that.  You don’t like her theories? Absolutely fine!

But, maybe try making some good arguments to try for discussion instead of making post after post about wanting her “destroyed.”

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Takizawa ate his own family? When? Where?

When he goes half-kakuja at the auction, he starts talking about eating his mom’s organs and apologizing saying he couldn’t help it. The exact line is hidden in scrambled kanji apparently, and is not in the translation, but people were talking about it during the action? @harostar has a post on it here [x]

My poor Owl child… you didn’t deserve that. Aogiri brand torture is brutal, whether it comes from the top (Eto, probably Tatara) or the people housed in its branches (Yamori, Torso, even Kanou, eventually).