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You know, I love your Au stories of Lance, especially of the centaur lance, parasite Lance and Thundercat Lance. I admit I am now into Lancelot shipping and sometimes I kinda imagine if Lotor captures Centaur Lance, would Lotor make him as his personal hourse ?

I’ve gotten a bunch of asks for centaur Lance and Lotor, so I whipped up this crappy picture.

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Just wondering but what are all the admins' opinions on Snape?

Personally I’m not a huge fan. There are a lot of things Snape did that I can’t forgive and I definitely would not like to know him in real life. However I think we still need to appreciate his contribution to the story, he forces people to question the line between love and infatuation and the lengths people go to in its name

My problem is the way the fandom treats Snape. Half view him as a god amongst men, completely forgiven for any wrongs as they were performed in the name of love, he’s idolised and any faults are ignored. The other half view Snape as the literal devil but do so with incredible double standards. I’ve met so many people who hate Snape but forgive the Malfoys for simply being a product of their surroundings, or hail Pansy as the ultimate feminist icon

JK Rowling created incredibly characters, each with many flaws and that’s what makes them so inspiring. Snape was incredibly problematic. He was the wizarding equivalent of a racist, using slurs against people he supposedly loved. He verbally abused children and took advantage of his position of power, behaving in a completely unacceptable way for an educator. However he also ultimately tried to protect Harry, even if he wasn’t happy about it

Snape is not a nice person and I certainly wouldn’t want him as a friend, but he’s a complex and engaging character and the series is richer for his presence 


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I know this is a weird thing to ask but do you think that a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin would invent one day, when attending a wild party, a spell that can prevent pregnancy? My Slytherin best friend has been insisting that it would be her house fellows, not mine, since they are sorta practical and cautious when it comes to this.

I feel like maybe it would be a team effort. The slytherin would probably be the one to realise the issue and want a more practical solution and they’d approach the ravenclaw to work out how to achieve their goal. Ravenclaws tend to be a bit off in their own world so might not have identified the issue, but they’re often creators at heart be that engineering, art, or inventions. The ravenclaw would be the one to come up with proposals for solutions, scrap parchment would litter the floor as various theories were disproven and improved. When the spell is finally perfected, they decide to share the credit. You need both a critical mind and innovation to create something worthwhile 


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Honestly I hate Snape and one of y'all tagged it with "and dumbledore too" and like can you just vent about that because I have so many feelings about dumbledore that just don't get said

i was so scared someone was gonna start shit about this but thank you anon, come talk shit w/me about this on my main blog @cappoquin so we don’t spam a blog that’s meant for headcanons about slytherins