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fellfromfiction  asked:

I'm Gryffindor, but my sister, mum and dad are all Hufflepuff - any head canons for a lone familial Gryffindor?

Ah I feel you, this is me too except my family is Ravenclaws and Slytherins. Here you go love:

  • Constantly trying to convince the family to go somewhere more exciting for holiday than Uncle Earl’s again.
  • Begging your parents to send you to Quidditch summer camp but they say “it’s just too dangerous for a child”
  • Playing auror and sneaking around the house, attacking your siblings and screaming about catching “that guy we don’t talk about”
  • Being the pickiest eater and constantly getting teased for it by the whole family
  • Negotiating with your dad for him to let you dye all of your clothes scarlet when you get into Gryffindor. He was right, you did sorta regret it.
  • Stealing all your sibling’s holiday sweets and eating them all in one sitting so you become extremely sick
  • Constantly being babied by your entire family, who all agree you can’t take care of yourself properly
  • But at the same time driving your family up the wall, like they are constantly exasperated with you
  • Always having more dates than your siblings and trying to teach them your smooth ways
  • But when they do get dates you have a “talk” with “this scum” about not hurting your precious family if they value their nose the shape it is
  • Trying to climb the chimney in your house “to see where it goes” and getting yelled out shrilly by your parents and older siblings about “reckless endangerment” 
  • You’re a bit of a hot mess, but you keep your family on their toes and they love you for it