owl with camera


As mentioned before, I was going to spam post some sketches that I’ve been doing. 

These lovely characters, the Waffle Crew, belong to ProJared, Commander Holly, Natewantstobattle and Anna Prosser Robinson from their Dungeons and Dragons game on Dice, Camera Action. 

A bit late on the waffle train, but I’m catching up hopefully. 

Plan to colour soon…..maybe. 


I wanted to draw the kids (and maybe Stan) comforting Ford after he’s been saved from Bill (and that dreadful leash), but then I thought - since drawings of this moment exist, why not make an animation. This one’s a quickie and kinda rough, but I wanted to get the idea across with a minimal amount of frames.

Muggleborns have the Internet
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need an Owl to send a message? Hahaha We have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need books and a library to research something? Hahaha We have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need a magical camera to make your photos move? Hahaha we have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need to physically travel to a bank to check on your funds, and to get money? Hahaha we have the Internet.
  • Muggleborn: Oh you need a Quill and Parchment that you need to measure out to write stuff and do homework? Hahahahaha we have a Computer for that, which is how you access the Internet.
  • Purebloods: What an "Internet"?
  • Muggleborns: -.-
  • Muggleborns:
  • Muggleborns:
  • Muggleborns: You don't know what the Internet it? We will need the Internet for this.






“Being temporary doesn’t make something matter any less, because the point isn’t for how long, the point is that it happened.”
Robyn Schneider, Extraordinary Means


Owl4a by Lynne Falterbauer
Via Flickr:
Great Horned Owl Montgomery Township “Whoooo is down there!” The owl was very high in the tree and I could barely see it. It was very windy and I lucked out that it blew the branches off of the owl so my shot turned out.