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Wrong House

Prompt: My neighbor’s sibling got the wrong house number and barged into my apartment on accident

Pairing: H2OVanoss


It was early in the morning and Evan had just gotten up. He grudgingly got up, walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Evan poured himself some coffee and sat down in the living room. He turned on the tv and watched some random tv show that was on.

While Evan was mindlessly watching whatever was on tv, he heard the front door slam open and a voice yell “I’M HOME BITCHES!” This caused Evan to jump as he didn’t know who the voice belonged to.

He got up and slowly walked to the kitchen to find a man in a blue hoodie raiding his kitchen. “Ahem.” The stranger turned around to face Evan with a poptart hanging out of his mouth.

They both were surprised at each other’s presence. The poptart fell out of the guys mouth and onto the floor as he said “Well you’re not Luke.”

Luke? Wasn’t that his neighbor…?

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Daughter of (Athena) Tony Stark Part 3

Okay here’s part 3.  I wrote most of this when I was suppose to be doing a book report so I hope you like it.  In the next Chapter were going to go through Iron Man 1 and 2 and maybe go the Camp Half Blood!  hope you enjoy.

SummarySofi Stark thought she had enough just being the daughter of Tony Stark, but now she also has the pressure of being the daughter of an actual goddess.  Not only that but now sh has this weird boy who has the same power and name sake of her worst fear following hear around.  Now she has to balance both her mortal life and her demigod life.  How can her life get any weirder?

back to the start

I grew up with a pretty normal childhood.  Well as normal as it can be when you have tony stark as your father.  He tried to keep me under the radar from everyone. For the first couple of months of my life the only four people knew i existed, Dad (duh), Pepper (again duh), my dad’s bodyguard Happy, and my own body guard Cole. Cole is a muscular man with really butch facial features.  He is 20 years older than me with messy brown hair that he always pushes back with his left hand.  He looks all tough and mean, but when he’s with me he’s very gentle and nice.  I always saw him as an older brother, somebody to look up too.  I use to often question him and my dad why would a baby need a bodyguard?  I got the same answer every time i asked it, “You never know what crazy person is going to show up a ruin our fun time.”  I also felt it was strange how young he was when he started working for my dad.  I mean what type of 20 year old gets a job guarding somebody of high importance.

I’m getting off topic.  The secret was out of the bag when i was 8 months old.  My dad’s business partner, Obadiah Stane or Orbie as dad called him, came bursting into our house demanding to know why Dad has not been in the office for the last six months.  At the time Dad was feeding me my lunch, and being an 8 month old baby of course this scared me and started me crying.  Dad glared at Orbie as he stood shock staring at me as i continued to cry.  “Tony what in the hell is going on here?” Orbie asked still in shocked.

“What’s going on here is you scared my poor, little, baby, girl.  Who just barges into somebody’s house yelling at people?” Dad asked getting a little defensive.  He turn his attention back to me bouncing me up and down trying to calm me down,” It’s okay baby girl.  Shh, shh.  Daddy’s here.”  After a few minutes I finally calmed down and was back to my giggly self, “Aw there we go.  There’s my little happy owl,” dad muttered down to me.

“Hey boss I heard yelling, is everything okay?” Cole ask coming down the stairs holding what appeared to be a regular broom.  At least that what it looked like to mortals.

“Everything’s fine Cole, we just have a very rude business partner who apparently thinks that it’s okay to just burst into people’s homes.  Go back to your break,” Dad told Cole who nodded and head back up stairs, “What do you want Obie?” Dad asked the older man, with an almost warning tone in his voice.

While this was all going on Obie just stood there shocked.  If this was an anime he would have had his soul flying out of his body.   He was finally pulled out of his shocked when Tony addressed him.  “I’m here because you’ve haven’t been to the office in 6 months, and you’ve barely send any of the paperwork you get back and when you do it takes weeks for you to do it!”  Obie asked finally comprehending that THE Tony Stark is holding and feeding a baby. “Why do you have a baby?” He asked not beating around the bush.

“This is my daughter, Sofi.” Dad introduced me shifting me so he can burp me.

“One of those one-night-stands finally caught up with you?,” Orbie asked laughing a bit. “Are you sure she’s your’s?”  He asked his voice losing his playful edge.

“I’m positive.  I did a paternity test as soon as i got her.” Dad said feeling a little offended that his business partner and family friend would think he wouldn’t check.

“I just wanted to make sure,” Orbie said putting his hands up in surrender. “She is quite the cutie though.  Can i hold her?” He asked holding out his hands.

“Sure just watch her head.  She’s still really young.” Tony said gently handing you over to his friend.

“Hey there Sofi.  I’m your uncle Orbie, and you’re just the cutest little thing, aren’t you?” Orbie told me in a baby voice, “Tony if she has even half of your looks and charms, you’re going to have to beat the boys away with a stick.” Orbie joke.

“Please don’t remind me, I just want to enjoy the time i have where i don’t have to worry about boys,” Tony groaned sinking into the couch.

“I wouldn’t count on that being so far away with that face Tony,” Orbie told him laughing as I started to grab onto his face.  “Tony real talk time.  You can’t stay here until she grows up, and you also can’t keep her hidden forever.” Orbie told dad in a serious voice.

“I know Orbie, but what am i supposed to do?”

“Introduce her to the public.  Let the media see you caring father side.  Then you’ll be able to take her to the office with you, and this would look really good the our clients and investors,” Orbie said going to sit by Dad. “Just picture it, ‘Billionaire turned single dad’, ‘Brilliant inventor working towards a better future for his daughter’, and so many more Tony.  You have to do this.” Orbie said getting closer to my dad trying to get him to agree.

Dad thought about it for a few moments.  If he did finally go public with you, he could get back to work to provide for you.  And then you can come to work with him, and he can teach you all sorts of things.  “Okay I’ll introduce Sofi to the public, but not right now give me until she’s one year old.  I’ll introduce her on her birthday, but for now i want to keep things as they are.” Dad saw that Orbie was about to protests so he added, “If you let me do this i promise that i’ll do better at this working from home thing.  I’ll sign paperwork, video call into conferences, and I’ll do interviews again, just let me hold this back until her first birthday.” Tony bargained.

“Okay, but you better keep your end of the deal,” Orbie warned.  Dad smiled wide and nodded his head.

After that Dad got better at balancing work with me.  He still spent a lot of time with me, but he set aside 4 hours a day for getting work done.  And he spent the rest of the day with me.

The 4 months passed in a blink of an eye for my dad.  Before he knew it was my first birthday.  Dad had planned an owl theme birthday, complete with a soft, gray, owl stuffed animal, I so brilliantly named Hoot.  Of course I couldn’t talk yet so I just called it Hoo.  Everybody my dad was close to was invited to that party. It’s how I meet Rhodey.  He ,of course, was shocked to find out his playboy buddy was a dad.   He looked down at the curly, dark, haired girl.  It’s as obvious that I got my hair from dad, but my shining gray eyes must have been from my mom.  The military man looked down at me, and smiled.  Rhodey knew that I would be good for his friend.  Dad needed something to keep him grounded, with me around he would have a reason to better himself as a person.

The party went great all of dad friends loved me and we all had a great time.  But like all fun things it had to come to an end.  Dad had schedule the press conference to introduce me to the world at 5 pm, that way I should be up from my nap at the time of the conference and awake enough to not be grumpy.  


Tony paced around backstage of the press conference.  ‘How will they react?  How will Sofi react to all the cameras and people?’  Tony wondered.  He heard his daughter’s giggled and looked up to see her playing with her new stuffed owl in Cole’s arms.  He knew that if became too much for her Cole would spirit her out of the conference ASAP.  Tony took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

“Hey it’s time to begin, are you ready?” Pepper asked walking up to her boss.

“Yahea, I’m ready,” Tony told her before looking back at Cole, “You know your cue right?”

“Yehea boss,  I come out with Sofi when you say ‘I would like you all the meet my daughter Sofi Stark,’,” Cole said doing his best Tony impression (which to be fair wasn’t that good) as he quoted the older man.

Tony rolled his eyes at the young man, before giving a nod to Happy to tell him it’s time to walk out.  Happy nodded back and pulled the curtain far enough back for Tony to get on stage, but not so much that the reporters can see the baby girl in the other body guard’s arms.  As Tony walked out onto the stage flashes of lights from cameras started to go off immediately.  Reporters  started to yell out question after question, like he was going to stop on his way to the podium in the middle of the stage to answer their questions.  Tony quickly made it to the podium and tapped on the mike three times to get the crowd to quiet down.  It was another five minutes before the crowd was finally silent.  Tony looked out into the sea of reporters and started to talk, “I would like to thank everyone who came out for this press conference,  I may or may not answer questions at the end of the conference so either way hold your questions till the end.”  The crowd laughed at what they thought was a joked.  “So anyway Stark industries have some major things in the works right now including a new missile that is in early stages of development.” Tony started to talk about all the things Stark industries was working on, stalling for the real reason why they were all here.  After about 10 minutes he ran out of things to say, he had no other choice than to make the big announcement.  “And there is one more reason why you’ve all been called here today.  The Stark family has gained a new member,” there were gasps of shocked throughout the room, “I know I know.  I would like you all to meet my daughter Sofi Stark!” Tony exclaimed making a grand jester with his hands to the curtain covered stairs where Cole was walking through with little Sofi in his arms.  The crowd went crazy.  Reporters started yelling questions, cameras were going off left and right, the room was in chaos.

Tony looked over to his daughter, and could see all of the commotion was upsetting her.  She was on the brink of tears and was wiggling in Cole’s arms.  “SHUT UP!!!” Tony yelled into the microphone, the room quieted instantly.  Tony looked out into the mob of reporters, “You are upsetting her.  She is just a little girl and is still scared of loud noises, so i will answer questions now, but one at a time and only those who are called on.”  After the final sentence left his mouth almost all the hands in the room shot up.  “You in the blue,” Tony called pointing to a woman in the front row.

“Is Sofi your biological daughter?  If so where is her mother?”

“Yes Sofi is my biological daughter, can’t you see the resemblance?” Tony asked getting a chuckle from the crowd, “Sofi’s mother was just a fling i had last year.  She drop Sofi off with me 2 months after she was born giving up all maternal rights she had to her.”  Tony finished the answer.  

This continued for almost a hour.  Tony would call on people, they asked their questions, he answer them.  It was all going well until he called on this one reporter, “I have no doubt that this girl is your daughter Stark, but are we to believe that you took her in out of the love of your heart?” the reporter asked malice clear in his voice, “How do we know that this isn’t just another publicity stunt?”

Tony saw red for a second, he took a deep breath and let out through his teeth, “How dare you say something like that.  I know I’m not the best human in the world but I would never stoop so low as to use my own daughter like that.  This press conference is over.  Any questions you may still have should be directed to our publicity department.”  With that Tony stormed off the stage, stopping to take his daughter into his arms, and give her a gentle squeeze, before continuing on to backstage.

After that day Tony rarely brought Sofi with him to press conferences.  It was obvious she didn’t enjoy all the attention and noise from people she considered strangers.  Tony started to bring her to work with him though.  It was very rare for Tony to be seen at the office without Sofi.  If she wasn’t with him, then she was either with Pepper, Cole, Happy, or Rhodey if he was in town.  


5 years later

Sofi had what she considered a perfect life growing up.  Sure her dad still continued in his playboy ways, but he did cut down on it.  Tony saved one night stands for special occasions, like big parties, or getting big awards, and only when Sofi was not with him at the event.  And on the rare occasion when he brought them back home, he made sure that your room was restricted for them to walk into.  One of these occasions happened February 12, 2009.  


It was 7 AM when woke up for the day.  I sprung out of bed and got dress in my favorite sundress, it was red with a gold belt that ended at my knees.  I knew dad was leaving today to go demonstrate one of his new inventions, and that he’ll be gone for about a week, so I wanted to make sure I got up in time to have breakfast with him.  After I ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth I rushed out into the hallway.  I made it to the living room/kitchen just in time to see Pepper shove a woman I never seen before out of the house.

Pepper turned around, spotting me.  “Good morning Sofi,  have you’ve been up for long?” Pepper asked bending down to my level.

“No I just wanted to make sure I was able to see dad before he leaves,” I said swinging my arms around, “Oh I also wanted to give you something!”  I quickly turned around and ran back into my room to grab the card I made for Pepper.  As I ran back into the livingroom/kitchen, I slid to a stop in front of Pepper holding out the card to her.  It was nothing fancy just a picture of her, me, and dad, all holding hands with the words happy birthday written over us.

“Oh I love it Sofi,” Pepper said pulling me into a hug.

“Is she gone?” Dad asked peeking out from another room.

“Yeah she’s gone,” Pepper said.  As they started I move into the kitch.

“Hello Ms. Stark should I prepare your usual breakfast?” Jarvis asked as I sat down at the kitchen island.

“Yes please Jarfis,” I answered still having trouble with the v sound.  

“Very well miss,” Jarvis said starting the program to make my breakfast of chocolate chip waffles, Sunny D, and apple slices.  

There was a ding to signal that it was done.  Dad walked over to hand me my breakfast.  “Jarvis make me the same with coffee please,” Tony ordered.  Jarvis gave his reply, then dad turned to me, “Why didn’t you tell me it was Pepper’s birthday today?”  Dad asked looking down at me.

“Because I thought you knew, you’re the one that told me how to write Happy Birthday,” I said digging into my breakfast as dad got his own.

“Tony you have to leave for the plane in half an hour or you’re going to miss your flight, finish quick and get ready,” Pepper told him.

“How can I miss the flight?  It’s my plane it’s not going to take off without me?”  Tony whined looking down at me.

“Yeah dad and Rhodey’s the only ones going why does he have to leave so early?”  I pouted crossing my arms over my chest.

“Sorry Sofi, but it’s a must.  Come on Tony,” Pepper said as dad finished his last bit of breakfast.

“Okay I’m moving I’m moving.  I’m sorry owl but we can’t put off leaving any longer.” Dad said giving my forehead a kiss.  Dad walked towards his room to grab his suitcase.  He walked back into the livingroom to give his last goodbye to me.  “Okay, it’s time for me  to go.  Now you listen to Cole and Pepper.” He said kneeling down to my level.  I nod to show I understand, “Good I love you Sofi,” Dad said looking me in the eyes.

“I love you too dad.  Do you promise to come back?”  I asked.

“Of course I’ll come back.  Don’t even think like that okay,”  Dad said looking into my eyes.  

“I’ll miss you,” I said jumping forward and wrapping my arms around his neck.

He hugged me back tightly, “I’ll miss you too.”

I let go of him as he left through the door.  If I knew what was going to happen to him while he was gone I would have never let him go, because this was the trip that turned my dad into Iron Man.

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Philippa Eilhart headcanons? Please? Pretty please?

Witcher Headcanons: Philippa Eilhart

  • Philippa’s home is littered with Owl memorabilia. She has many statues and paintings of owls. And when she is alone, she will either sleep in owl form or with an owl stuffed animal.
  • Philippa was succesfully able to regain her eyesight although she still sometimes wheres the blindfold out of routine.
  • Philippa secretly admires Geralt for his stubbornness and sarcasm.
  • After the events of The Witcher 3, Phil helped Margarita reopen Aretuza and teaches there occasionally.
  • Philippa and Ciri had a drunken fling one night. They both swore never to tell Geralt or Yennefer.
  • After the kingdoms were returned to normal with Radovid dead, Dijkstra has become the leader of Redania. Philippa has since repaired their relationship solely for the purpose of political power. At least that is what she claims.
  • Although she doesn’t show it, she is very saddened by the deaths of all the sorceresses that she knew.
  • Whenever the remaining Lodge members get together, Philippa orchestrates sleepovers that they have together.

Sorry, I can’t think of very many! If you have any of your own, feel free to reblog and add them or reply with them! If I think of any more than I will add them. Thanks for reading! :)

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                      *&& || Christmas wasn’t exactly something he celebrated often. When he was younger, the holiday mostly revolved around his mother taking him to look at Christmas lights before they spent the night in some hotel room or with one or her friends, not actually returning home until three days later. It wasn’t something he has had to deal with since he took off and maybe the lack of celebration was why he saw no reason in doing anything for most holidays now that he was on his own. But the idea of not celebrating at all when Mia was around sounded unfair. It’s what led him to sitting on the couch, body leaning forward so elbows could rest on his knees as hues watched her open the gifts he had gotten her. They were normal, things he’d get her on a weekly basis anyway; new coloring books, far too many crayons because he was sure she’d lost half of them by now, another owl stuffed animal because ‘Mr. Owl might be grumpy because he wants a friend’, small things. The only real unexpected gift had to be the tiny box holding the collar he had found when shopping around for soft rope. It was a gift he had gotten without really thinking about it. It was small, adorable, had a tiny label on the front that said 'Princess’, it fit her too well for him not to place it on the check out counter just before paying. ❝I’m just saying, maybe Mr. Owl is just lonely, that’s why he’s so grumpy all the time.❞ His voice pulled out as if that would entirely pull the attention away from the humorous gift.

My dad got me an owl(dad) plushy at the hospital gift shop in exchange for magnetic putty that was also a birthday present that didn’t work. So I opened up another package to check to see if it was just my one that was defective but that one didn’t work either so my dad got me this because it was only four dollars more

He’s so cute and soft and i love my dad for getting him for me skrees