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Everyone has heard the phrase “a murder of crows” to describe a large group of the birds. On the other hand, few know the other important phrases, born of the 1486 Book of Saint Albans. (Specifically, its list on the Compaynys of Beestys and Fowlys.) Magpies come in tidings. Owls in parliaments. Grackles in plagues. Lapwings in deceits. And the ravens come in an unkindness, or a conspiracy. Be kind to those who wear feathers and call the air home, be respectful. But do not forget the distant wisdom in how they were named.


Hogwarts Express | Jimin

Pairing: reader x jimin ft. Taehyung | Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff

Summary: You were nervous to delve into the unknown Wizard world, but luckily for you, Jimin was there to help.

A/N: I’’ve been drowning in Harry Potter & BTS AUs lately, so I decided to finally write one. This was inspired by this . I orignally planned a one-shot for this, but decided that it’d be best to write sort of like an intro for it. So consider this a prologue. It’s not that eventful, but it’s the start to the relationship between Jimin and the reader. Also, this is set after the events that occurred in Harry Potter.

Word Count: 2,929

Other Slytherin Jimin AUs: Sorting Hat |  The Howler

“Platform nine and three quarters.” You whispered to yourself as you stared down at a map. It was given to you along with your Hogwarts acceptance letter to help you find your way to the train. According to the map, you were standing just in front of it. But instead of a train or sign with the correct platform number, you found yourself standing in front of a tall, red brick pillar.

“Are you sure it’s here, sweetie?” Your mother asked. She was just as confused as you and worried, very worried. You could tell by the tone of her voice that what she was really asking was: “Are you sure you want to do this, sweetie?”

Ever since your first Hogwarts acceptance letter, she’d been skeptical. You say first, because it took many letters for your parents to finally be convinced that Hogwarts wasn’t a scam and very much real. They’d tuck away the letters from your view until one night, a parliament of owls came storming into your house, dropping off dozen copies of the same letter along with books and guides to the Wizarding world. Books that you immersed yourself in for the past weeks to prepare yourself for this day, but seemed to be of no use, considering you couldn’t even find your way to the Hogwarts Express.

“I asked the security guard and he laughed, saying there’s no such thing. You should’ve seen the look he gave me when I asked.” You heard your father’s voice as he approached you.

“Sweetie, let’s just go home.” Your mother said as she wrapped an arm around you, steering you away from the brick pillar.


You turned around and were faced with the sight of a beautiful family of four. Both the mother and father stared at you and your parents in a curious and fascinated manner, as if they had never seen people like you. But you couldn’t say much about it, considering you stared back at them in awe. They all seemed ethereal and carried a heavy, graceful aura. You could sense that they were powerful and most likely a respected family in their society.

Your gaze lingered on the two boys, particularly the one who had caught your eye the moment you turned around. He seemed to be around your age. He had fine silver hair and mesmerizing light colored eyes just like his mother. The younger boy had raven black hair and dark wide eyes and he stood beside the silver-haired boy, smiling at you timidly.

The silver haired boy smiled sheepishly as he met your eyes and quickly turned to glare at his mom. “Mother, you don’t just greet people like that!”

Muggles?” Your mother muttered under her breath. She had no idea what the word meant, but it was clear to all of you that she was offended.

You smiled up at your mother in a reassuring manner, hoping she’d read the look in your eyes before she acted irrationally. Tugging her hand, you stood on your toes to whisper in her ear: “Muggles is a non-derogatory term used to describe people who can’t practice magic.” 

“Pardon my manners, I’ve never been face to face with ordinary people like you.” The boys’ mother explained herself. “I’m Park Sowon. This is my husband and these two are my lovely boys—Jimin and Jungkook. It’s very nice to meet you.”

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Since the english language has words for every group of birds, like murder of crows, parliament of owls or a brood of hens, I am convinced they would have given silly group names to dromaeosaurids too if they were alive today.

Imagine that; swiftness of Velociraptors, assembly of Deinonychus, squadron of Microraptors, Jury of Utahraptors, etc.

Places for blackbirds to hide

Nestled in the secret velvet stash; in the bead box with one eye visible; in the hearts and minds of people who love blackbirds and are not inclined to interpret things literally; splayed flat against the back of the blackboard; up amongst the oncoming stormclouds; with the other blackbirds who knows how many thousands of them in the dark cellar; under the hat of the world hide and seek champion; over there no behind you no wait the other way; inside a feather pillow; in the inside pocket of the undertaker’s suit; in a starling murmuration at twilight; under the dock of the parliament of owls; in dreams; in ashes.

Better Than Batman? Yes he is!

Nightwing Vol 1: Better Than Batman - Review

So, even though i’ve tried my hardest to make sure that the rest of my reviews have been fairly balanced, I’m gonna have to apologise in advance for being completely biased here. Nightwing is my favourite superhero and when I found out that he was going back to his masked days, I was literally like a kid on Christmas Day.

‘Better Than Batman’ starts off with Dick Grayson finding out that he can be Nightwing again due to some Spyral device that made everyone forget who he was. Naturally he can’t sit still and decides that he’s gonna have to don the blue and black costume again in order to take down another bad guy. This time it’s the recently renamed Parliament of Owls. Pretending to work for them, he teams up with a rather shady guy called Raptor in order to do work for the Parliament whilst trying to take them down. Along the way though, he discovers more about himself and more worryingly that his partner has an old connection to his mother.

Where do I start? Apart from the fact that i’m glad he’s back in black and blue, I thought that the plot of the novel was actually really good, in fact just as the title suggests, a lot better than some of the Batman issues that were released. Also giving him a partner that reminds him more of him than Batman was really interesting to watch.

The artwork was great, and I had absolutely no complaints there whatsoever. I will say, the Ivan Reis Variant covers are something else. It was so difficult to pick one to put in this article, just amazing! Overall, this was something else, I know i’m biased but still. 

Favourite Panel:

More than anything, reading Nightwing’s internal thoughts kept me extremely amused.

You’ll like this if:

1) You’re a massive fan of Nightwing

2) You like characters questioning their upbringing

3) You love characters with a little banter

My overall rating:


How To Be A Badass Babysitter, A Guide By Jason Todd

So @preciousthingsareprecious sent me this headcannon by @acesontodd and we got our heads together, started brainstorming, and then ended up writing a fic! Yes, I know, another to add to the pile, but this one is super fun and full of Damian and Jason bonding over not trying to die!

Chapter 1: How To Lose A Child After Being In Charge For 20 Minutes

The doorbell rang, which was odd. Jason’s doorbell never rang; he would know since he disassembled it himself specifically to avoid uninvited guests. There were only three people that would dare to touch his doorbell, and Tim was off-planet. Which meant it was Bruce or Dick. Jason peered through the peephole, fully expecting to give Dick a lengthy lecture on privacy and boundaries, when he stopped short. He was dreaming. He had to be. That was the only reason for what he was seeing.

Bruce rang the doorbell again, and Jason frowned—okay so maybe he wasn’t dreaming. He unlocked the door and cracked it open.

“Is this the apocalypse?”

“What?” Bruce frowned.

“You know, jefe. Fire raining from the sky, total anarchy in the streets… otherwise known as the end of the world? There’s no other reason I can figure for you being at my apartment during the day.”

“I need a favor.”

Jason blinked. “Okay, so yes to the apocalypse. You might as well come in.” He swung the door open wide and Bruce stepped inside looking around.

Jason closed the door and leaned against it, arms crossed. “Well?”

Bruce finished his examination of the living room, and Jason couldn’t tell if he was satisfied or disappointed. “I need you to watch Damian for a couple of days.”

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Snippet from Star Wars: Ahsoka by E.K.Johnston
Voiced by Ashley Eckstein

This is a bad recording because I was playing this book on my phone and also recording it on my phone (the actual audiobook is clear and lovely), but I’ve seen this quote from this book come around on my dash before. It, of course, rang true reading it (because HOLY BUTTS is Ahsoka right about her Masters), but it just sounds so amazing in Ahsoka’s voice.

ALSO, I don’t know if there is an actual term for a group of Sith, but a Conspiracy of Sith sounds perfect. A parliament of owls, a murder of crows, a conspiracy of Sith….

Treasures of the Tar Pits, Mark Hallett, 1988

The proper terms of venery are a herd of bison, a band of horses, a murder of crows, a cast of hawks, an ambush of Smilodon, a bevy of quail, a thunder of mammoths, a clute of American camels, a buttress of mastodons, a treachery of dire wolves, a sounder of peccaries, a rake of teratorns, a mustering of storks, a confederacy of ground sloths, a sprig of pronghorns, a blink of dwarf pronghorns, slithe of short-faced bears, a wake of buzzards, a charm of magpies, a sedge of herons, a parliament of owls, a wrangle of caracas, a pack of coyotes, a sawt of cave lions, a flitch of stilt-legged llamas, a quiver of kestrels, and a rafter of turkeys.