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Why is everyone acting like Liam tole from the hem to buy all his flashy gear? That boy has been working his ass off for years in a band where he (and Zayn TBH ) is over looked and treated like shit ? The boy has been the backbone of 1D. If his ass wants to get a whole suit made of gold then he fucking better shove it up these ugly pressed stans ass. Lie naked in a bath of your HARD earned money Liam.


I don’t think I need to add anything more to what you said because !! every !! single !! word !!

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I feel like most people are looking for – and have been so for a while – an excuse to drag Liam (and Zayn) for anything and everything they do. Even when it makes no sense. Like you said, Liam has earned every bit of the wealth he owns, Zayn too, and Harry, Louis and Niall too, so why must people pounce on Liam for living his life? It’s not like the other 3 are hermits atop the Himalayas?

I don’t even get what the problem is. Liam is a celebrity whose humility and integrity is intact. He might wear fancy but he’s still a sweetheart because he folds blankets on the plane (my heart) and stops by and takes pics with fans and tells them it was nice to meet them!!! The Paynes raised a wonderful boy.

These are just petty baseless things to say though, you know? I mean, until yesterday, Liam was desperate and jealous of Harry so he wore Gucci and today he’s showing off. Do they hear themselves? XD

Liam has yet to put music out and butt-hurt people are already growing so salty? With Zayn, they were jealous because how dare anyone else drop solo music before their own fave!!! And with Liam, people have always been jealous because how dare this boy be so supreme, that too from the start, what!!!! No, honestly. This whole “he’s tryna be black” is definitely something I expected but even when Liam was being a white crooning boybander, y’all found him extra, and I am here like

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Hello! May I request a Dick x reader imagine where reader is his best friend (and is in love with him to the point they're willing to sacrifice themselves to save him) One day, on a mission they get kidnapped and brainwashed to become a weapon for the villains to manipulate and use against the heroes. In the middle of the fight, they're commanded to take down Nightwing but they can't do it. Good ending but extra angsty <33

Can I request a story where Dick’s friend is in love with him but he always has a girlfriend, maybe a happy ending? Pretty please

So my friends, I combined these two requests and created a MONSTER of a one shot. I hope you both like it!!!!! This was totally inspired by TS’s “Look What You Made Me DO” and I’m not even sorry lol. This imagine has a whole FREAKIN PLAYLIST omg.

Side note: This takes place when Dick  returns to Gotham for the Robin Wars. It’s edited to fit and for time but if your lost tl;dr: Dickie dies, goes on undercover super secret mission, comes back to Gotham for Robin wars, fucks with the Court of Owls

title: Hurt Tonight

themes: ANGST, unrequited to requited love, obtained powers, creepy Court of Owls, somewhat happy ok ending

warnings: mentions of torture and cognitive dissonance

The phone hit the wall so hard the glass screen shattered, and your hands went to your head, fingers gripping your hair as you screamed bloody murder in complete anguish. Dick was gone, Tim had just called to give you the news, voice as heartbroken as you were. You didn’t know how to feel; furious, vindictive, destroyed.

Destroyed was a good one.

The next few months you kept to yourself unless you were on missions with your team. You lost weight, you weren’t sleeping, you were throwing yourself into situations that could kill you. Your team all steered clear of you; when they had tried to coax you into discussing your feelings you had clammed right up, disappearing for a few days. After that, they decided having you here was better than having lost you. You built up a tough outer shell that nobody except Dick could crack, and your source of a rescue was long gone.

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A Panic Search

A.N. Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good day! This is a requested imagine. Remember you can always request imagines or headcanons! Enjoy!

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“Draco, stop!” I say laughing as Draco grabs my bum.

“Stop what?” he says smirking.

“Draco anyone could see you doing this!” I whisper scowling my husband looking around the busy street located in Diagon Alley.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” My five-year-old son Scorpius asked tugging on Draco’s sleeve.

“Nothing Scorp. Want to get some ice cream, buddy?”

“Yeah!” Scorp says jumping up and down.

“Draco he just ate he doesn’t-”

“Mummy, can I go look at that snowy owl?” Scorp points his small finger at a Snowy Owl that was in a black cage in front of Eeylops Owl Emporium.

“No Scorp it’s too-”

“Go ahead, just stay where we can see you.” Draco intervened


Scorpius took off running towards the snowy owl

I turn to face Draco. My back facing the direction Scorpius ran from.

“Draco, Scorpius is only five he can get lost.”

Draco shakes his head and puts his hand to my cheek.

“He is fine I can still see him-”

Draco face drops.


I turn around to see what he is looking at. Which was in the direction Scorp ran.

Looking at the caged owl I expected to see my little boy too.

But I didn’t.

All I saw was the snowy owl.


I ran from Draco to the owl to see if my little boy was there.

He wasn’t.

“Scorpius, where are you, buddy?”  Draco yelled.

Panic was running through my body now.

I felt somebody grab my hand.

“Y/N he couldn’t have gone far. Let’s check Florean Fortescue’s first.”

I nod my head and walk towards the ice cream shop.

That was the first store Draco and I took Scorpius to. He went absolutely nuts about how many flavors they had. Ever since every time we come to Diagon Alley we go to Florean Fortescue’s.

Draco went into the shop to look for him. I stayed outside in case I saw him walking down the street or in the window of another shop.

I sighed closing my eyes trying not to let my tears escape.

Is he okay?

Did anyone snatch him?

Is he looking for us too?

Does he think we abandoned him?


I jump slightly at Draco’s voice.

I look at him to see if Scorp is with him.

He isn’t.

Draco takes my hand once more and leads me onto the busy street.

Next, we search Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop, Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, and Ollivander’s.

All of the shops Scorp loves to visit.

We walk past Flourish and Blotts I see a flash of white-blond in the window from the corner of my eye.

I stop in my tracks and rush to the window.

“Y/N?” Draco questions following behind me.

“Draco! I found him!”

Scorpius was sitting in front of the window reading a book!

Tears of joy filled my eyes. Draco and I laugh and share a quick kiss before rushing into the bookstore.

We rush past the never ending aisles of books until we reach the one Scorpius occupied.


Scorp perked his head up from his book.

“Mummy and Daddy! Look what I’m reading!” He closed his book and raised it to show us the cover of the book.

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

      (A.n. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Draco laughs while he picked Scorp from his seat to give him a big hug.

After Draco embraced Scorp he put him on his feet. Draco kneeled in front of him.

“Please don’t make us worry like that ever again.”

Scorpius looked slightly confused but still said a small “okay”.

I laugh before giving my son and hug too.

“You know you’re reading one of my favorite books,” I say to Scorpius

“Really?” Scorpius eyes turned big in surprise.

“How about we go to Florean Fortescue’s,” said Draco standing up dusting his pants off. Reaching his hand out for me and Scorp to take.

After purchasing Fantastic Beast we went down the street to Florean Fortescue’s.

He is the same little boy we took to Florean Fortescue’s for the first time years ago.


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: I Would

6.1k words, G rated 

Fic by @torestoreamends, and art by @plati-arts.

Draco and Astoria visit the Manor for Boxing Day, and things don’t go very well. 

In Cursed Child, Scorpius talks about the moment when Draco defied Lucius and chose Astoria. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to write my version of that, and here it finally is, along with a beautiful illustration of one of the scenes by the amazing @platinasi, who inspired me to finally write this fic. 

Thanks to @bounding-heart for being my chief advisor on all things to do with the Malfoys, and thanks to @abradystrix for betaing. 

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Steven Universe Headcanon: Amethyst the Tarzan of the Gem world

Hey everyone hope you all are doing great ^^. So with the recent announcement of the hiatus on us and the time spent waiting for new episodes to arrive I decided to look back on all we have seen. And something caught my eye. Remember way way WAY back to Keep Beach City Weird?  Remember when the gems came storming in and are furious and all of them wanted to find Steven? Well there is something small I noticed in the scene that seems to be a recurring thing; Amethyst seems to be a bit more fearl and animal like then the others. While you may say “that is because she is from kindergarten” let me shine a little more light on this idea.

Amethyst has shown to seem animal like in things like having sharp teeth in “So many birthdays” and even “Barking” in Keep beach city weird. while this does point to the Kindergarten theory there is another episode that breaks this idea. that being A story for Steven. In here we see Amethyst doing odd things yet almsot natural for her

Her not only great transformations of animals but also how quick it is for her

Walking on all four legs, not crawling, literally walking and moving like that of a dog or other quadruped

 Not really understanding personal space, and interacting/greeting Greg like an animal

Why would a gem, kindergarten or not, be acting like that. Maybe if she ran on 2 legs I could ignore it, but she is literally running on all fours. Why would a gem do that unless she was young and playing pretend like a kids would do. But amethyst is possibly ALOT older. This stumped me and was bugging me for a long long time. Nothing seemed to make sense about it until I was watching the movie Tarzan.





We know Amethyst was alone for a LONG time, and the place is not seen by humans much. Even the landscape is very barren, showing a skull or 2. For a newly emerged gems, especially one with a low attention span, this place was not doubt DULL with only rocks to play with. I could see Amethyst be afraid to leave the place but be bored out of her mind trying to pass the time and she’d start to look past the borders from the tops of the cliff ledges. Through her exploration she might spot animals of all kinds, in a not so far of area. She may see them together as a family and want to be like them. Searching for something to seem like she belonged. She’d try and think about them and be like them, and suddenly learn to transform. It might not be the best of whatever she was trying for, but end up passing at least. She’d try and get close to them and find that at least for a small amount of time she’d think they would accept her.  No doubt it would fail once they see the gem and the odd design and run off, leaving amethyst alone and going back to her place. But she’d keep trying, and trying and spend her time practicing and perfecting her powers till she would be able to bond with other animals

Maybe like this

Or even this

She would no doubt stay close to the kindergarten, or at least go back every so often, but spend enough time with many different animals to know their ways and be like them. She pick up on habits like walking on all fours, snarling and growling, and keep becoming different animals to find one that fit her and she could belong. Once she was found by Rose, Garnet and Pearl, she’d see she was like them, and no doubt want to learn everything she could. Rose would no doubt put pearl in her care and have her learn things like like walking on 2 legs, talking, and maybe even reading and other gem aspects. It would also explain why Pearl was so protective of her in “A story for Steven” and why she seems to look a lot like pearl, since she’d be trying to do what she did in her past; learn and copy to fit in with the beings around her.

While I think she would eventually mostly grew out of her animal ways, I bet whenever she was angry, frustrated, or even overly excited, she’d revert back to being like an animal, and result in things like

That is why she walks on four legs and is animal like. That is why she is always transforming into animals and why she is so good at transforming. Little Amethyst is just doing what she was no doubt for a while probably grew up around. 

I know it maybe odd, silly or far fetched. But something tells me our purple Gem has a lot of Secrets under that tough skin of hers.

owl issue

I was reading Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts to write and I’m very sorry I just realised this but Vernon and Petunia sent a present to Harry. There are no post offices that deliver to Hogwarts. They HAD to use an owl. Now imagine Vernon Dursley tying an envelope to an owl’s leg. 

Vernon: the bloody bird won’t sit still. How is it gonna deliver it anyways? Does it know how to read? Its a stupid bird. *owl bites his finger* PETUNIA DEAL WITH THIS I’M DONE. Do we have to do this? I think not. Neighbours are gonna see us. Take it inside and deal with it here. 

Petunia: B-but my carpets? 

Vernon: I don’t give a damn about the carpets. What would we say if they see us trying to tie a bloody envelope to the leg of a bloody owl?

*Petunia takes the owl in and ties the letter to it’s leg as she has seen Lily do it hundreds of times before*