owl mountain


Awww yeah, this ended up being a productive week after all! And what’s more, I’m actually pretty pleased with the first three custom Aequis layouts. 

Top is a desert type based on a rufous legged owl, second is a mountain type based on a lammergeier, and third is a mountain type based on an osprey.

Next, color studies/last custom layout!

anonymous asked:

Please do you have any fun facts about mountain hare patronuses? I've scoured the internet but can't find anything and am sure there must be other people in the same boat as me 💛💛💛

  • also called, amongst other things, the blue hare. don’t know why but it sounds cool
  • males and females are known as jack and jills and I love that!!
  • they’re grey brown in the summer and white in the winter!! it’s like they’re metamorphmagi tonks would be so proud
  • in north america they’re called snowshoe hares because of their wide feet
  • native to scotland so you’d probably see some chilling in the hogwarts grounds
  • also the only rabbits/hares native to the uk! who knew?
  • they have a cyclical population that peaks every ten years or so but nobody knows why….. mysterious
  • the females sometimes fight away the males when they’re not ready for mating 
  • hare feminism I love it
  • on sunny winter days they can be seen sunbathing on rocks. living the high life