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wizarding placeseeylops owl emporium & magical menagerie. eeylops owl emporium was described as being relatively small, and dark inside, probably because owls are nocturnal creatures. on the outside of the shop, many different colors and species of owls hung in cages, watching all of the passersby. meanwhile, the magical menagerie is a very cramped and noisy shop with every inch of wall covered by cages. it sells all kinds of animals - poisonous orange snails, a giant jewel-encrusted tortoise, sleek black rats that are very intelligent, owls, ravens, cats of every colour, puffskeins, a transforming rabbit and much more.

Owl Facts
  • Owls can detect the flow of magic, allowing them to effectively “see” invisible creatures and items.
  • Many owls build homes in the ribcages of undead skeletons, who will then carry the owl around for company (skeletons tend to talk a lot, owls are great listeners)
  • Owls eat free at Creepy Crepes, the diner in the haunted village of Peyroux
  • Owls can swallow hexes directed at them and cast them later at targets of their own discretion. It is not known how long they can safely keep the hex inside, the closest estimate is 2-3 years.

I don’t get why in Harry Potter the ministry is so cut up over looking for Sirius, but they can’t find him, why don’t they just send him an owl???? Owls just seem to find and know where everyone is. They could just send him a letter and follow the owl. The ministry is full of idiots.

Sveriadun is a half-elven druid hailing from the small hamlet of Skovenmark close to the Border Forest, east of the Anauroch desert. When tragedy born of elemental chaos struck her home, she travelled south with a handful of other survivors, searching for answers - but instead found her half-brother Telorast and the unbridled madness of the demon lords within the Underdark. She’s very compassionate and inquisitive, wielding healing magic and elemental spells in battle. At her side flies Yngwi the owl, a steadfast and wise companion.” ~Again thank you Charredlore, for the appropriate lore ;)! 

This lovely woodland half-elf druid belongs to (and was a birthday present for) an adventurer in Charredlore’s Dnd Team. 

(My colleague and friend is called Yngwie, so he is an owl now I guess, haha :P)