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I don’t read Marvel as much as DC, so I wanted to post a list of all the Jewish characters I remember within the DC Universe:

Katherine “Kate” Rebecca Kane AKA Batwoman

Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn

Gim Allon AKA Colossal Boy

Rory Regan AKA Ragman

Albert Rothstein AKA Atom Smasher 

Eric Strauss AKA Doctor Fate

Harold “Hal” Jordan AKA Green Lantern

Wesley Bernard Dodds AKA Sandman

Raymond “Ray” Palmer AKA The Atom

Dr. Jonathan “Jon” Osterman AKA Doctor Manhattan (Before Watchmen)*

Ursula Zandt AKA Silhouette (Before Watchmen)*

Martin Stein AKA (half-)Firestorm [Arrowverse]

Felicity Megan Smoak AKA Overwatch [Arrowverse]

*The original version of this post had Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl II) as a Jewish character. However, after someone told me that he was only assumed Jewish, I did some further research and found nothing that confirmed him as Jewish in canon. Instead, he’s supposed to be a “lapsed Calvinist of a Dutch extraction.” Fans, throughout the years, assumed that he was Jewish because of his name, residence in New York, and personality (apparently there’s a trope for that called “Ambiguously Jewish”). However, during my research, I found out that Doctor Manhattan is a half-Jewish German immigrant and that Silhouette is a Jewish-Austrian immigrant in the Before Watchmen version of their characters.


These last 24 hours it’s been like the swedish weather has wanted to wipe away all the darkness and unhappiness that has spread over the world by covering Sweden in a thick and fluffy layer of pure, clean and pristine snow.

And since I recently found out my dear @highfaelucien had never seen or built a snow lantern I realised this was my chance to right at least one wrong in the world, so I went out into the calm, fluffy darkness to make her one this evening.

I give to you, The Lauren Lantern. 


Oh and speaking of preparing for my new class room I have a theme officially going! Thank god for IKEA and the dollar store! I had a lot of this stuff in my cart in a teaching website. Same bins were 12 for 47.99! Hello dollar store at a dollar a piece!!!!

I was going for an owl theme because yes but the owl stuff are always so many colors, lots of orange and yellow which I don’t love. So I’ve decided in this pink and blue with hints of owls.

The lanterns are going to be so cute hanging from the ceiling.

The pillows are the start of my comfy collection for readers workshop.

The big bins are for math centers and I have smaller bins for my library. I need more though. I’ve bought them all out from two dollar trees near me but I have to find a lot more 😡 I only have 9!

The frames are super cute I’m going to use them to write homework on

How cute is my chair from IKEA?! It also may not look it but it’s super freaking comfy. It’ll work for you desk but also whole group lessons on the rug because it’s not too high.

Basically I’m going to have the cutest classroom ever.

grief-and-joy  asked:

Purple Mountains Majesty: Jack o lantern Night owl :))

Purple Mountains Majesty: How does a person earn your respect? Overall, a person earns my respect in a few ways. When a person is nice to others no matter what (or even if they are making an effort to be kind), they are respectable people. If they can find the strength to get out of bed everyday, even if they are being abused or are suffering from depression or simply don’t want to go to school because it brings them anxiety, they are respectable. And finally, if a person isn’t afraid to do the things they love, if they show genuine excitement, even in the face of mockery, for the things they love, they have earned my respect.

Jack o’ Lantern Night Owl: What is your biggest fear and why? Oooo… This is hard. My biggest fear is either vulnerability or not being wanted/loved/being neglected. (I think they go hand-in-hand) Vulnerability because if I am vulnerable, it is me inviting somebody into my very soul. But what if they don’t like it? What if they don’t want it? What if I’m totally undesirable? I’m scared of being lonely and I don’t want to be scared. (I also am scared my family and friends will all die and then nobody will talk to me, because what if I’m cursed and everybody around me dies? This comes via a dream. Not pleasant.)

TL;DR: Not being a sucky person earns my respect and I’m scared of being scared of being lonely.