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found some bokuroo fics in my marked for later on ao3 and remembered how much I love these two dorks

over the weekend i convinced more than a hundred people (including several fascinated babies) that the owl puppet was real for mere seconds

Bokuto’s bed-head is probably atrocious.

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buckynat fake dating


“I need a favour.”

Bucky doesn’t even look up from the book in his lap. “No.”

“Listen, Barnes.” Natasha slides into the loveseat beside him, nudging her hip up against his to make him move over. “If anyone but you ever said that to me-”

“You’d kick their ass into next week, I know,” he sighs, turning the page with a little more force than he intended and causing it to tear slightly.

Natasha leans in, resting her chin on his shoulder. “What are you reading?”

He lifts the book wordlessly to show her the cover. Harry Potter had been Barton’s suggestion, an apparent literary classic of the 21st century that he wasn’t allowed to miss out on. He has to admit, it’s not bad.

“Clint made me read that when he first brought me in to SHIELD.” Natasha’s voice is soft. “Told me I was missing out on ‘one of the greatest classics of our time’.”

Bucky lets the book fall into his lap with a deep sigh. “Okay, I’ll bite. What do you want, Romanoff?”

“You know how I keep trying to get Steve a date?”

He knows all too well. Everyone in the tower knows. He thinks the entire population of New York might know. “How’s that working out for you?”

“He’s decided to reciprocate.”

“Reciprocate, how?”

“Steven,” Natasha says sourly, “has been attempting to find me an eligible bachelor.”

Bucky stares at her incredulously before bursting into laughter. “You?”

“Yes, me. Which is why I need you.”

“Oh yeah? And how do I factor into this?”

She knocks her knee against his. “I need you to help me get him off my back. It’ll be easy. You just need to play along.”

“What if I’m not interested?”

“You shot me twice,” she accuses, jabbing him in the chest with her finger. “This is the least you can do.”

He laughs again. “Fair. So what are we doing?”

“Play along,” she says with a mischievous smile, sliding her hand into his. He laces his fingers through hers tightly, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of her hand in a movement that feels a little too natural.

Natasha takes the book off of his lap, dropping it to the floor with a soft thud. She swings one leg over both of his so she’s straddling him, hovering over his lap. “Play along,” she tells him again. His hands find her hips, pulling her closer until she’s pressed up against him tightly, their faces inches apart.

She can feel his breath on her lips and she lets out a gasp; soft, involuntary.

“Play along,” he whispers, and then he kisses her.

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I wish you would write a fic where Red is walking in the rain and is soaked through and Liz admires his body and how aesthetic he looks

Let me know what fic you’d like me to write?

Okay, but alternatively please consider adding some world building, because hear me out:

To catch their latest blacklister, the team has to gather intel at a strip club, and Ressler and Red are all smug smiles and hell yeah this is gonna be a gas (and even Samar is strangely enticed by the idea?). But once they get there, they realize that actually, it’s a strip club with male strippers only. Which is why Red and Ressler are a bit crestfallen, but now they’re here and they have to act all professional lest it be known that they were just tagging along for the women and fun.

Now, cue Liz looking absentmindedly at the strippers while they are questioning an informant, and she’s so focussed that she’s not even noticing how Red keeps glancing at her from the corner of his eye, a bit uneasy and fidgety. Because althewhile, Liz can’t stop wondering why the sight of these super well-trained, oiled men isn’t doing anything for her? At all? 

And then, on their way back home, their car breaks down, and Red talks Liz into tagging along to the nearest motel to call his backup car guy, or something. And on the way there, they run into a rainpour and of course Red - always the perfect gentleman - gives her his hat and jacket, leaving him in only his white shirt, no matter how much she insists that he’ll catch a cold.

But as his shirt gets more and more soaked, Liz can’t tear her eyes away from him, because the way his shirt clings to his wet skin, drops of rain trailing down his collarbone and his cheekbones glistening with rain in the setting sun - it’s all a bit too much, really. And Liz thinks that even though he’s still looking a bit pouty from god knows what is up with him now, he still looks breathtakingly handsome to her.

“Luis, look! We match now!” She’s all but bouncing in joy as she makes the declaration, awaiting her partner’s reaction. The aforementioned Decidueye turns to see what his trainer’s so excited about, failing to hold back a smile as he takes in her appearance. Well, they’re not totally identical, but it seems she found a jacket matching his hood and feathers. It’s fitting, seeing how she’s so fascinated with his all the time.

Luis knows the love Selene has for his evolution line so it’s no wonder she’d be so excited to look like one of them. 

The owl goes to her side, before nuzzling her affectionately-his way of showing approval. 

Apparently Sunday is now owlet day, because last Sunday we got a baby screech owl and today it’s a baby barred owl. Barred baby is about 3-4 weeks old and tried to fledge a little too early. Hoping we can re-nest or put him with a foster family, but in the meantime he’s snuggling with a barred owl puppet and getting fed by camouflaged humans so he imprints correctly. Like the screech owlet, he eats much more readily when he hears vocalizations of his species. Don’t mind me, I’m just the lady in a ghillie suit softly hooting at a cloud-shaped baby bird.



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11-12 and 22 ps: I love you <333

I love you tooooo <3

Who is your favourite non-human character?

Errol. Man does that owl know how to make an entrance.

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Which character deserved better and why?

Harry. Fucking. Potter. 

He went through so much, so young. Yet he was a strong, kind, loving person who strived to do good every day. No child deserves to grow up in an abusive household, no child deserves to literally be raised to the slaughter. To be ignored after suffering through a very traumatic event, or two or three, and misinformed by the adults you trust in your life. To have moments that should be pure joy and fun, and silly childhood, ruined and tainted by harrowing incidents. I know there are a lot of characters who suffered in Harry Potter, but merlins beard, I can’t think of anyone else who dealt with the sheer amount he did.

What do you think Amortentia would smell like to you?

Coffee… I hate the stuff but Gavin drinks it all the time and its just something I associate with him.

Tulips, they’re my favourite flower.

It’s gonna sound weird, but the smell someone has when they come inside and it’s just a little cold out. They smell like cold/outside and it’s weirdly comforting to me?

Vanilla, it’s soothing and brightens up the room. I love candles that smell like it, or when someones baking using it.

Smoke. Like after you blow a candle out and there’s that puff of smoke? Love that. Sometimes just light candles for that, not the candle. 

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7, 21, 39 bokuaka ^-^

7 - What annoys them the most about their partner? Would they change it if they could?

Bokuto sometimes gets frustrated with how blunt/sarcastic Akaashi can be. Like, he knows it’s mostly just Akaashi’s sense of humor, but he sometimes wishes that Akaashi’s first response wouldn’t be to tease or poke fun at.

Akaashi gets frustrated by Bokuto not taking things seriously. He knows Bokuto can take things seriously, but the frustration happens because a lot of the time Akaashi tries to have a serious conversation and Bokuto immediately turns it into a joke because he doesn’t read the atmosphere right.

Neither would try to change the other or would try to change the other, because they both would feel guilty if they tried. Like, Akaashi knows that he probably could manipulate Bokuto into changing but he feels like it wouldn’t be a good thing and would actually be really unhealthy for their relationship. It doesn’t even occur to Bokuto to try to change Akaashi. However, they both eventually find out that their personal flaws frustrate their partner so they try to change them on their own and their relationship improves. They still have occasional tension, but each year things get smoother and smoother.

21 - Do they share any interests or hobbies?

OWLS. They both enjoy collecting owl merch. (they also obvs love volleyball). Also, Bokuto is secretly a really good chef/baker. Like, he’s really energetic in the kitchen but also really experimental and really good at winging/adjusting recipes as he wants. Akaashi approves and loves to help him taste test and if he also gets to see Bokuto in an apron and Bokuto’s amazing arms mixing and kneading dough then. Akaashi also likes to cook because he likes the routine and the structure of following a recipe. It’s really relaxing for him to put on some music and just focus on making the food, and he’s really skilled at making food come out just like it shows on the recipe card.

39 - Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first?  When did they realize they were in love?

So I actually like to think that Akaashi kissed Bokuto first in a rare moment of impulsiveness. Like, Bokuto isn’t exactly subtle and Akaashi picked up on it ages ago and kept leaving openings for Bokuto to make a move, but Bo never did and finally Akaashi just upped and kissed him one day after practice before grabbing his bag and leaving the locker room with a casual “Remember to do your homework when you get home,” over his shoulder. 

I also feel like they were the couple who falls quick and hard into love, and just never leave that state. Akaashi would have been a little intimidated by how strongly he felt and Bokuto just sort of accepted it, but they both realized this wasn’t going to be some quick summer fling pretty quickly into the start of their relationship. It took them a lot longer to finally admit it to each other though. 

But photos on the walls of New York shopping malls distract me so I stay inside.