owl kick

Thief rat

Fat rat

How did he get this hat?

Surfing pancake raichu



A girl who believes that she’s the most beautiful

Her mother

Kiddo who everyone was bullied at the middle school

… His family…?

Who cares? - cat


Angry kiddo

Bully from a Gymnasium

Angry Grnadpa… Really angry Grandpa

Trash eater… I’m serious

Rainbow trash… or vomit

Sorry. I’m done with him…

Smartass owl

Rich kid owl

Owl that will kick your ass… Or Owl hood

Kitten who don’t care about you

Circus tiger


Clown from a middle school

Young star

Watch out who you call ugly in middle school


Bigger Woodpecker


Baby, angry Trump

His grandpa

Want more?

Part two

Part three

people who still think levi doesn’t respect hange or her research and treats her like shit and that she just annoys him and basically cannot see the strength of their friendship

I love these three so much so of COURSE I had to make gijinkas!
None of them have names yet but you bet your sweet bippy they’ll get some soon.

Rowlet: She will kick your ass she will kick her own ass because apparently those owls kick things. She runs a flower shop in the day then at night hosts kickboxing classes. 

Litten: When he’s spooked or sneezes his hair fluffs up and he just wants to shred the gnar. He has an embarrassing tattoo and probably works a job his mom got him but that’s ok because he’s trying.

Popplio: Holds many records for what most people would refer to as “useless talents” but he’s really proud of his gum bubble blowing or his balancing acts and other such skills! His positivity is contagious and he’s very social and a happy boo. Also rocks the soft grunge greaser look.

Gunpowder & Lead : a Wynonna Earp playlist

1. Gunpowder and Lead // Miranda Lambert
2. Bones // Little Big Town
3. God’s Gonna Cut You Down remix // Johnny Cash
4. Black Dresses // The Builders and the Butchers
5. Pumped Up Kicks // Owl Eyes
6. She’s Long Gone // The Black Keys
7. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ // Nancy Sinatra
8. Left Hand Free // Alt-J
9. How You Like Me Now // The Heavy
10. David // Noah Gundersen
11. Blood // Band of Skulls
12. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo // Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
13. Bad Voodoo // Kreeps
14. Dog Days Are Over // Florence + The Machine
15. Die By The Drop // The Dead Weather
16. Shakin’ All Over // Eilen Jewel
17. Gold Guns Girls // Metric
18. Hawk Eyes // The Kicks
19. Horseshoes and Handgrenades // Green Day
20. Down The Road // C2C


sapphiresketch  asked:

im just saying but your blog is just, a blessing to the haikyuu fandom oh my god// also!! headcanon for your soul eater AU: please consider bokuto/akaashi (whoever is the Meister) having a grigori soul...,, oh boy

GRIGORI SOUL YES 100/10 BOKUAKA TAG TEAM!!! Maybe they’re considered a dark horse because bokuto goofs off and akaashi likes to throw shade so everyone tends to forget that they’re one of the top five meister-weapon pairs and then when people are in a pinch they’re like AYY

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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