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Can I get separate relationship headcanons or scenarios for a SUPER short girl that's under 150cm with 3rd Gym + Oikawa? I'm really insecure with my height since I'm a midget at age 18 lmao. Your blog is amazing btw!

Thank you, Anon! And I way hope these are okay. I don’t really know what it’s like to be short - by any standards - on a personal experience, but I had a really good friend for a while who was 5′1″ that I based most of these off of.

Hope you enjoy!

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Legit treats this girl like a teddy bear. She will always be in his lap with his arms wrapped around her waist and he’ll have to qualms about pulling her across the couch or bed to get into that perfect cuddle position.
    • If that doesn’t suit her tastes, LET THE BABY KNOW. He’ll quickly shift gears to asking her to come cuddle. He doesn’t want to force anything on her, but he just adores her so much and can’t stand how cute she is when it’s so easy for those beefy muscles to carry her around.
  • And he would love picking her up when they kiss. Like, he’d bend down and hug her while she wrapped her arms around his neck and just stands. Her feet will dangle - like a foot off the ground! - and there’d be tons of giggle kisses!
  • Oh, go to a concert with him. Boy will be all over throwing her up onto his shoulders. Not only does he end up being that way cool boyfriend but he also has an excuse to kiss her thighs! Because, really, this owl does not mind his head getting crushed by those sexy legs.

Akaashi Keiji

  • I think when they first start dating this poor boy would just be afraid of losing her. Like, they probably when shopping together once and when he turned around she was just gone. Panic sets in when he can’t see her in the crowd but turns out she was just the row over behind a particularly tall clothing rack.
    • You better believe it’s a MUST that they are constantly holding hands when they go out now. He will not be taken to that heart wrenching moment ever again.
  • You don’t think this boy would be a little shit about height but he totally is. He’ll withhold kisses just to watch her struggle on her tiptoes in an attempt to reach his mouth. He’d be all smiles and wouldn’t even move a muscle.
    • OMG! What if she started climbing him like a jungle gym and he just tries to pretend like it isn’t happening until neither of them can hold back anymore! They start laughing and he makes up for his teasing with tons of kisses!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Adored giving her piggyback rides. Like, just let him do it. He loves having her wrap her arms around his neck, her thighs in his hands, and her head resting against his shoulder. Seriously, he’d beg for it, so just let the guy get his fill every now and then.
  • Oh, another thing he loves doing is hug her from behind and rest his head on top of hers. Even though he’s still slightly taller than her from there, he likes to see what they world looks like from her height. He won’t hold back on being a little brat about it either.
  • Okay, for real, I’m more than sure he used her to save a couple cats from trees and such. Since she’s so tiny and he’s so tall it’d be way easy just to lift her up so she could reach into the branches or perch on top of one.
    • Same strategy applies anywhere actually. If it’s high and just out of his reach, she’ll volunteer to be that extra length they need. Tol and smol make a great team.

Tsukishima Kei

  • The shittiest little shit about it. And he’s the tallest which makes it just that much worse. He absolutely adores her, of course, and when anyone else says something about her height his switch is flipped. No one says anything about his girl.
    • He’s probably be teasing her that she’s even smaller than Noya or something and Hinata comes along and starts giggling about it as well before Tsuki turns all serious and like, “shut up, you disgusting carrot, she’s perfect.”
  • Hear me out, they probably dance a lot - like, ballroom dance. Not only do they do the thing where she stands on his feet and he slowly totters around the living room, but on walks home, they’ll be holding hands when she suddenly twirls and he’s really quick to guide her under his arm and into his side. (Yama totally makes fun of him for it)
  • Dies when she decides to wear heels. I mean, he never has to worry about her being taller than him (sidenote: not that it would be a bad thing!) and let’s face it, she looks damn good in them. Probably the first time she wore them he had a really hard time adjusting where to put his hands since he had gotten so used to her usual height.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Despite the height difference, this kid is pro at taking selfies of them without either of them having to adjust much. It’s like a science at this point. And they’ll always turn out good which are quickly uploaded onto Instagram. #lovemyshortie
  • LOVES being the little spoon. I mean, yeah, he’ll be the big spoon, cause he loves cuddling and he will always bury his face in her neck, but sometimes a boy just wants to be held. He loves feeling her face pressed into his back and her arms wrapped around him, it’s just yes.
    • He also loves just being held by her, like with his head on her chest, his legs curled up over hers, and her arms around him. Yup, he’s a big boy but he’s also a big baby that needs to be pampered with love and affection.
  • He always gets a kick out of carrying her bridal style. Usually when they’re at home or something they’ll just be hanging out in the kitchen and then decide they’re going into the living room. So, he just swoops and carries her from place to place. She’s come to just expect it and when he starts to move in, she instinctively raises her arm to hang onto his shoulder.

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How would Kuroo, Tsukki, Bokuto, Ushijima and Oikawa react when spotting their s/o in the stands for the first time? She's been silently watching their games and hoping that they won't notice since she think they'll be less focused on the game if they see her.

Freaking adorable! Guarantee all of these boys would immediately start begging for them to be at EVERY SINGLE game from then on!

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

P.s. Sorry this took so long! My mom and I were planning a dream wedding. xD

It was just a glance off to the side - that’s all it was, really. A chance among millions. Kuroo quickly found himself double taking, his heart stuttering in that small moment. And it took a second longer than usual to bring his attention back to the volley taking place, his hands jutting forward to feel the familiar slap against his forearms.

“My bad, my bad,” he called as Yaku was forced to run after the stray ball in order to get it up and over the net. Surprisingly, it touched down on the opposite side, which instantly gave him a chance to look back up into the stands above where she was pressing herself deeper into her seat.

“You okay, Kuroo?” the question came from Kenma, gaze following his friends when he noticed the smile growing there.

“Never better.”

“Hey, Tsukki,” Hinata nudged at his fellow blocker’s side, a teasing grin pulling at his lips, “it’s way cute that your girlfriend’s here.”

Despite the urge to push the short red-head away, Tsukishima’s eyes darted up into the stands around them, searching and scanning for the aforementioned girl. He had told her the day before that she didn’t have to waste her time coming if she didn’t want to and since he hadn’t heard from her other than a simple ‘good luck’ text before the game he assumed she hadn’t. But if Hinata was right - and while he didn’t, nor would ever, admit it - the kid could be pretty perceptive.

A smile touched at his own lips when he finally came across her seated far into the stands. His hand rose then, giving her a small wave, which - after a short pause - she returned.

“It is cute,” Tsukishima mumbled, making a mental note to ask her to come next time as well.

Spotting her in a crowd was always an amazing feeling that swelled Bokuto’s heart nearly three sizes. But spotting her among the stands just as he delivered a match winning spike was definitely a high he didn’t know he could go on. His feet touched the ground and he felt as though his knees were going to buckle from underneath him.

With parted lips, his gaze instantly went to her, glad to receive a broad smile from her now standing form as she applauded along with the rest of the crowd. It wasn’t until the impact of a congratulatory smack on his back from Konoha snapped him out of his gaze did his trademark grin return, eyes taking on a new shine.

They began shuffling to the other side of the court, gaze moving back to his teammates as he reached for his water. This game, no matter the outcome, was the best game of his life.

Ushijima hadn’t anticipated seeing her there. In fact, he was certain that she had told him explicitly that she wouldn’t be there to witness the game. But there she was, seated in the back of the stands, nearly invisible behind the large mass of people there to cheer Shiratorizawa on. His gaze caught hers quickly, especially considering he hadn’t looked away since he noticed her there, and she was quick to duck out of sight.

“Something wrong, Ushijima?” Semi questioned, gaze remaining hard on their opponents despite his captain’s distraction.

“She’s here,” was his simple answer as he returned his gaze back to the court. The sound of Tendou making an over exaggerated comment caught his ears, but he ignored it. He was more focused on what knowing about her presence alone did to his heart.

His gaze drifted over the surface of the ball, gaze easily finding his target just before spotting something - someone - he hadn’t expecting to see there that day. Oikawa’s lips curled upward as he returned his attention back to the game. With a single steadying breath, he was tossing the ball into the air, body moving forward, gaining momentum before launching into the air. His hand swung and connected harshly with the round surface, he allowed all the air to escape from his lungs, watching as the ball went sailing across the court right into the back corner, completely untouched by the other team.

He grinned widely, his usual patronizing gaze forgotten to be delivered in factor of looking right up into the stands. Hands lifted to encircle his cheek splitting grin as his voice called, “Did you see that, [First Name]-chan?”

“Pay attention, Shittykawa!”

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Can I request 3rd gym+Hinata and Lev (I know not everyone includes them in the 3rd gym crew) with a S/O who is always making them flower crowns and flower necklaces and keeps trying to teach them how to make their own

This is just freaking adorable! Now I just wanna go find a random meadow somewhere to make crowns!

And usually my limit is five characters, but you really can’t have 3rd Gym without all six!


“Come here,” they commanded, a smile touching at their lips as they gestured for Kuroo without raising their gaze from their project. Their hands went back to work immediately as he approached, reaching for any of the surrounding flowers to them weave it in with the chain they had already created. “Sit down. Welcome to your coronation.”

He laughed as he seated himself next to them, gaze soft on them as they finally lifted the flower crown to place it delicately on top of his head. “And what am I the king of now?”

“My heart,” the answered easily, causing his own heart to sputter, making him realize just how lucky he really was.

Bokuto’s grin widened when the flowered crown was placed atop his head, body instantly moving forward to press his mouth against theirs. His emotions felt uncontainable and he needed to show them that he felt the same, if not beyond, what they had expressed to him.

“What’s the first step?” he questioned, hands reaching forward to begin picking the flowers from the space around them, piling them into his own lap.

“First step for what?” That laughed, hand rising to tuck away a stray piece of his hair that had been crushed by the new accessory on his head.

“For a crown,” he answered simply, lifting two individual flowers, “how can I rule as king without someone by my side?”

Trying the stems of flowers together managed to be far more tedious that Tsukishima had initially anticipated on when he volunteered for the lesson. His brow furrowed when it fell apart just after releasing it to grab at the next link of the chain. Giving the smallest of ‘tsks’ he dropped them to then reach and start from the beginning once again.

He heard them laugh which forced his gaze to turn up to them, his gaze questioning. “Tie it tighter, they won’t break,” they leaned to press a kiss to his cheek, “flowers are strong, they can take it.”

He couldn’t help but smile before resuming his work, “They certainly can,” but he wasn’t referring to the ones in his hands.

Akaashi had four flowers linked together and was working on the fifth when he stopped to then turn his eyes to them. He didn’t say anything, he just watched as they worked on their own chain of flowers - a bracelet, they claimed - taking in their intent gaze and their careful hands.

When they felt him looking at them they finally raised their head, eyes meeting with his before a smile caught on their lips. “What?” they asked, hand instantly rising to their head, “Is there something on me?”

“No,” he responded softly, his body moving forward to press his mouth delicately against their own, “it’s just you look so beautiful.”

“How do I know when it’s long enough?” Lev questioned, holding up the string of flowers that were bunched and tied together. He turned to them when they chuckled, his gaze curious as they dropped their project to then reach for his.

“As long as it’s not too big, it should be fine,” they answered, delicately taking it away to wrap it around their own head, “I think it’s perfect!”

He took it back with care, hand capturing hers to lift it to his lips, placing a small kiss upon every knuckle. “And you’re perfect.”

Hinata tied the final knot before pushing himself to his knees and reached to place the newly made crown atop their head. It was by no means as pretty as the one they had made him, but it was his first one and it was made specifically for them. “There,” he announced proudly, “now I have someone to rule by my side.”

They beamed brightly at him, bringing his own grin to his lips. A small laugh couldn’t help but leave him as he tangled his fingers with theirs, body pressing in close next to them. His head ducked to lay against their shoulder, thumb trailing over their knuckles, eyes taking in the floral scenery around them.

Because this was a beautiful idea, a lovely setting, and a gorgeous individual beside him.

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Hi first off can I just say that I love love love your headcanons?? Bc i do!! Any who I was wondering if you could do sfw + nsfw relationship headcanons for 3rd gym + Iwaizumi x a kinda big girl? Like not huge just chubby and kinda tall? Idk. I'd love it :)

It may have taken me awhile to write these, but I really enjoyed doing them! Because I freaking love headcanons! So thank you, Anon, for enjoying with them and giving me more to do!


Bokuto Koutarou

  • He’d feel so secure standing next to her, because, like really, Bo’s a big guy, he’s usually afraid he’s gonna crush someone in the midst of delivering his affections. With her, while he still worries, he’s not quite a restricted about it.
    • Just means she’s getting the purest form of his love! The sudden hugs and gathering up in his arms, the rushed kisses to her face and neck when he becomes too infatuated with her, and those hands that always want to be touching some part of her at all times!
  • They probably both use each other as their personal pillows all the time, be it at school, out in public, or at home. Bokuto likes to lay on her tummy or her legs where she like to lie on his chest or his little tooshie, lol!

Akaashi Keiji

  • Just freaking loves gathering her in his arms from behind and laying his head on her shoulder. It’s probably his immediate comfort zone. Whenever he starts to feel stressed about school, volleyball, or something at home, he seeks her out and just curls up around her from behind.
  • Oh! In turn she probably adopted the habit from him and will often times find herself pressing her face into his back! It’s just so comforting to her even when she’s not upset.
    • Result, she’s - more times than not - the big spoon! Akaashi doesn’t mind in the slightest! He probably drags her leg over his side and spends his time idly messaging and drawing patterns into her soft thighs!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Freaking loves blowing raspberries wherever he can on this girl! She wore her hair up (or has short hair!) to reveal her neck: raspberry. She decided to wear a crop top while they were out shopping: raspberry. Her thighs are bare as she lays on his bed while they’re doing homework: freaking raspberries!
  • Almost always has her in his lap no matter where they are. His arms are wrapped around her middle or resting on her thighs, head against her shoulder as she rubs his scalp beneath that mop of hair. Just public cuddling, so much public cuddling.
    • Hell, he’ll even find himself in her lap sometimes, curling into her as she holds him tightly. His fingers dip into her flesh as they trail up her sides more than likely turning a cute moment into a chance for torture if she’s ticklish! (I can just imagine things getting out of hand and she accidentally smacks him! Omg! He brought it on himself!)

Tsukishima Kei

  • This kid is guaranteed always taking pictures of her and them together. Like, check his Instagram, it’s flooded with images (I will fight anyone on this!).
    • Ones where they’re side by side, cuddling, cheek kisses, maybe even just a shot of their linked hands on her thigh??? And then he’s got a TON of just her - most of which she’s probably not even aware he took - of her curled up on his bed, sleeping on his shoulder, or, oh! Those freaking adorable photos from behind with their hands together! Yup, that’s the stuff.
  • His favorite place for his hand is right on her waist. He might even prefer holding her there over holding her hand? Like, it just feels comfortable with her side pressed against him while his fingers can knead into the flesh of her waist there. Just yes.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Ooooh, I can picture then being the exact same height and it makes me way beyond happy! Tons of chaste and neck kisses and easy shoulder resting and prolonged eye contact that always makes Oikawa complain when he’s around them. (“I am here too, ya know?!!?!”)
  • Dude, this kid is all about flesh and how much of it he can get into his hands at one time (ps. It’s never enough!) and he just lives for his chubby girlfriend! So, she better tell him how comfortable she is with drawing attention to it, cause he’s always going to be helping himself otherwise!
    • Like, he’s a man of simple needs, really. Let the little hedgehog have his fill every now and then of that plush flesh! He’ll reward her, of course, he’s not a savage!


Bokuto Koutarou

  • Okay, legit, this precious one gets so turned on by those plush legs around him. Like, pull him in with them and he’ll be putty in her hands without a doubt - plus he’ll be sporting a hardon before she even knows it!
    • Whether they’re around his head or waist, it doesn’t matter, boy will go to town on those thighs! Biting and kissing the flesh until he leaves mark and his hands are constantly gripping them throughout the entirety of the act.
  • Omg, ride him. She’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and he wants to see her in at her beauty. If she gets on top and allows from his hands to grab freely at her hips, butt, and thighs, this boy will be in heaven (she’ll no doubt be able to make him scream as well!).

Akaashi Keiji

  • Remember how I said Akaashi’s comfort zone is cuddling from behind, it’s no different during the hot and heavy times either! Boy LOVES taking her from behind, his head pressed between her shoulder blades and his hands gripping at her hips.
    • Oooooh, reverse cowgirl is one he likes a lot too! Like, he gets to watch her ride him while his hands can freely grab at her bottom. And the way her back arches or her head falls back, omg, she’ll have him begging for more.
  • While he’s not one for leaving hi kids in places where everyone can see them, that doesn’t mean they’re not there. Her breasts and hips are littered with evidence of his teeth. During summer he’ll distract his mouth from leaving marks to eating her out, hands happy to be full of her thighs.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Boy just freaking loves going down on his girl. And he’ll take his time getting there like the freaking tease that he is. He’ll start at her neck, working there until he found that spot before starting down her body, making sure to give attention to each and every part of her.
    • Little shit will totally bypass her heat too, choosing instead to kiss around her hip and down her leg. He won’t actually give her the attention she wants until he’s finished coming back up the opposite leg, it doesn’t matter how much she demands of him.
  • He’s good at talking right? While he’s balls deep inside her, he’s got his lips at her ear telling her just how good she feels inside and how he wants those legs around him tighter. Oh, and he spends plenty of times just moaning as well. He’s just a man, he can’t always be in control.

Tsukishima Kei

  • Shit, I just imagined this kid recording and taking pictures of their illicit activities - all of which he uses as master nation material when she’s not around. Oooooh, and he’s probably always wanting to take pictures of her naked! Like he’s got provocative ones, sure, but also casual ones of her just walking around his room or something? (I got like this Renaissance Venus image stuck in my head when I think of those pictures! So freaking pretty!)
  • Oh my geez. Some slow electronic house music is playing quietly in the back and he fucks her to the beat, never speeding up or slowly down. All the while his hands and slowly working at her flesh (almost to the beat of the music) and, gosh, it probably lasts HOURS and it’s pure, beautiful torture! (I totally don’t fantasize about this all the freaking time guys… I do all the time.)
  • Lol, this kid probably loves lap dances too, yeah? (I mean, who doesn’t?) and he’s always totally stoked when those hips come sashaying up to him where he’s seated at his computer desk. It doesn’t take long for his hands to start wondering her body, fingers pressing into the flesh and watching intently how it dips below his finger. This boy is all about details, even in the sexy times.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Ahhhhh! Boy just wants to grab and grope and kiss and lick every single freaking part of her! When the clothes come off his animalistic instincts turn on and he’s all primal. Shit, man, he probably growls when he goes in to bite at her flesh or as his hands press her tighter to himself.
    • Sidenote: just because Iwaizumi is very rough and eager during sex does not mean he can’t flip it off when he wants to. She’s feeling like she needs comfort and deep loving? You bet your ass he’s taking things slow and full out body worshipping her because she deserves it! Those breast, that waist, her hips, and her thighs are all getting delicate attention while she just sits back and enjoys herself.
  • Doggy style is 11/10 on his list. Actually, he probably likes it better when he’s taking her from behind but her back is flush against his chest. Not only does this allow more skin-to-skin contact, but this lets his hands have a chance to grab at whatever part of her he fancies at the time (side note: it’s all of her!).
Dark Zodiac

All things considered dark (not necessarily negative), strange, or occult associated with the signs.

Aries- Dragon, angry entities, bloody weapons, fire, rage/wrath, blood-lust, war, steroids, counting cards, risks, possession, thorns, enchanted weapons, hell hound, knights, and armor.

Taurus- Greedy or selfish seduction, lady in white entities, twisted or spooky trees and scary forest, violent Earth elemental, hexed treasure, werewolf, singing ghost, gemstones, black rose, black diamond, trolls, labyrinth, and magical items especially jewelry.

Gemini- Evil fairy, dark fairy, Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old insane asylums, evil twins, con man/woman, trickster, magic words, rumors, dark colored butterfly, enchanted books, and getting lost.

Cancer- Witch craft, spells, tarot cards, grudges, curses, Frankenstein Monster, full moon or moon magic, haunted houses and areas, cloak, witches hat, black cats, sea monsters, nostalgia, cursed or magic mirrors, magic candles, and the past.

Leo- Radioactive waste and danger, scandals, evil king or queen, haunted opera/theater, mutation, pyramid, magical statues or monuments, temples, sand storms, rain dances, sun dances or worshiping, supernatural energy, and fire magic.

Virgo- Dr. Frankenstein or any mad scientist, good girl/guy gone bad, general corruption, herbs and potions used in magic or spells, gnomes, dark sex, sinister deals, dead garden, an enchanted garden, and man-eating tree or plant.

Libra- Love potions and curses, ravens, werewolf, the night sky, dark beauty, lust, genie, Dorian Grey, harpy, sacred smoke, masquerades, Queen of Hearts, bad dreams, magic lanterns, and charms.  

Scorpio- Vampires, dark seduction, mystery, fortune teller, black widow, black/dark magic, underworld, voodoo, snakes, masquerades, tarot cards, black and white photos, secrets, dark sex, ravens, scorpions, dark still pool, and necromancy.

Sagittarius- Gypsy magic, fortune teller, traveling magician, traveling salesman of “medicine” and potions, wildfire, dark unicorn, dark circus or carnival, gambling and risk, General Zaroff from The Most Dangerous Game, and aggressive centaurs.

Capricorn- Horror, Gothic design, Victorian age, steampunk, spider webs, death, grim reaper, mad scientist, gargoyles, poppies, bats, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, cave, dark humor, mine, graveyards, abandon buildings and places, and skeletons.

Aquarius- Dark science fiction, mad scientist, dark unicorn, storms, a corrupt leader of a cult or underground organization, magic keys, owls, Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera, corrupted technology, meditation, chaos, dark rebellion or revolution, thunderbird, aliens, portals, and dystopia.

Pisces- Ghost, mist, fog, Ouija board, medium, fortune teller, tarot cards, sea monsters, sirens, evil spirits, healing crystals, dream-catcher, nightmares, water spirits, addiction, false trust, drugs, poison, and illusions.

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Hey hey hey I can request you for reaction of jealous Bokuto, Nishinoya and Tsukishima if their crush get too friendly with Tendou? Red guy try to flirt with our innocent girl

I wrote these as headcanons, I hope that’s okay, Anon! I just really wanted to give you guys some content since it’s been awhile, but I’m so tired and need to sleep to be ready for my big presentation tomorrow!

But I hope that you enjoy!

Bokuto Koutarou

  • Most times when I think of this boy getting jealous it’s always the petty kind. Like, he pouts a little bit and brings it up at various points, but it’s just so that he can get some kisses from her, right? So to think of him getting actually upset with jealousy over someone else is interesting territory.
    • Like, he might joke about it at first. Make a comment about how Tendou must like her and get his kisses, but he’s not really worried because he knows she loves him. He probably doesn’t even think anything of it for quite some time.
    • But then he’s walking through the corridor (maybe heading for the bathroom?) and he sees her walking with Tendou’s arm wrapped around her shoulders and he just feels this awful tightening in his chest and he doesn’t know how to really place the emotion.
  • So, he’s irritated for the rest of the evening and it’s not until she seats herself next to him and he mutters something out about her new friend that he realizes why he’s so upset. They then have a nice long talk about everything and it ends up cuddles and more kisses!

Nishinoya Yuu

  • This kid would be ready to fight, especially if this occurs after he’s already hyped up from playing against Shiratorizawa. It would be instant too. Maybe he’s in the middle of stretches having a nice little chat with Tanaka and Hinata when he looks over to see Tendou strolling right up to her.
    • And I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Tanaka would not be the voice of reason in this situation. He’d be the enabler and once Noya slaps at his bro’s arm to get his attention, he’s like “Bro, go get yo girl!”
  • And Noya goes! Now just picture this libero stalking right up to this giant redhead without the slightest ounce of fear and his eyes blazing! He’d squeeze himself right in the middle of the two and demand to know what was going on.
    • I can kinda just see Tendou smile before strolling away without saying a single word - kid is a provocative little shit, after all - and it leaves Noya fuming. She just needs to spend the next couple minutes reassuring him that nothing happened and spend the rest of the afternoon holding his hand.

Tsukishima Kei

  • Oh, he’d try to act like it doesn’t even bother him. He let Tendou get to him a little during their match and he wasn’t about to let him get under his skin while off the court. He probably tries to distract himself and pretends that he doesn’t even see the two interacting - plus, he trusts her, so he doesn’t really need to worry either.
  • But then Yamaguchi points it and so does Hinata and even Kageyama says something and he’s just so irritated that he can’t pretend that it’s not happening anymore. He probably sends a glare to all three of his friends as though the situation was their fault.
  • Is it weird that I can actually see Tsuki being a little bit physical during this encounter? Like, he’s got so much pent up frustration revolving around Tendou that when he walks over to them, Tsuki actually pushes Tenou away from her.
    • And not many words are exchanged, just something about Tendou wasting his significant others time before wrapping his own arm around her waist to drag her away. Ahh, and it takes everything inside him to ignore any comment he makes afterwards! She then proceeds to tease the tall blond about his jealousy and makes up for it with hugs and kisses!