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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.9.17

vintage brass animal pals by untried // owl | elephant

i love the eclectic vintage finds (and the original art!) at untried on etsy — their product photography shows their goods in the best light :) i think i need this pair of brass animals on my desk at home!

From Mark Fox and Angie Wang’s Symbols Handbook for Seeing: a guide to the evolution of symbolism using 400 examples from art history.

Whether in advertising, art, or architecture, our lives are swarmed with symbols whose meanings have developed and varied over time and place. While a decorative owl presiding over the Library of Congress references the wisdom of Athena that endured throughout the classical world, it might appear more ominous on a building in China, where the nocturnal bird is connected with death. “The Chinese hear in the owl’s hooting the exhortation to ‘Dig, dig,’ and so interpret the bird’s call to mean that a grave will soon be required.

Via hyperallergic.com