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Owl City Official Newsletter - NEW PROJECT!!

Hello friends,

Hope you’re having a fabulous winter! I just realized 2015 is nearing close so I wanted to send you a quick note.

A special thanks to everyone who attended the “On The Verge” tour this year. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to see you there each night and meeting many of you encouraged me in more ways that you’ll ever know. The tour would not have been possible without your support so my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you (and thanks to the kid who gave me the skateboard in Atlanta)! I owe immeasurably much to my band and my crew as well, so endless thanks to them for helping me do what I do. Best tour yet.

Along with the release of MobileOrchestra and the countless wonderful things I’ve been lucky to do over the past 12 months, I am truly thankful for 2015 and can’t wait for 2016.

Which brings me to the present moment. Admittedly, I’ve been quiet on social media for a few weeks because I’ve stumbled upon an idea which has all but consumed my creative heart-and-soul and I am tremendously excited about it. I cannot give many details right now, but I’m hatching a plot that involves doing something different than anything I’ve ever done, and yet is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. It is separate from Owl City and involves music but that’s about all I can say. My team and I are working on a project that will launch February 1st of 2016, with news coming January 1st, and I think you will be amazed. For years, I’ve wanted to do something I’ve either not had the time nor energy to focus on - but at long last, the time has come.

More details to follow.

God bless & happy holidays,



05 March 2015 - Adam Young announced the OWL CITY ASIA tour

08 May to 28 May 2015 - OWL CITY ASIA tour.  The Mobile Orchestra album cover was revealed during Owl City’s free concert in Manila.

10 May 201 - OWL CITY formally announces his new LP called MOBILE ORCHESTRA, along with the LP’s track list and album artwork and the first single to come from the album, Verge, featuring the back up vocals of ALOE BLACC

12 May 2015 - OWL CITY released the first single off Mobile Orchestra called VERGE, featuring the back up vocals of ALOE BLACC

29 May 2015 - OWL CITY released the music video for Verge

5 June 2015 - OWL CITY released the music video for My Everything

26 June 2015 - OWL CITY released the third single off Mobile Orchestra called UNBELIEVABLE, featuring the back up vocals of the band HANSON

29 June 2015 - OWL CITY released the animated music video for Unbelievable

10 July 2015 - OWL CITY officially released MOBILE ORCHESTRA and announced his North America tour

8 September 2015 - OWL CITY released the VERGE: The Remixes 

5 October to 26 October 2015 - OWL CITY NORTH AMERICA tour in support of Mobile Orchestra

HAPPY NEW YEAR, HOOT OWLS and look forward to an owlsome year ahead all of us!

Two Birds, One Clone?

Owl escape from city zoo raises new cloning questions

The Gotham City Zoo is the last place you’d expect a political -and moral - controversy to begin but that’s exactly what started over the weekend after the overnight escape of multiple birds from the Snowy Owl enclosure.

City officials have been circulating legislature for months about the possibility of allowing early-stage clone testing in Gotham. Administrators from local laboratories have cited the escape of the popular owls a perfect opportunity to try cloning as a replacement. While zoo workers confirm the remaining owls are healthy and fit, they strongly oppose submitting the species - or any other - for experimentation.

Known for their brilliant white feathers and dangerously sharp talons, these owls are uniquely diurnal, meaning they hunt not just at night, but all day. Their exhibit has been one of the more popular stops around the park. In the meantime, visitors to the zoo are making do with the handful of remaining owls on display in their now too-spacious structure.

Local government will vote on the proposal sometime before the end of the year.