owl city maybe i'm dreaming

Guys I started listening to Owl City’s first albums Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming for like the first time in years cause they’re not on Spotify and just …

I can see how he’s improved and I love a lot of his recent stuff, but there’s something about his early work that just Speaks to me in a way that I don’t think any other music ever will.

Some reasons Adam Young (Owl City) is one of my biggest inspirations
  • First off, his music, obviously. It’s fantastic. Some of the best music out there
  • He’s hilarious. I believe that even if one doesn’t like his music, one should still follow his Twitter account because he is one of the best Tweeters out there. That man is ridiculously good at it
  • His fame hasn’t gone to his head, like, even an iota
  • He, like most other big music artists, could go and move to places like New York or Nashville or LA; but instead he chooses to live in his hometown, in Minnesota. Beautiful.
  • He actually pretty much beat the music industry at their own game. He purposefully wrote the song “Good Time” to BE a radio and download hit. He pulled nearly every trick in the book and followed the pop song formula to a T, with only the exception of not having a featured rap in the song (but he did have a featured artist). Take “Good Time” and compare it to some of his other songs (“Vanilla Twilight”, “Angels”, “Dreams and Disasters” to name a few). He followed the formula, and he got his second radio hit
  • Adam used to be a UPS driver, but hated it, and started making music. And he’s really happy doing it. I definitely feel like I’d hate doing almost anything but making music for a living
  • Adam is introverted, but still makes wonderful music, and he performs to whole arenas full of people, which is incredible. I’m also a bit introverted, and I often feel like I won’t be able to, but then I remember “if he can do it, so can I”
  • He’s not afraid to show his faith through his music; he’s using his popularity to share God’s love. That’s what I want to do in the music industry; share God’s love and possibly even change people’s lives for the better, help them find their relationship with Jesus
  • In continuation of the last reason, Adam never fails to thank Jesus for everything at the end of his acknowledgements, which is just so beautiful.
  • Adam is just an incredible person, and I wish more people would realize how great he is, and not be so stuck on how “annoying Fireflies is now” (which it’s not)