owl city inspired

owl city songs are so hopelessly intertwined with my memories that I can’t hear them without getting flashbacks

first heard this song on the school news broadcast in high school math class and my jaw dropped open. I had never heard anything like it. I frantically asked my classmates who it was and they laughed at me for not knowing.

my favorite memory of the song came some weeks later, when I shared it with my dad while we were washing dishes after christmas dinner. Sometimes the happiest memories are the simplest ones.

Hot Air Balloon
brought back memories of better times, all my childhood friends, and the adventures we’d had. I was a nostalgic 10th grader.

The Real World 
helped me get through the last tough weeks of high school, battling depression and loneliness as I faced losing the few friends I had and my Dad going back to Afghanistan. 

Alligator Sky 
was the song I sang while I packed my bags and drive off to college, dreaming of all the amazing adventures that lay ahead.

Vanilla Twilight 
made me cry that first week of college when I was missing home.

To The Sky 
blasted from car speakers while my new college friends and I drove around town late at night goofing off and talking until morning. 

is the song that will always take me back to driving to the lake during the summer, the kayak strapped to the roof and my dog in the passenger seat with her ears flapping in the wind. It’s one of my most perfect and vivid memories.

Plant Life 
is what I sang while I did a lonely waltz under the stars in Japan one halloween night after the pressure of a school party drove me away. 

I’m Coming After You (& the rest of Midsummer Station)
had me silently jamming out on my lonely 2 hour train ride to school for a month while I was once again homesick. That was the year I missed the Owl City concert in Sydney by less than 12 hours (I was stuck in Cairns). 

When Can I See You Again? 
was the song for a long distance relationship that was doomed to fail, but was wonderful while it lasted. 

Paper Tigers
is the only really painful memory, but still an important one. This song, more than anything else, helped me come to terms with my parents’ (almost)divorce that year. I still hear it echoing in my head when I think about feeling sorry for myself, and I remember how much worse things could have been.

Up All Night
came out right after I’d graduated and was living on a friend’s couch, trying to start a new job and survive on easy mac. I’d done the impossible–I’d graduated from a christian college and I was still single! My other friends all moved away. 

Shine Your Way (Adam Young remix)
was the start of some better times for my family and my job. 

Adam Young Scores (the monthly soundtracks)
are just really great to listen to at work, let’s be honest. They helped me get through another year of 8 to 5 desk work and keep dreaming. 

Back Home 
is on my new playlist for leaving that job and the city skyline behind and moving south to be closer to family again. Just for a little while. 

You see what I mean? I can’t believe how many of Adam’s songs have affected my life or been such a memorable part of it. I wish I could thank him. It’s amazing, thinking about how much he’s helped me without ever knowing how far-reaching and important his music has been to a person he’ll never meet. 


I’ve been longing for, daisies to push through the floor…
And I wish plant life would grow all around me so I won’t feel dead anymore…

This is Daisy, my part of the switcheroo @jara257 and I did! They did the sketch and I coloured it~ I rarely do digital art as it as, and never quite like this, so it was really cool trying to do this and seeing what I came up with! 

I ended up jammin’ out to a playlist of 70s music till 3am working on it (although that’s partially because I didn’t start till like 1), but I feel like it was worth it ;v;

I’ve been a fan of Owl City for almost 7 years now, and he and his songs have shaped the way I am today. 

I’ve made a lot of sketches and illustrations inspired by his songs, so I’ve decided to start a passion project called “30 Illustrations for Owl City”. He has made a lot of songs, but I’ve decided to start with 30 of my favourite Owl City songs. I can’t promise myself that I’ll release and illustration every day, but I will definitely finish 30 illustrations for Owl City. 

1/30 Fireflies 

    His most popular song! I first knew about Owl City, when I heard “Fireflies” on the radio. I kept listening to this song, until I got really sick of it. I really liked this song, because it made me feel as if I was floating with fireflies. It was as if they were carrying me up, so I could look at the view of the earth from above. It made me think, “This world is amazing!!!” I no longer listen to it as often as I did 6 years ago, but whenever I have a hard time finding inspiration, Fireflies is one of my go-to songs.