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It’s been a whole YEAR since my last realistic Pokémon drawing. I’ve been meaning to do the Sun and Moon starter evolutions so here’s a WIP shot of Dartrix so far (need to fix the feet a little bit). Its eye are partially open because we all know Dartrix is smug as shit and looks down upon us all ;)

Gotham Theory – Isabella was Created to Distract Ed

Now, I’ve already seen a lot of stuff filtering around about how Isabella was created by the Court of Owls.  I mean, they’ve made a fake Bruce, so why couldn’t they make a fake Isabella?  I am completely backing this theory, but the question is, why? I don’t think it was to drive a rift between Oswald and Ed, like some other theories think. The Court is smarter than that; if they really have eyes and shadows all around Gotham, then they know that creating an enemy of the Penguin—or any crime leader, for that matter—only causes tension, and it’s tension that they don’t have any control over (when Maroni and Falcone were the crime families, the Court did have some control—Falcone did as he was told).

The Court didn’t guess that Oswald had become possessive of Ed, because to the public eye (and to the underworld’s eye) they only seemed to be good friends, if not business partners.  Oswald was mayor, Ed was Chief of Staff.  The only person who knew about Oswald’s unrequited feelings was Olga, Oswald’s housemaid.  And when Barbara found out about it, her reaction showed that she didn’t expect it.  And neither did Ed, when Barbara told him about it.  So if the only two people that really knew about it were Oswald and Olga, then chances are the Court had no idea.  And the only reason that the Court said “We’ve got our eye on you” is because hey, he fought his way to the top of the underworld.  Twice, at that time.  And got elected mayor.  I mean, anyone who’s able to do that should be watched because that’s a wild-card, right there.

But I don’t think the Court was concerned with how Oswald was doing with his duties as mayor.  So far, Oswald hasn’t done anything to cause the Court’s intervention.  And because Galavan and Strange were able to manipulate him easily (though he did come back to bite them), maybe the Court thought he’d be easy to control.  

I actually think that they were concerned about Ed.  If Oswald and Ed are two halves of a whole, then I imagine Oswald would represent sentiment while Ed would represent intellect.  And sentiment can be easily controlled, but intellect knows when to make the right call, no matter what sacrifices have to be made.  In the “Mad Grey Dawn” episode, Ed managed to start a state of riddle-panic within the GCPD, and also managed to frame Jim Gordon for Galavan’s murder and get him thrown in Blackgate.  And, if you remember, he got away with all of it. Now, since Jim’s uncle was a part of the Court at the time, they definitely had their eyes on Jim at that time, and I imagined when this riddle-maniac just popped up out of nowhere and got Jim thrown in jail they all freaked out a bit.  Who knows, maybe since he got away with it, they didn’t know that whoever did that was Ed until Jim found out and threw him in Arkham.  And then when he popped up again, the Court made the connection and went, “Okay, we’ve gotta do something about him.”  Because at the time he met Isabella, he was becoming quite a threat.  And from what we knew about Ed’s crazy side, the more Ed gave in to the Riddler’s whims, the louder and more extreme he became.  And the Court was probably concerned that if this super-smart guy managed to somehow find some tracks that led him in their direction, that he would do exactly what he did in “The Primal Riddle” and really go to the extreme, to broadcast the existence of the Court to all of Gotham just to coax them into the light.  Sure, they shut the broadcast down in time, but still.  Now Ed has people wondering about this “Court” business.  Some might shrug it off as Ed acting crazy, but a heck of a lot of people—for instance, underworld people—might start wondering what he meant like that.  And start investigating.  Some might say that “because they’re planning on releasing the Tetch virus, they’ll have nothing to worry about.” But the Tetch virus is unpredictable.  It could do any number of things to the people.  If I were in their shoes, I’d be scared to death of releasing that into the city.  

So basically, they didn’t want Ed turning into the theatrical, eccentric maniac he now is, so they saw that he was headed down that path, and gave him a second girlfriend so he could bury that part of him and maybe live happily while the rest of Gotham burned without anyone knowing of its true existence, and the one person that might have an inkling of what was going on (because they made him ask questions in Arkham) would be too preoccupied with his love life to do anything about it.


Hi Friends!

I am frustratingly stuck between jobs at the moment, so I set up a Redbubble account to see if I could supplement my nonexistent income a little bit. 

These are some of the things that I have up there. Right now it’s all ace-themed designs, and I’m working on adding more to it. I’m also open to design suggestions, so if you have a thought feel free to shoot it my way and I’ll let you know if it is within my graphic design capabilities. :)

It would be great if you could check it out! And even if you don’t want to buy anything, I would really appreciate if you reblog to help spread this around! Thanks!

Hey Persona 5 fandom

I’ve gotten wind that there might be some Akeshu/Goro fans being harassed at cons and let me just say


It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the ship or you don’t like Goro, it gives you absolutely no right to approach real people who are doing no harm to anyone and give them a hard time.

It’s one thing to discuss a character’s shortcomings online. It’s a totally different thing to be a dick to a real person who is really just DRESSING UP or making a living and simply SELLING PRINTS.

Learn to separate fiction and reality and get your head back in the right place. And for anyone else, if possible please speak up if you see this kind of stuff going on. No one deserves this.