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question! which patronus do you think our baes would have? for kuroo, bokuto, daichi, oikawa, and anyone else you want to add if possible? f.e i could see nishinoya maybe having a cheetah based on the analysis and kiyoko f.e maybe an owl.

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oh, also! maybe hinata’s could be a collie!

[Based on what analysis? Some of the ones I’ve chosen are extremely cliché I guess, but it’s hard to think of another animal when it comes to them. But I hope they still made sense.]

Kuroo: Kuroo’s patronus would probably appear as a Panther. As fearsome predators, panthers are agile and strong, matching up with some of Kuroo’s traits he has presented throughout the series. Although he is not necessarily a character that prefers to be on his own most of the time, this black feline could possibly represent a thought or feeling that lies in Kuroo’s subconscious. In ancient mythology, panthers would emit a sweet smelling odor that would attract possible prey towards him. Kuroo is a person that knows how to persuade others by casting a spell on them or even manipulating them into doing or thinking a certain thing.

Bokuto: Bokuto’s patronus would probably appear as a Crowned Eagle. This avian predator belongs to the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the entire world. Bokuto himself belongs to the strongest wing spikers in the Haikyuu!! series, possibly having an equal position in the Harry Potter universe (Quiddich). Crowned eagles have an exceptionally muscular body, which matches with Bokuto being bulkier than a lot of other characters (in the manga). Additionally, the avian bird Bokuto is paired with is extremely vocal, using different sounds for a variety of situations. Fukurodani’s captain and ace can be quite loud and flashy himself, which shows how well this form of a patronus would fit him.

Daichi: Daichi’s patronus would probably appear as a Bernese Mountain Dog. This strong and sturdy breed serves as a very loyal companion to its owner, capable of protecting and guarding anything of particular value. Daichi himself has a rather sturdy and muscular build himself, usually appearing as some sort of father figure to his teammates. Although he often lets them run free and wild, he always knows when to stop them from overdoing it, keeping them in line whenever the situation calls for it. Just like a Bernese Mountain Dog, Karasuno’s captain is reliable and indulgent, presenting this animal as his perfect counterpart and patronus.

Oikawa: Oikawa’s patronus would probably appear as a Mink. Although this animal is usually known for its beautiful, shiny coat, there are several characteristics that could justify, why exactly it could be Oikawa’s patronus. These animals are incredibly agile and intelligent, able to solve problems and overcome obstacles with just the tiniest amount of creativity. Oikawa, besides being idolized by girls for his looks, is a very capable captain and setter, doing everything in his might to succeed with his team. Stubborn, just like minks, these two creatures also share the characteristic of being their own worst enemies. Although Oikawa does have plenty of rivals, he happens to forget to take care of his body, straining it so much that he ends up injuring himself.

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can we talk about Bitty's outfit in today's update? this boy is serving LOOKS

holy FUCK yeah 

Like look at how WELL that shirt fits him??? Look what it does for his waist???

and I am such a slut for rolled up sleeves and he is giving IT

And idk ngozi did some witchcraft with how great his profile looks like… nice 

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I just found out my patronus is a scops owl as well, first I wasn't that happy because an owl? But then I looked them up and scops owls are tiny little owls you can hold in your hand so now I am superhappy with it :D xx

Owls come in 2 varieties: cute adorable little puffs of goodness and the I will end you death glare. The ones you need to look out for are the ones who can do both.

How You Interact: Dark-Side Friends

Since you guys liked my last “How you interact” post, I feel like I should make another. I wanted to do one for Antisepticeye and Darkiplier since I very rarely see posts for these awesome characters. 
These head-canons are what I think Dark and Anti would be like as a friend. 
Hope you guys enjoy!!

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  • My God, you’ll never live peacefully again! Not that it’s a bad thing, but Anti loves to mess with you. 
  • Small pranks that involve misplaced objects. Bookmarks placed three pages back. Occasionally he’ll make your phone screen all static-y just because you’re ignoring him. 
  • He likes making your mornings just that little more crazy
    Late for work? It appears your car-keys have disappeared
    Rough night out? He’ll be nice and make you a coffee, with two spoonfuls of salt to make sure you get your sodium intake today. 
  • Anti finds your panicked/angry rants amusing. 
  • But you get him back. He doesn’t like being called by cute nicknames. 
  • “Aww, Green-Bean, don’t be so mean. I’m only trying to help” 
    “I will destroy everything you love, (Y/N)”
  • Anti likes to be the center of attention. If you’re working or studying, Anti will try his best to distract you.
    At first, it’ll be small things. Like calling out your name in a whiny, jittering voice, balls of paper being thrown at you. Sometimes he’ll mess with your sense of perception so you have to acknowledge him to tell him off.
  • You simply try to ignore him. It became a game between the two of you to see how long you can last. 
  • The record was ten minutes; but you had to stop since Anti started messing with your electronics. Flickering the lights and making you see double of everything and a loud buzzing sound almost burst your ear-drums. 
  • It gave you a migraine for the rest of the day.
  • Although Anti isn’t the affectionate type; he does small things that brighten your day. 
  • A single flower will appear on your desk. 
  • A batch of cookies with milk. 
  • Even little notes around the house in green writing.
  • When you ask him about it, he just shrugs. 
  • “Maybe a little ghost is playing tricks on you”
  • He’ll try to distract you with video games. You absolutely refuse to let him win at Mario Cart because you don’t want to see his cocky grin. 
  • Competitions between you are dangerous.
  • Lamps are smashed and the walls shake from you two yelling at each other. It’s surprisingly relaxing to come home and yell at something.
  • On really bad days, Anti will appear and disappear on your computer screen. Flashing a smile and making weird faces at you until you give up and allow yourself to laugh. 
  • “Anti, your blocking the screen” 
  • “P-Play with me, (Y/N). I’m bor-r-ed” 
  • On rainy days, when your marathoning a series, Anti will be in the background of the show; waving or dancing ridiculously. 
  • At serious scenes; he can usually be seen making outrageous faces at the actors. You can’t help but laugh,
  • Although you try to hate him, you can’t help but adore Anti. It’s a tiring and irritating friendship but you wouldn’t want anything to be different between the two of you.  

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  • I hope you like a friendship with a lot of flirting. Even though you two aren’t sexual towards each other, it doesn’t stop Dark from winking and speaking seductively towards you.
  • This makes people mistake you two as a couple. You don’t really complain, but sometimes Dark makes it difficult to make new friends. 
  • “You don’t need them, (Y/N). I’m all you need”
    “That would be true, if you could hold a decent conversation that wasn’t always about you” 
  • Dark likes to insult you. But you can see the hint of a smile whenever he says something. 
  • You throw it back at him with as much sarcasm as you can muster. He likes your sass. It challenges him to be on his game when he’s around you. 
  • You’ve witnessed his outbursts personally. But even though Dark has said some violent, horrible things about Mark; Dark is rather placid when you’re around him. 
  • He’s been pushed back and ignored for long periods of time, he likes to be around someone who acknowledges him. He doesn’t want his anger to frighten you away, but sometimes you do get caught in these outbursts. 
  • You wait patiently until he’s calmed down. Then make a little comment on the way his head jerks around. 
  • “So, do you get whiplash? Or are you like an owl under that suit?” 
    “Ask nicely and I’ll show you.”
  • Although he wouldn’t apologize, he is grateful you don’t ask about his behavior. Saves him from having to explain himself to a incompetent fool. ;) 
  • He also likes to play games. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re part of one until you find yourself in another dimension because you took a wrong turn. 
  • “Tsk, tsk. You should have taken a left, (Y/N). Now you have to try and escape the Third Circle of Hell to return to the bathroom.”
    “If you don’t send me back right now, I’ll show you all Nine Circles of Hell!” 
  • He’s rather affectionate towards you. He’ll give your hand a squeeze as he passes.
    If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a public place, Dark will come up behind you and place his hand on the small of your back.
  • But previous mistakes have taught you that this attention has a price. 
  • He’d never ask anything big of you. Usually he’ll ask you to drive him somewhere, or accompany him to a certain location. Sometimes you “treat” him to dinner on Tuesdays.
  • But you are still very careful of what you ask of Dark. He remembers even the smallest favors. 
  • There are times, however, where he does nice things out of nowhere. 
  • You had a bad day during a work-week and you crumpled under the pressure. Dark found you in a sobbing heap on your bed and sat beside you. His hand gripped your own and he consoled you through the tears. 
  • Once your tears were dried up, he ran you a bath and almost drowned you in rose scented bubbles. 
  • It had been a shock to you. But a nice shock.
  • In the middle of the night, while you’re walking through the house to get a glass of water. You sometimes find a glass of cool water waiting for you in the hallway. 
  • You mumble a thanks to the shadows and stumble back to bed. 
  • Sometimes you feel the blankets pull up under your chin on cold nights. 
  • Other times, Dark will wake you in the early hours of the morning because he was lacking intelligent conversation.
  • Dark also likes to give you nicknames. 
  • They’re small and almost demeaning, but you don’t really mind. It’s better than fool or imbecile. (A name a certain family member is called frequently)
  • “Kitten, have you seen my tie?”
    “You’re wearing it, Dark. Are you blind as well as emotionless?” 
  • It’s a weird friendship. One people would first look at and question. But the two of you have many fond memories and the laughter you two share are contagious. It’ll be hard to tear the two of you apart. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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Seeing as it is my birthday tomorrow, I was wondering if you thought that Gryffindors had any traditions for when it was someones birthday.

  • Waking them up early whether they want it or not, Gryffindors don’t want their house-mate to miss their own big day!
  • Having an entire entourage of people around you all day who try to make the day perfect, because this is a big deal
  • Every time a Gryffindor has a birthday the whole house stops everyone’s breakfast and forces the whole Great Hall to sing “Happy Birthday”, Dumbledore is a big fan of this tradition
  • Trying to make birthday cakes out of every kind of food, including breakfast sausages and hashbrowns, which usually end up just catching fire
  • There is a Gryffindor birthday tiara that sings every time someone wishes the person happy birthday
  • The birthday kid gets to choose the party food, which results in an after dinner raid of the kitchen
  • The faculty knows about this and the party, but they usually just let it happen because it seems to bring the whole house so much joy
  • It’s Gryffindor tradition to tell embarrassing stories that night in the common room of the birthday kid before giving them presents
  • Birthdays are a big deal not only because they are a reason to celebrate, cause some chaos, and embarrass someone, but because Gryffindor is a family and families should always celebrate birthdays and make each other feel special 


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do you think a person who isn't usually able to answer riddles is 'less of a ravenclaw'? because im academically brilliant (in the way that i read a page and I can't recite it perfectly) but I cannot solve those and it kinda makes me insecure ???

(the eagle doesn’t actually ask you riddles. jkr has always said QUESTION rather than riddle because it’s a philosophical question designed to make you think rather than a riddle based on word play. it’s not about getting the right answer it’s about the thought process behind it)

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uhh, you still doing that facial expressions meme? Can I have a 4A Ink, a 5A ink, a 4C Blueberry and a 5D Freshy? if not, can I at least have a comic where Ink goes "SCREW YOU" Blueberry gets very offended, and Fresh ends up screaming his non-existant ass off?

I…. might have kinda ran with that idea…..

I mean, this was the best situation I could imagine them to have these reactions. Or just a random idea.

Ummmm I dunno why but I was thinking about @x-i-l-verify ‘s MHA daemon AU and well….

Here’s Aizawa and his Barred Owl.